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  Nathan DeVries
Actor Channing Tatum (Season 1 - 7)
Ewan McGregor (Season 7)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Season 8 - present)
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age 36
Occupation Veterinarian (Pre-Apocalypse)
Former Member of the Woodbury Army (Post-Apocalypse)
Former Constable for the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)
Former Medic (Post-Apocalypse)
Former Leader of the York Safe-Lands (Post-Apocalypse)
Member of The Militia (Post-Apocalypse)
Leader Of The Gunners (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Emily DeVries - Former Wife (Deceased)
Nathan DeVries Jr - Son (Deceased)
Lia DeVries - Daughter (Deceased)
Kyle Travis - Adoptive Son (Deceased)
Monica DeVries - Sister (Deceased)
Dana Roberson - Niece (Deceased)
Lance Roberson - Nephew (Deceased)
Daniel Cooper - Sworn Brother
Willow McKay - Sworn Sister
Heather - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)
Cassie Jones - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)
Elisha Gomez - Ex-Girlfriend
First Appearance "Days Gone Bye"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Days Gone Bye" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"Looks like you and I could make a good team."
—Nathan to Daniel.[src]

Nathan DeVries is a main character and a former antagonist as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He was a former member of the Woodbury Army, and later serves as one of Rick Grimes' right-hand men alongside Daryl Dixon. He was one of the prominent members of The Militia, serving on behalf of the Alexandria Safe-Zone until he was captured by an unknown group alongside Dana Roberson, Daniel Cooper, and Willow McKay. He currently leads a small group called The Gunners.


Muskegon, Michigan

Nothing is know about Nathan, except that he was a veterinarian, and is the father of Nathan Jr and Lia, and the husband to Emily. He is also the older brother of Monica DeVries and the uncle of Dana Roberson and Lance Roberson.


Season 1

"Days Gone Bye"

Nathan watches Rick from afar as Rick exits from the hospital.


Nathan arrives at Atlanta, and stoles the group's van before driving off to an unknown location.


Nathan looks at the CDC building explosion from afar as his family remains in the van.

Season 3

"Walk With Me"

Nathan appeared in the background within Woodbury just as they began to gun down the soldiers at the military checkpoint. Nathan later begins to walk towards the gate just as The Governor walks towards him. The Governor begins to point a gun at Nathan's head just as Nathan tells him that he wants to leave. The Governor reluctantly allows Nathan to leave. The Governor begins to reach to aim at Nathan, but Merle stops him, telling him that Nathan's talents would just be wasted, which spares Nathan from dying.

Season 4

"Too Far Gone"

In a flashback sequence, Nathan is shown putting down all of the zombie heads from the fish tanks within The Governor's house.

Current time, Nathan sits outside the van as voices are heard in the van. Nathan looks at a corpse on the ground, and sees a map to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Nathan looks at a nearby sign, which shows that he's in Virginia. He says, "Holy Shit," to himself.


Nathan and his family arrives at the Alexandria Safe-Zone as the gate opens.

Season 5


Nathan investigates his house within the Alexandria Safe-Zone as his family visits around the safe-zone. Nathan discovers a dead cat in the attic of the house. Nathan carries the dead cat downstairs, and places it into the trash.


Nathan is seen returning to the Alexandria Safe-Zone after a failed supply run. Nathan is later seen telling Aiden to chill out.


Nathan is seen eating at the welcoming party.


Nathan is seen on a supply run with Glenn and several others. Nathan sees as his daughter is killed in the grenade blast as Aiden is impaled through two pipes and Tara laying on the ground unconscious. Nathan is later seen looking on Noah's death in horror alongside Glenn. Nathan then kills the zombies, and puts Noah down. Nathan is later seen in the van reading Noah's notes, and crying.


Nathan is seen cleaning off his rifle.


Nathan calls out on Deanna for trying to rely on Gabriel's words about Rick's Group. Nathan is later seen tackling Pete down after Pete murdered Reg. Nathan looks on as Rick then executes Pete.

