Marcus Jackman








Jackman's Group


Melissa Jackman (deceased), Marcus Jackman Jr. (deceased),

General Location

Oregon, United States

Marcus Jackman is the leader of a small band of survivors located in Rutherford County, Oregon. 


Before the Virus

Jackman was born in a small Kansas town, where he lived until he was about three years old. He then moved to Rutherford County, Oregon.  From the beginning of kindergarten to the end of his senior year of highschool, he was generally well-liked by his peers. Jackman was always very sports-oriented, earning the title of "MVP of the Century" on his high school football team. After three dissappointing consecutive seasons playing for a Division I college team, he returned to his high school as a football coach and gym teacher. 

Jackman met his wife Melissa while they were both in college, though she initially thought of him as nothing more than a stereotypical jock. It wasn't until years later that the two would begin dating and eventually marry. They had one son, Marcus Jr., who was seven years old when the outbreak began. 

The Beginning of the End

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