This article is about the Survive game character. You may be looking for his road to safety or A New Day counterparts.
Actor Mark Middleton
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Late to 20's early to 30's
Occupation Former Soldier
Family Unknown
First Appearance Hungry For Help
Last Appearance Around The Corner
Death Episode Around The Corner
Cause of Death Shot in the chest by Cam
Status Undead
Series lifespan Hungry For Help to Around The Corner
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"Thanks for the rations earlier, it's not easy in front of the kids, but it's all that's keeping me on my feet right now"
—Mark to Lee about the rations[src]

Mark is a character who appears in the walking dead's Spin-Off, he is a member of the Lee's group, and one of the survivors who wentt on the trip to the St. John's farm and discovered their cannibalistic lifestyle, later on he is still one of the survivors who made it after the Motor Inn was overrun and moved onto a train to Savannah, after reaching he ends up being a prisoner of Crawford and one of the survivors set to be executed.


Robins Airforce Base, Warner Robins, Georgia

Mark was in a airforce base, along most of the soldiers, however they either evacuated or were killed by walkers, after this Mark found himself in needed to getting supplies, eventually going to Woodbury, where he asked help for GarrettDarius and the hero player.

For further details see:  Mark (RTS).


Hungry For Help

Mark was in the woods hunting along Lee, when they hear the scream Mark goes to look and finds David caught in a Bear trap,Travis and Ben,he along the other group offers to shoot the walkers to buy some time,later he and the others return to the Mottor Inn, he stays there during the rest of the episode.

Road To Savannah

Mark does not appear much in the episode, in the assault on the motor inn and in the RV confrontation, if Irene wasn't saved, when Lilly points her gun at Ben, Mark intervenes and moves him away, resulting in Lilly shooting a zombified Irene, and later on, Mark's sleeping body makes the intruder throw up, later Mark is the one questioning the intruder, later Mark is seen entering the train moving to Savannah.

Around The Corner

Mark is one of the survivors to make it onto Savannah and takes shelter on a mansion with the rest of the group, later they're brought to Crawford, however, unlike the other survivors, Mark and Brie were brought to an execution room led by one of Crawford's lieutenants Cam, after Lee and the rest of the group arrives on the room Cam proceds to kill two cattles and Mark is the next, after a fatal choice, he is shot in the chest and left to reanimate.

Later, when the group is escaping Crawford via ladders, as Lee climbs, he watches Mark and Brie both reanimated crawling by.


Killed By:

​After the failed interrogation either Sam or Dee unties herself and if was Sam she'll choke Cam to death and he will fire his gun randomly hiting Mark, or in chase it was Dee, Cam will kill all the cattles except for Sam and Brie, both ends lead Mark to reanimate

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mark has killed:

  • David Parker (Zombified,If David is saved) (If Mark is given the axe and Carley losses her gun)
  • Travis  (Accidental,If David isn't saved) (If Mark is given the axe and Carley losses her gun)
  • Irene (Caused,Zombified,Determinant)


The Walking Dead: Survive


  • Mark is the first and so far the only character in the video game to share the same name of his actor voice.
  • Mark is the first character from Telltale to appear in Road to Safety.
  • Mark is the first and so far the only member of Macon to wear an undead status
    • Stephanie  in fact does not count because she is a member of Bonnie's group and it's unknown if they lived earlier in Macon.
    • Brenda St. John neither counts because she lives in her dairy wich does not technically counts.
  • Mark is so far the only undead male in the video game, Stephanie, Brenda and Brie are all females
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