Part 5 is the fifth and semi-finale part of episode 1 of  The Walking Anubis, it was released at 10:00 pm after the conclusion of Guts.


"As the Anubis house is no longer safe, the students will have to move to another place, but how are they gonna escape?"


Fabian has made the plan to escape the Anubis house, Nina goes to check the hallway to see if there was any walker, and is revealed its fully empty, Mara asks how they're gonna escape and Fabian says he will send Nina, himself, Amber and Patricia downstairs, while Jerome and Mick distract the walkers calling their attention in the balcony (the same one, Victor broke when fell down) and they will stay there to keep the others safe.

The next day they plan to go downstairs, when Jerome and Mick goes to the balcony they find is broken and falls to the floor, no one of them dies, but they get the atention of walkers, who approach them, Nina, Fabian, Amber and Patricia attemp to go downstairs when Joy, Mara and Eddie come out and yell at Jerome and Eddie to stay there.

Now the walkers got the atention on the upstairs group, while Jerome gets up and runs away locking the door, Mick gets panicked and goes to the bathroom and locks himself.

The upstairs group is being surrounded by walkers and before they get devoured, "Here!" says a voice.


  • Nina Martin
  • Fabian Rutter
  • Amber Millington
  • Patricia Williamson
  • Jerome Clarke
  • Mara Morales
  • Joy Mercer
  • Mick Campbell
  • Eddie Miller
  • Victor Rodenmaar Jr. (Zombified)
  • Trudy Rehmann (Voice Only)




  • An easter egg/nod to the TV Series of Survive was made, in wich one of the walkers is portrayed by Chandler Riggs (the actor of Carl)
  • The Walking Anubis was done to help to promote The Walking Dead: Survive, however the first part was released early of the TV Series launch date, it was supposed to bereleased after Days Gone Bye, but it was scrapped, this episode is the first one to complete it's goal
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