The four part of Walking Anubis was released in Monday, 18, 2015 at 2:00 pm on FOX


"Coming back to your house, with a large herd of walkers following you, and a reanimated owner trying to kill you won't be so easy as they think"


Mara and Joy are still dealing with what they saw down there, while Nick and Eddie watch in the windows in horror seeing an undead crossing by, later another one and another until a big herd approaches the house, they hear someone trying to open the door and scared of what can be they stay back, the door opens to reveal that there are Nina, Amber, Fabian, Patricia, Joy, Jerome and an injured Alfie entering to the room, Mara asks what happenned and they answer that the undead came back to life, Mick goes to check the hallway and discovers a zombie lurking in the hallway, Mick enters back to room to warn others and Nina questions how the walker got into upstairs, so Fabian starts a plan to see what's going on without calling attention of any walker.

In the reception, it's shown the house entrance has been invaded by walkers.


  • Nina Martin
  • Fabian Rutter
  • Amber Millington
  • Jerome Clarke
  • Alfie Lewis
  • Joy Mercer
  • Mara Morales
  • Patricia Williamson
  • Willow Jenks
  • Mick Campbell
  • Eddie Miller


  • In the scene of the walkers cornering the house, one of the walkers is portrayed by Andrew Lincoln who also portrays Rick Grimes in AMC's The Walking Dead

Episodes of The Walking Anubis
Episode 1 "Part 1" • "Part 2" • "Part 3" • "Part 4" • "Part 5" • "Part 6"
Episode 2 "Part 7" • "Part 8" • "Part 9" • "Part 10"

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