Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Foreman
Family Unknown
First Appearance Hungry For Help (Mentioned)
Last Appearance Hungry For Help (Mentioned)
Death Episode Hungry For Help (Confirmed Fate)
Cause of Death Zombies (Assumed)
Status Dead
Series lifespan Hungry For Help to Hungry For Help (Mentioned Fate)
Ethnicity Unknown
 Mac is a mentioned character within The Walking Dead: Survive, he was the foreman of the St. John family until he died prior to Lee Everett's arrival.


It is mentioned that Mac was the foreman of the St. John family, after the start if the outbreak he installed the electric fence and died sometime, most likely killed by zombies.


Hungry For Help

When Lee and Danny talk, Andrew interferes and mentions the dead of the foreman Mac and mentions that he was killed by zombies


Killed By:

  • Zombies (Assumed)

Andrew mentions that walkers overrun the fence and killed Mac, this may have been to protect their secret cannibalistic lifestyle.

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