Season 6

"First Time Again"

Nathan is seen in a flashback as he tells Carter to "shut the fuck up about worrying."


Nathan begins to kill many of the wolves. Nathan comes across Morgan as he lets 5 wolves escape, and calls him a pussy. Nathan later comes across the corpse of his wife, Emily, as she lays in a pool of blood. Nathan then puts her down.


Nathan is seen walking around the safe-zone armed with an assault rifle.

"Heads Up"

Nathan is seen at Gabriel's prayer, and watches as the watchtower collapses onto the walls.

"Start to Finish"

Nathan is seen running away from the gate as he shouts for the other survivors to get to safety.

"No Way Out"

Nathan whispers to himself that he should help Rick as he watches him fighting the zombies outside. Nathan rushes outside, and begins to kill many of the zombies before reaching Rick. As the two begins to fight off the zombies, many more of the survivors begins to join in until all of the zombies are killed.

"The Next World"

Nathan is seen on the wall alongside Michonne. Nathan is later seen walking outside as Carl and Michonne chats about their day.

"Knots Untie"

Nathan travels to the Hilltop Colony alongside Rick and the others. As Abraham is about to kill Freddy, Nathan tells Abraham to get going.

Nathan later watches in shock as Rick kills Ethan, and accompanies Maggie as she makes a deal with Gregory. Nathan is later seen entering the RV.

As the group leaves the Hilltop Colony, Nathan is handed a picture of Glenn and Maggie's picture, and smiles at Glenn.

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

Nathan is seen at the meeting, and begins to state how he's on Rick's side, and that Morgan's plan is illogical. Nathan is later seen killing several saviors alongside Rick.

Nathan, alongside the others, exits from the building, and comes across Primo on Daryl's motorcycle. Nathan shoots Primo off from the bike.

"The Same Boat"

Nathan appeared next to Rick and Daryl as Polly looks at them through a microscope. Later on in the episode, Nathan arrives alongside Rick and the others, and looks on in shock as Drake executes Primo.

"Twice as Far"

Nathan is seen walking around the Alexandria Safe-Zone with his assault rifle alongside Sasha and several others. Nathan was seen crying in his house after finding out that Heather and Kyle were killed alongside Denise and Orin.


Nathan came across Carol on the road, which he is then shot in the chest by one of The Saviors. As Carol faces off against The Saviors, Nathan passes out from his wound. Later, Rick and Morgan comes across Nathan as he struggles with a zombie. After Rick kills the zombie, Nathan begins to follow Rick and Morgan. When the three takes out several zombies after coming across a man, Nathan decides to go with Morgan to look for Carol.

"Last Day on Earth"

Nathan was seen alongside Morgan as they find a horse. Nathan allows Morgan, and stays behind as Morgan goes to look for Carol. Later on in the episode, Nathan looks on in shock as Morgan shoots and kills Roman. Custer, who was with Roman, exits from a nearby building, and attempts to kill Morgan, but Nathan shoots Custer in the head just as two men arrives at the scene. Nathan, alongside Morgan and Carol, follows the two men to their place.

Season 7

"The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be"

Nathan begins to leave Alexandria just as a female survivor walks up to him. The female reveals herself as Cassie Jones, and the two ends up leaving Alexandria together. Nathan and Cassie comes across a small group of survivors as they struggle with killing several zombies. Nathan and Cassie quickly kills the zombies, and allows the survivors to join their small group. Nathan and his group arrives at a small house, and comes across a hostile survivor named Derek Benson. As Derek begins to harass the survivors, Nathan and his group begins to gun Derek down with their assault rifles. Nathan hears screams as the others becomes busy with collecting and searching the house. Nathan arrives at the scene just before a masked woman is seen holding a phone with the sound of screams playing from it. Nathan looks as he's held at gunpoint. Nathan asks the woman, "What the hell do you want?" The woman replies to Nathan that she doesn't want to harm him because she is his long-lost sister, Monica. Nathan looks on in shock as she's revealed to be telling the truth as she takes off the mask. Nathan looks as the armed survivors lowers their guns, and Nathan decides to enlist Monica and her small group of 7 survivor(excluding Monica herself) into his group.

