The Part 3 or third part of The Walking Anubis and it was released on January 8, 2016 as a premiere for the return of the Mini-Series.


"As more walkers approach the students they try to make their way back to the house"


Patricia helps Amber to get up and as they are running Alfie, Joy and Jerome reach them and asks what the things are, Patricia answers that they are monsters who tried to bite her, instantly Nina recognizes the monsters as the undead who try to kill them, and more walkers come out from the woods so Nina,Fabian, Amber, Patricia, Jerome, Alfie and Joy are still running back to the house.

Meanwhile from the house Mara, Willow, Mick and Eddie try to go downsatirs when an undead Victor approach them, Mara and Willow scream and the four manage to go to Mara's rooms for their own safety, the episode ends.


  • None


  • First appearance of  Tara Morales
  • First appearance of Willow Jenks
  • First appearance of Mick Campbell
  • First appearance of Eddie Miller
  • This is the second episode that was released time after it's original release date, the first one being the part 1
Episodes of The Walking Anubis
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Episode 2 "Part 7" • "Part 8" • "Part 9" • "Part 10"

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