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The part 1 is one of many parts of The Walking Anubis, it was released in Monday, December  21, 2015 on AMC, Fox and TNT after the release of the first episode of The Walking Dead: Survive: A New Day


"Coming for a normal school day, seven students of the Anubis house witness the start of the zombie outbreak, will they be able to survive trought the day?"


Nina Martin returns of a normal school day at the Anubis House Woods, along her three friends: Fabian,Amber and Patricia, while they walk, behind them there are another 3 students: Jerome,Alfie and Joy. as they walk a sick and growling man is seen trying to get near to them, but falls to the ground.

While in the Anubis house, the owner of the house: Victor, is talking with the girls who prepares the dinner:Trudy, when suddenly he vomites, Trudy asks if he is fine and he replies that he just needs to go and take fresh air, however later he runs to his office.

While in the woods, far away of the students more walkers can be seen following the students at the distance.


  • Nina
  • Fabian
  • Amber
  • Patricia
  • Alfie
  • Jerome
  • Joy
  • Victor
  • Trudy


  • None


  • This episode was supposed to be released after A New Day, but it was scapped and released two weeks after
  • First appearance of Nina
  • First appearance of Fabian
  • First appearance of Amber
  • First appearance of Patricia
  • First appearance of Jerome
  • First appearance of Alfie
  • First appearance of Joy
  • First appearance of Victor
  • First appearance of Trudy
  • This episode ocurrs the same time that A New Day
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