"Our Possible Saviors" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of The Spongebob Dead. It premiered on November 21, 2009.


Different viewpoints are explored, are our heroes safe?


The Military has barricaded Squidward, Mr.Krabs and Sandy as well as Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, Mrs.Puff, Pearl, Old Man Jenkins and Bubble Bass among other residents in the local High School until the infected have been cleared out of the city. Mermaidman reveals he has some supplies and negotiated with The Military to keep the residents well until further notice. Meanwhile, Spongebob, Patrick and Grandma Squarepants have drawn conclusions on the infected they have captured, this infected as well as the others are zombies and Spongebob is freaking out that the dead are coming back to life and are going to kill them all but Patrick and Grandma calm him down and Patrick begins getting survival weapons, food, drinks and first aid ready to survive this outbreak. Spongebob thanks Patrick for making them survive this reforming world. At the High School, Sandy notices the Military gun down residents outside the school that were not even infected at all and Sandy converses with Squidward that the Military is killing residents that look infected and collecting the good ones to release lots of zombies on later to save their own lives. The Military then interrupt Sandy and Squidward and realize that they have figured out their plan, they beat Squidward senseless and attempt to rape Sandy and they eventually take an unconscious Squidward and unconscious Sandy and lock them up in a classroom labelled as Death Row.

Other Stars 

Extras as barricaded residents and outsiders.


Outsiders - massacred by Military


  • First appearance of Mermaidman.
  • First appearance of Barnacleboy.
  • First appearance of Pearl Krabs.
  • First appearance of Mrs.Puff.
  • First appearance of Old Man Jenkins.
  • First appearance of Bubble Bass.
  • First appearance of Barricaded Residents.
  • First(and last) appearance of Outsiders.
  • The title of this episode reveals the true purpose of the Bikini Bottom Military in the apocalypse.

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