"The Well"


"The Cell"



Nathan and his group appears to be arriving back at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and Nathan enters his house just as he finds someone aiming at him with a gun. The person exits from the shadows, and it's revealed to be Nora. Nora smirks at Nathan just as two saviors appears in the house as the other group members meets the other Alexandria survivors. Nathan Jr enters the house in shock just as he looks as Nathan get held at gunpoint. Nathan stabs the two saviors, and grabs the gun, and begins to hold Nora at gunpoint just as he remarks to her about how she "was lucky to have never stayed with The Governor." Nora becomes shock just as Nathan begins to tell her that he was once a member of Woodbury just as he kept his family away just as he fled once The Governor turned more evil and wicked. Nora begins to explain that she is just acting ruthless like the saviors, but that she wants to kill Negan. He appears in Nora's flashback of Woodbury just as he was a masked member of The Woodbury.

"Go Getters"

Nathan proceeds to stab Nora in the head just as Nathan Jr unlocks the door. Nathan begins to drag Nora's corpse into his car just as Rick and Aaron begins to have him go with them. Nathan tells them that he's going to do something very quickly.

Nathan later dumps Nora's corpse into a hole just as he lights the corpse on fire just before placing several pieces of rotting cardboard over the fire. He begins to drive back to Alexandria, and begin to walk out of the safe-zone to meet up with Rick and Aaron.


Nathan appears to be walking on the road alone just as he pulls out his walkie talkie, and tells someone that Rick and Aaron told him to start heading back to Alexandria just before he begins to arrive at a store just as he meets up with Tara.

He is later seen walking with Tara just as they come up to Eugene, who nods to Nathan to tell Tara about the problems and deaths that have occurred.

Nathan begins to sit in the infirmary alongside Rosita and Tara. Just as Rosita begins to constantly ask Tara questions about any whereabouts of any sorts of guns, Nathan tells her to quit it just before walking out of the infirmary.

Nathan enters his house just as Johnny, Jesse, Nick, Alice, Joshua, and Alicia begins to complain about the current situation. Nathan begins to pull out some keys, and begins to tell them that they're going to be leaving Alexandria to take up a fight against The Saviors alone without being associated with Alexandria or any other community.

"Sing Me a Song"

Nathan and his small group of survivors begins to walk through the forest. Nathan and Nathan Jr begins to take out their rifles just as the others begins to get gunned down by several masked survivors. Nathan tackles down one of the armed survivors just as several takes Nathan Jr as a prisoner. Nathan shoots down 3 hostile survivors, and begins to interrogate the man. The man tells Nathan that he and his group are known as The NYC Scavengers, and that his name is Troy. Nathan begins to pull out a knife, and stabs Troy in the head.

"Hearts Still Beating"

Nathan begins to run through the forest, and looks as a map board on it appears to be next to an abandoned cabin. Nathan begins to enter the cabin, and looks as there is 4 corpses of survivors that were murdered recently. Nathan begins to take the map from the board, and write on the board, "Nathan Jr, I'll find you."

Nathan later comes across Salazar and the NYC Scavengers in the outskirts of New York City. Nathan begins to hold the survivors at gunpoint just as Salazar begins to explain that someone hired them to do their dirty work, and that Nathan Jr is taken to a different facility. Nathan begins to agree to have Salazar and the other spared, and the survivors begins to enter New York City.

"Rock in the Road"

Nathan begins to loot a car alongside Salazar just as the others begins to flee from the area as zombies begins to arrive.

Nathan and Salazar begins to walk around the city just as two hostile survivors begins to arrive. Salazar guns the two men down. Nathan and Salazar begins to run into the city just before they get held at gunpoint by a masked man. The man reveals himself to be Theo, the leader of The Snipers. Nathan and Salazar runs into cover just as a gunfight begins.

"New Best Friends"

Nathan and Salazar begins to quickly retreat from the area just as Theo begins to take shoots at them.

