This is EasternSky's second fanfic, focusing on an aged Dwight as he survives in the zombie apocalypse.


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Season 6


  • This story is inspired by the Old Man Logan story arc by Marvel Comics, as both stories feature the protagonist heavily aged.
  • This series was originally supposed to take place 15 years into the zombie apocalypse, but it was changed to 10 because it was believed to be ridiculous.
  • This series introduces a new type of walker, called a "super walker". These walkers are mutated by radioactive waste, and as a result, grew a thick layer of armor to replace their skin. Their eyes are exposed, and shooting them there is what kills them. The reason why super walkers are included is to make the decaying walkers more powerful, forcing the survivors to create new strategies to combat the herd.
  • This series will not be anything like The Last Of Us.
  • Season 6 will cross over with KeepOnKeepingOn's Walking Dead: Edition Two, as some characters will go from one series to the other.