Mr. Everett
Mr Everett
Gender Male
Hair Black (Greying)
Age Late to 60's
Occupation Owner of the Everett Pharmacy Drugstore
Family Lee Everett-Son
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance A New Day
Death Episode A New Day
Status Dead
Series lifespan A New Day to A New Day
Ethnicity African-American

Mr. Everett is an unseen character within The Walking Dead: Survive ,he is the owner of the Everett Pharmacy Drugtore along his wife, and his two sons Lee and B.


Everett Family Pharmacy

Nothing is known about Mr. Everett before or as the outbreak began, except that he owned the Everett Pharmacy along with his wife and son B.


A New Day

When Lee and his group arrive to the Drugstore, Lilly mentions that she found two old walkers and that Larry had to kill them. Lee showns being sad as the death of his parents


Killed By

  • Zombies (Alive) 
  • Larry (Zombified) 


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