Nathan and Salazar later enters a basement of a store just as they come across 4 armed survivors, who begins to aim at them.

"Hostiles and Calamities"

Nathan begins to explain their situation with the four survivors just before they begin to realize that they have to work with each other.

Nathan, Salazar, Hugo, Drew, Laura, and Nick begins to flee from the store just as three armed snipers begins to hold them at gunpoint. Theo begins to arrive. Theo begins to explain that they're going to Mister X just before a survivor shoots at Theo. Nathan picks up his rifle, and shoots Theo in the head just as he stabs a sniper named John in the stomach. The survivors begins to run towards the survivor, who reveals to be a member of a community called the York Safe-Lands.

Nathan and the others begins to arrive at the York Safe-Lands just as a zombie grabs Nick, and bites him in the neck. Nathan shoots the zombie in the head just before Hugo puts Nick down. Hugo and Drew begins to walk away after declining the invitation into the York Safe-Lands. Nathan looks as Salazar begins to follow the two men. Salazar explains to Nathan that he has to look for his friends. Nathan and Laura follows Joshua into the community.

"The Other Side"

Nathan begins to walk towards the mansion within the York Safe-Lands just as a woman begins to walk towards him. The woman asks Nathan what his business at the York Safe-Lands is, and Nathan answers to her that he was saved by Joshua, and that he wants to contribute. The woman reveals her name to be Elisha Gomez, and that she has a surprise for him. Nathan begins to follow Elisha to a room just before Elisha begins to show him a secret planning room. Elisha asks Nathan to begin to attack her nemesis, Mister X. Nathan begin to tell her about how his son was mysteriously capture. Elisha tells him that Mister X runs an underground slavery program, and that the Safe-Lands has lost some members due to being captured, both children and adults. Nathan tells Elisha that he will hunt down Mister X just as Elisha explains that he has associates and allies in London, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Nathan tells Elisha that he's dealt with situations before just before Elisha kisses Nathan on his cheek. The woman falls for each other just as they walk towards a bed.

An hour goes by just as Elisha appears to be sleeping naked on the bed just as Nathan gets his outfit on just before grabbing his sniper rifle, shotgun, and revolver.

Nathan begins to walk towards the main gate just as he spots Salazar and his group aiming at him and the others. Salazar declares to Nathan that he was planning to retaliate against him the whole time while working with him. Nathan hides into cover just as a guard named Jeff gets shot in the head by Salazar.

"Something They Need"

Nathan begins to shoot at Salazar and his group just as he spots zombies coming through a broken piece of wall. Nathan shoots Peter and Drake in the head before running towards the alarm. Nathan presses the button just before several others begins to pull Salazar into a line at gunpoint as the zombies sneaking in are killed. Elisha rushes outside towards the prisoners. Joshua recommends Elisha to hold them in a prison cell, but Nathan tells Elisha that these people took his son from him, and that they shouldn't be spared. Elisha orders the guards to kill Salazar's fellow members, and nods at Nathan to execute Salazar.

Nathan begins to sneak into Mister X's room just before he shoots the sniper that spied on the Safe-Lands. Nathan begins to attempt to attack Mister X just before Mister X shoots him in his left leg, nearly blowing off his leg. Nathan gets saved by Elisha and several others. Mister X fleeing from the room just as Laura begins to help him up from the ground just as his left leg rips off from his body.

Nathan later appears in the infirmary at the York Safe-Lands just as he looks as he has a prosthetic leg. Elisha tells him that he will need to learn to walk with the new leg for a few weeks.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Nathan begins to learn to walk with the new leg faster than expected, and Elisha begins to allow him to go outside of the walls whenever he wants. Ash appears to run towards them. Nathan aims at Ash, but Elisha stops him, saying that he has a proposal. Ash tells Nathan that Mister X is vulnerable, and that he will help him find his son in exchange that they make an alliance. Elisha declares to Nathan that he will now be leading the York Safe-Lands. Nathan accepts the deal with Ash just before a hooded figure begins to walk towards them. The hooded figure is revealed to be Chris, who declares that he has some information. Chris begins to look behind himself just as his remaining members of The Corporation begins to appear. Chris tells Nathan that he knows where his sister is, and that she has the exact location to where his son is. Chris hands Nathan a package just before he and his fellow survivors disappears into the fog.

