"If you see any of those radiated creatures, immediately run or hide. Don't even bother trying to fight them because they can kill just by being near you."
—Kathy offering advice to Sarita.

Radiated Walkers are a unique type of undead that appear in The Walking Dead: Divided Home and The Walking Dead: Last Survivors. Radiated Walkers are formed from being exposed to deadly high amounts of radiation, mostly from leaked power plants. Also radiation from the monsters can infect any living thing close by, therefore giving them the ability to wipe out teams of survivors without having to bite them. Because of this Radiated Walkers are much more deadly than normal walkers.

In Last Survivors it is mentioned that an entire community of survivors were all killed from the radiation coming off them and they in turn also became Radiated Walkers. In both games characters seeing any Radiated Walkers, especially large herds, are forced to keep a large distance from them and run away if needed. The only safe way to combat Radiated Walkers is by picking them off from afar with a sniper rifle. But without a silencer even that is risky. Essentially it is best to evade these monsters rather than confront them at all, even with a gun.

Since the journey to the Vegas strip Radiated Walkers have not been seen - however it is obvious that these dangerous creatures are still alive somewhere - and it is only a matter of time before they cross paths with another group of survivors.


Behind the scenes

  • The concept of radiated zombies was formed as a means to have the undead become a bigger and more dangerous threat.
  • Radiated Walkers were rare in Divided Home however by Last Survivors their numbers increased greatly.
  • So far Radiated Walkers only populate the southwest coast and the north of Mexico however it is foreshadowed in Last Survivors that they will spread and become a major threat throughout the country.
  • Visually, Radiated Walkers have blistered reddish skin unlike normal walkers. This is because the radiation causes each person to suffer second degree burns to their skin. Radiated Walkers also have gas waves steaming off their bodies, which is the radiation itself. Fortunately for survivors this distinction indicates the difference between radiated and normal walkers.
  • Although not common, some Radiated Walkers have been exposed to so much heat and radiation gas their bodies actually melted to the ground - leaving behind no remains of their physical bodies.

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