Part 2 is the second part of the online mini-series The Walking Anubis, it premiered in December 26, Saturday on FOX and AMC.


"As the students note a large herd of undeads following them, they try to escape and make it safe to Anubis House, the question is...Will they be able to make it to the house before is too late?" 


Nina, Amber and Fabian are still talking while Patricia notes somebody behind the threes following them, she watches in the distance but sees nothing, when suddenly the walker from before grabs her legs, and almost bites her, she escapes and warns the others, while Jerome,Alfie and Joy are still talking they heard growls, Joy turns back to note a large herd

While in the house, Victor is seen vomiting blood and in a rott state, while this happens he opens his jacket and shirt to reveal a bite oon his stomach, as this happens he tries to get up and go downstairs to look for help but collapses and inmediatelly falls by the second floor's balcony, and inmediately dies.

Nina,Fabian and Amber are still talking and walking in the woods when Patricia suddenly comes to them saying, "there are monsters following us,run!", then more walkers approach them from the woods as they run, but Amber falls.


  • Victor (Alive) 


  • Nina
  • Fabian
  • Amber
  • Patricia
  • Jerome
  • Alfie
  • Joy
  • Victor


  • Last appearance of Victor (Alive) 
  • This episode marks the first dead of a character (Victor), albeit only alive
  • As of this episode, everyone is now aware about walkers
  • There was original ideas that never made it in part 2
    • Originally Mara,Mick and Eddie would appear in this part, but never happened
    • Also Victor was going to open the door triyng to exit the Anubis house and a walker would trap him and devour him
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