Nathan begins to walk to his sister's cabin. Nathan looks as the door is locked just the face of his zombified sister begins to pound at the door's window. Nathan begins to aim at his zombified sister just before he spots a sniper aiming at him. Nathan gets into cover, and begins to charge at the sniper. Nathan gets the sniper, and begins to brutally beat him several times just before the man begins to plea that he knows where Mister X is heading to. Nathan asks the man where, and the man says the city of Muskegon. Nathan appears to be shocked just before Ash arrives, and shoots the sniper in the head. Joshua begins to arrive behind Ash. "Let's gather up our Intel back at the Safe-Lands." Ash says to the two.

Nathan begins to look at Elisha just before he declares that they will have a new leader until they return. Nathan proposes that he, Elisha, Joshua, Laura, and Ash would go on the new mission alone. A man begins to walk towards Nathan just as he tells Nathan that he will not disappoint him. Nathan smirks at the man just before he, Elisha, Joshua, Laura, and Ash enters a military truck, and begins to drive away from the York Safe-Lands just as the crowd waves their goodbyes.

Nathan makes a brief appearance as a flashback scene as he looks at the Alexandria Safe-Zone from afar. He walks towards a member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and tells them to have Rick know that he will be gone for a while.

Nathan appears to be leading a group consisting of Elisha, Joshua, Laura, and Ash towards the borderline of Michigan and Ohio. Nathan looks at the survivors, and proclaims that they better be ready to fight if they must just before they appear to have left him behind.

Nathan begins to arrive towards Morgan and several others on the road. Ezekiel tells Nathan that they're getting to fight against The Saviors. Nathan tells Ezekiel that he'll try to reach Alexandria.

Nathan reunites with Nathan Jr on the road to Alexandria. Nathan Jr tells Nathan that he personally killed Mister X, and that his group has disbanded before they could've reached their hometown.

Nathan arrives at Alexandria alongside Nathan Jr, and begins to help to prepare with the others just as The Saviors begins to arrive. Just as Rick demands for Negan to exit from his truck, he and the others begin to be held at gunpoint by The Scavenger. Nathan looks as Tamiel is aiming at his head. Just as a distraction occurs, Nathan punches Tamiel in the face, and begins to shoot at several scavenger before regrouping to his son, who appears to be dead. Nathan begins to cry just before getting knocked out with the bottom of Lucille by Negan.

Nathan later appears in a line with Carl just as Rick is also forced into the line. Just as Negan will about to execute Carl, Shiva begins to attack one of the saviors just as The Kingdom and Hilltop comes to their aid. Nathan begins to aid in protecting Maggie, and is later seen standing in a crowd as Rick, Maggie, and Ezekiel are giving out a speech.

Season 8


Nathan appears to impale a savior with Benjamin's stick just as Morgan covers his back.

Nathan later attended The Militia's meeting, and fought in the gunfight at The Sanctuary.

Nathan has a flashback of himself reuniting with Dana and Lance, who appears to have forgiven him. He later begins to set up a sworn sibling alliance with Daniel and Willow.

He is seen attacking a savior alongside Ezekiel, Morgan, Carol, Willow, Dana, Lance, and several others. He appears to be shocked as Lance is killed in the grenade explosion, but Dana reminds him that they must continue forward.

"The Damned"

Nathan begins to struggle to get up just as a zombie begins to approach him. He becomes relieved just as Dana kills the zombie. Nathan begins to announce that he and Dana are going to meet up with Aaron and his group.

Nathan is later seen helping Aaron and the others just as a bullet hits him in the face. Dana screams for Nathan to get up just as a zombified savior bites into Nathan's leg as Dana continues to get held under fire. Scott shoots the zombie off from Nathan, and Dana begins to amputate his right leg, causing Nathan to scream in pain.


