Marcus Crabtree
Actor Benjie Ross
Gender Male
Hair Bald
Age Late 30's to Early 40's
Occupation Unknown
Family Unknown
First Appearance "A New Day"
Last Appearance "A New Day"
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "A New Day" to A New Day"
Ethnicity African-American

Marcus Crabtree is a character who appears in The Walking Dead: Survive.


Marcus was arrested and going to be transported to Meriwheter Correctional Facility, however as the outbreak began and Lee killed the zombified bus driver and the other guard fled, Lee released only Justin or Danny while Marcus and the other prisoner stayed in the bus and most likely were devoured by walkers.


The Walking Dead: Survive


  • Marcus Crabtree's name is not mentioned in the game, but in the files of the game, like Clyde and Morgan
    • Of them, he is the only one to have mentioned both his name and surname.
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