Season(s) 5
Actor Ernest Borgnine (Seasons 1-4) Joe Whyte (Season 5)
Gender Male
Hair White
Age Late 70's to Early 80's
Occupation Retired Superhero - pre-apocalypse Group Medic - post-apocalypse
First Appearance Our Possible Saviors
Last Appearance Life And Death
Death Episode Life And Death
Cause of Death Devoured and Drowned by Walkers in dirty water
Status Dead
Series lifespan Our Possible Saviors - Life And Death
Ethnicity Caucasian American

Mermaidman is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in TNT's The Spongebob Dead.


Mermaidman is described as kinda tough, nice, moral and a life saver. Just like Dale and Hershel of The Walking Dead, Mermaidman is the moral compass of the group but obviously, you know what happens to those type of characters.


Almost nothing is known about Mermaidman's life before or as the outbreak began EXCEPT that he fought crime with his loyal companion Barnacleboy for 39 years. They retired 12 years before the Dead started to rise.


Season 1  


Season 2  


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Season 4 


Season 5 


Killed Victims 

This list shows the victims Mermaidman has killed:

  • Unnamed Military Officials from Season 1 (indirectly caused)
    • Squilliam Fancyson (indirectly caused)
    • Mary (indirectly caused)
    • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • This character was the most liked character in Season 4 compared to the others who were a bit bland that season until they were vastly improved in Season 5, Mermaidman's death season.
  • Mermaidman is one of two characters to have the scariest deaths in a TV series being devoured and drowned at the same time by walkers. The other character was Patrick Star who got axed to death by Harlan and had his guts and entrails taken out in a party fashion.