Nathan begins to get light-headed just as Dana carries him towards the back of a car. Nathan begins to beg Dana to cauterize the wound. He passes out after his wound is cauterized.

He appears to be in a room just as he appears to be tied down to the bed.


Nathan appears to have been freed along with Daniel, Willow, Dana, and a survivor from the unknown group. He begins to look as a teenager named Tobias appears with several saviors. Nathan and the others begins to gun down the saviors except for Tobias, who surrenders. Nathan begins to welcome Tobias into their small group.

Nathan later appears to be inside of a small apartment building in Baltimore along with his new group, The Gunners.

"The Lost and the Plunderers"

Nathan begins to arrive at the abandoned Alexandria Safe-Zone just as Rick and Michonne begins to drive away.

Nathan later comes across Rick and Michonne on the road, and finds out the current situation going on.

"Dead or Alive Or"

Nathan will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Nathan has killed:


TV Series

Season 1

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8


Emily DeVries


Nathan DeVries Jr


Lia DeVries


Kyle Travis


Monica DeVries


Dana Roberson

Nathan and Dana appears to have had a strained relationship at a young age. She feels anger towards him for not speaking up when Monica gave her and Lance up for adoption, which unknown to her, he actually spoke up to her to no avail. Nathan met back up with Dana after the battle at Alexandria, and appears to have rebuilt their relationship.

Lance Roberson

Nathan and Lance never talked to each other, since Lance was still too young to have talked to him. He has had negative opinions about Nathan from Dana's open opinions about him. Nathan met back up with Lance after the battle at Alexandria, and appears to have rebuilt their relationship. He was sadden by Lance's death.

Rick Grimes

Nathan and Rick has a good relationship. Nathan was the first member of Alexandria to have fully gained Rick's full trust, as he helped Rick execute Pete. He later started to become one of his right-hand men. Rick appears to be shocked after hearing that Nathan formed his own group, but was relieved to hear that he will stand alongside him in the war.

Carl Grimes

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other. He was shocked after seeing Carl with a gunshot wound to the eye, offering to help Denise with him, but being dismissed. He was saddened after hearing of Carl's death from Rick.

Glenn Rhee

Nathan and Glenn became friends during their transition as members of Alexandria. Glenn trusted Nathan with helping Rick stay a part of Alexandria. Nathan was sadden when he found out that Glenn was killed by Negan, and he vows to avenge his dead friend.

Carol Peletier

Nathan and Carol has a bad relationship. He scolds her for sparing Morgan for keeping Owen within Alexandria, but they were seen helping each other fight off both the saviors and scavengers.

Daryl Dixon

At first Nathan and Daryl had a rough relationship, as Nathan first considered him as a threat. After a while, the two became two of Rick's right hand men, stabilizing their relationship. Nathan wanted to go after The Saviors to rescue Daryl, showing that he cares about Daryl. He, however, appears to be angered by his and Tara's action at The Sanctuary.


Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other.

Andrea Harrison

During their brief time together, Nathan and Andrea had a rough relationship, just as he begins to yell at her just as she starts to ask questions.

Jackson Harrison

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other.

Maggie Greene

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other.

Billy Greene

Nathan and Billy had a neutral relationship, though it's assumed that they respected each other. He was shocked after finding out about his death.

Austin Greene

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other.


Nathan and Alec had a good relationship. He helped Alec with clearing Alexandria of The Wolves, and was shocked after Alec's violent murder at the hands of The Wolves.


Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other. He was saddened by his death, claiming that he was a tough man that can't be replaced.


Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other.


Nathan didn't care for Dodge, since he was always causing trouble with him. He was the only Alexandria survivor to show no remorse of his death, stating that he 'finally got what he deserved.'

Josh Hudson

Nathan and Josh has a neutral relationship.


Nathan and Josh has a neutral relationship.

Philip Blake

Nathan and Philip had a neutral relationship. Nathan distrusted Philip very much, and wanted to desert from Woodbury. Philip was willing to aim at Nathan to try to kill him, but didn't have enough will to complete it, showing that he didn't fully hate him. Nathan appeared somewhat saddened after finding out that Philip died, which he replied that 'Philip still could've changed.' He had a flashback of Philip and him arriving in Atlanta just as they began to look for survivors, showing that at one point that Nathan was Philip's right hand man.

