Nina Martin
Actor Natalia Ramos
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 18
Occupation Student
Family Fabian-Ex-Boyfriend
First Appearance Part 1
Status Alive
Series lifespan Part 1 to present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Nina is a primary character and the protagonist of the online mini-series The Walking Anubis.


Nina used to study in the Anubis House along her friends


Part 1

Nina is walking trought the woods along with Fabian, Amber and Patricia while they are talking, a walker tries to approach them

Part 2

Nina is still talking with Amber and Fabian as Patricia warns them about walkers, then they run,but Nina makes accidentally Amber fall

Part 3

When Patricia warns everyone about the "monsters" Nina takes a look on them and instantly recognizes them as the undead, and runs away

Part 4

Nina makes her way to the house in safety along her team, she tries to formulate a plan to go downstairs without calling any walker's attention

Part 5

Nina asks Mara to take care of the wounded Alfie, later she alongside Fabian, Amber and Patricia try to go downstairs while Jerome and Eddie distracts the walkers, however the plan goes wrong and half of the herd tries to reach Nina, including the undead Victor.

Part 6

Nina gets stuck by walkers cornering her, later, Trudy throws herself to the herd, buying Nina time to escape, while Nina watches hopelesssly, and breaks in tears, Fabian helps her escape the house.

At the end of the clip, Nina takes a look on the School.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Nina has killed:


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