Merle Dixon

Nathan and Merle had a good relationship. They both worked together, and Merle convinced Philip to not kill Nathan when he left Woodbury. Nathan was extremely saddened after hearing of Merle's death.

Caesar Martinez

Nathan and Martinez had a good relationship. Nathan was the member of the Woodbury Army that found him after his family was killed by the zombies. Martinez was shocked after Nathan left Woodbury. Nathan later found out from Tara of Martinez's death, which he appeared to be slightly saddened.


Nathan and Shumpert had a rough relationship. When Nathan left Woodbury, Shumpert was willing to aim at Nathan, showing that Shumpert either disliked Nathan or that he was willing to follow Philip's orders.


Nathan and Crowley had a neutral relationship. He was shocked after hearing of Crowley's death, but understood the reasons of his death.

Sasha Williams

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other. He was shocked after seeing her appear as a zombie.

Alexis Carter

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other.

Trace Oxford

In the short time that they knew each other, Nathan and Trace had a close relationship. He often joked around with him. He was shocked after finding out about his demise.

Tara Chambler

He didn't talk to Tara much until they encountered each other on the road, which they both revealed details that shocked each other. They both defended each other when Alexandria was attacked by The Saviors and The Scavengers. He, however, appears to be angered by her and Daryl's action at The Sanctuary.

Abraham Ford

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other. He was saddened by his death.

Rosita Espinosa

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other.

Eugene Porter

Nathan didn't interact with Eugene much, but Nathan declares that Eugene is an enemy of his after Eugene aligned himself with The Saviors.


Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other. He was shocked to hear about his death.


Nathan revealed to Tara that he and Gareth had a very bad relationship when he first arrived at Terminus. When Nathan heard of Gareth's demise at the hands of Rick, he was glad that 'someone putted that bastard down.'

Gabriel Stokes

At first, Nathan despised Gabriel for betraying Rick and his group, but the two later became good friends just as they attacked one of The Saviors' Outposts. He was shocked to hear that Gabriel was left behind at The Sanctuary, going as far to attempt to try to go there to save him, showing that they have a strong friendship.


Nathan and Noah had a good relationship, and Nathan saw Noah almost as a son of his. He was deeply saddened after Noah was killed by Nicholas' actions.


Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other. He appears to be relieved to see him and Enid still living.

Eric Raleigh

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other. Nathan appears to have been upset after finding out about Eric's death.

Douglas Monroe

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other. He was saddened by his death.

Regina Monroe

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other. He was greatly saddened by her death, going as far as to help Rick execute Pete for killing her.

Aiden Monroe

Nathan and Aiden had a rough relationship. Nathan constantly calls Aiden a coward, and wasn't upset about his death.

Spencer Monroe

Nathan and Spencer had a good relationship until he began to consider Spencer as suspicious. Nathan was saddened after finding out about Spencer's death, stating that Spencer was 'missing a few screws on his ideology, but didn't deserve a gruesome death that he received.' He was one of two members of Alexandria (alongside Rosita) to declare that they must avenge Spencer.


Nathan despised Nicholas for causing the death of Noah. He wasn't upset about his death, and said that the only thing Nicholas did right was to end his own life.

Pete Anderson

Nathan and Pete had a poor relationship, as he was willing to help him get executed.

Jessie Anderson

Nathan and Jessie had a good relationship. Nathan acted like a big brother to Jessie after the declining of her relationship with Pete and the death of Pete. Nathan was very saddened when he found out that Jessie died.

Ron Anderson

Nathan thought little of Ron, but began to worry about his sanity after Pete's death. He was saddebd by Ron's death, but declared that it didn't shock him.

Sam Anderson

Nathan was protective of Sam when The Wolves attacked Alexandria. He was deeply saddened by Sam's death. This fueled him to risk death as he helped Rick fight off the herd within Alexandria's walls.


Nathan and Enid has a good relationship. He was the first person to welcome her into Alexandria. He appears to be relieved to see her and Aaron still living.

Morgan Jones

Nathan hated Morgan for his methods of taking down hostile survivors. Nathan begins to scold Morgan in Alexandria, but seemed to have forgiven him as they both began to prepare for battle. They reaffirmed that they're 'on the same side.' He currently has a good relationship with Morgan.


Nathan hated Owen for attacking Alexandria, but felt some sorrow after Owen died and turned. Nathan ensured that Owen won't suffer as a walker, and puts him down, showing that Nathan realized that Owen wasn't completely an evil man. He revealed to Morgan that he found out that he helped him.

Paul Rovia

Although they were barely seen talking to each other, it's assumed that they respect each other.


Nathan appeared to have hated Dwight for killing Denise, but soon forgiven him as Daryl reveals to him that Dwight is on their side.


Nathan hates Norman just like any other savior.


Nathan hates Negan for killing Glenn and Abraham. When they first met each other, Nathan began to threaten Negan, to which Negan counters the threat, and begins to talk about what he'd do to his son. Nathan is also shown to be fearful of Negan.

Johnny Xander


Reed Minzey


Kendra Ashford


Derek Benson




Megan Lafferty


Scott Moon


Nick Parsons


Alice Warren


Chad Bingham


Joshua Lee Hamilton


Alicia Hamilton


Jeremiah James Garlitz


Reese Lee Hawthorne


Stephen Pembry


Harold Benjamin Stauback


Salazar Mattis




Elisha Gomez


Joshua Ward


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  • Nathan is one of the few characters to outlive any of their children.
    • Nathan outlived all of his children.
  • Nathan is one of the few main characters to have an amputation of a limb not related to an infection or zombie bite/scratch.
    • Nathan is currently the only main character to have both of their legs amputated.
      • He lost his left leg to a massive gunshot wound and his right leg to a zombie bite.
    • Nathan, alongside Carl and Philip, has a permanent wound to the face.
      • Carl and Philip losing their eye while Nathan having a significant gunshot wound to the cheek.
  • In Season 5, Nathan was confirmed to be a series regular, despite returning in the middle of the season. He appeared next to Tara Chambler.
  • In Season 6, he was added to the main cast, and placed in the same opening sequence panel as Glenn Rhee.
    • After the death of Glenn Rhee, Nathan solely took over the opening sequence panel.
    • Nathan is confirmed to be in the opening sequence panel behind Rick Grimes in Season 7.
      • This could be highly due to his personal storyline going further away from the Communities storyline.
    • Nathan is downgraded to appear in an opening sequence behind Aaron and in front of Negan.
      • It's confirmed that he was downgraded due to his disappearance.
  • Nathan's primary choices of weapons are a Walther P38, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, Mossberg 590, Steyr AUG A1, FN FS2000, CZ Scorpion 3 A1, and Horton Scout HD 125.
  • Nathan is the second main character to use a crossbow regularly, the other being Daryl Dixon.
  • He is the first former antagonist in the TV Series.
    • However, he never served as an antagonist towards Rick's Group.
    • He was considered an antagonist as he and the other Woodbury soldiers gunned down the US Guardsmen.
  • He has the most relationships out of all of the characters, having 4 significant others overall.
  • The showrunner confirms that Nathan will go through several changes in Season 8.
    • One of the changes is revealed to be that he will take on a protective role, specifically towards his newly-found friendship with Daniel Cooper and Willow McKay and also his rebuilding relationship with his niece and nephew.
      • However, his nephew was killed before they could fully rebuild their relationship, but it's likely that they made it up over halfway.
    • Another change is that he loses his other leg and he has a scar on his face from a gunshot wound.
    • He has started to have a leading role, taking up a de-facto leadership within Alexandria.
      • This is likely due to his sworn sibling alliance with Daniel(of Hilltop) and Willow(of The Kingdom).
    • He is captured by an unknown group and was left unknown until the mid-season premiere/
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