This article is about the Survive series character. You may be looking for his Alone and Forsaken,Comic Adaptation,or Beth Greene Unfinished Storyline counterparts.
  Rick Grimes
Actor Andrew Lincoln
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 29
Occupation Sheriff Deputy
Family Lori Grimes - Wife
Carl Grimes - Son
Jeffrey Grimes - Brother
Unborn - Child
First Appearance Days Gone Bye
Status Alive
Series lifespan Days Gone Bye to present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Rick Grimes is the protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in Polimis' The Walking Dead: Survive. He is a sheriff deputy who was shot in line of duty and fell into a coma. He wakes up in the post-apocalyptic world trying to find his son Carl Grimes and wife Lori Grimes who were taken to an small camp of survivors outside Atlanta by Rick's best friend Shane Walsh, after the attack on the camp, the group moves onto Hershel Greene's farm  .


King County

Rick Grimes went to college with his best friend Shane and they met Lori, Rick started a relationship with Lori and the married, Lori got pregnant of Carl and Rick got work as a sheriff deputy, one day he and his partner Shane followed a criminal to arrest him, they stop in a shop where Rick gets shot and falls in coma during three weeks.


Season 1

The episode starts with a clear camp, suddenly a man comes running from it, as if he would be trying to escape someone, it is revealed the man is a criminal and it's being followed by police deputy Rick Grimes and fellow companion Shane Walsh, Shane asks about Rick's family wellbeing while they are on the road, Rick says that Lori went to get Carl from school, as they are conversing they stop in a shop that was being raided by the aforementioned bandit, as he notes the two deputies, the bandit shoots Rick Grimes in and enters in a coma state, while Rick is in the hospital he enters in and out of conciousness, while Shane brings him flowers, Rick thanks him for the flowers, when he gets awake notes that the flowers are now withered, he notes that he has been in coma for more time that he thinks, he goes around the hospital to check it abandoned and with an undead wounded person. In a camp nearby to Atlanta a small group of survivors are living in normal life, between they are found Shane Walsh, the deputy officer, and Rick's wife and son Lori and Carl. a walkie talkie works and a tries to make cntact. It's seen in the other side Rick Grimes tries to contact via walkie-talkie, however Rick put his eyes out of road and crashes the car in the street he lives, he tries to reach his house, but gets shoved in the head, he wakes up again to see a little african kid and his father, they both question Rick if he was bitten to wich he replies no, he later asks what's going on and they that the deads began to walk, Rick goes to check on his house to look if Lori and Carl were fine, finding nothing he decides to head towards Atlanta Outskirts to look out there for them, Morgan says that he's gonna stay in King County with his son, but helps Rick to get out of city in safety, Rick takes them to the King County police department, as they spot a walker Morgan teaches Rick about walkers: they are people who already died due to an infection and become killing monsters who only kill people by eating them, if one zombie bites you, you'll turn into one of them, unless you get shot on the head to destroy the brain, and Rick kills the walker, once in the departament, they take a bath and Duane thanks Rick for his hospitality, Rick takes a car and leaves Morgan and Duane in the departament. Rick is still heading towards Atlanta, when his car runs out of fuel, he does to a gas station to look for gas, when suddenly a small girl voice asks "Mom?", Rick turns around to discover is a little girl, who asks where her mom is, since the gas fuel depot was abandoned and all left was abandoned cars with walkers inside, suddenly a walker comes trying to attack the little girl, but Rick pulls out his Colt Detective Special and shots the walker, the little girl runs and hugs Rick, he offers to take her on the road to Atlanta and she asks if she will find her mother there, Rick assures that she will and they continue the road. Rick and Summer finally make it to Atlanta, when a large herd of walkers starts following them, they leave the car blocking the path and make it into a militar tank, Rick enters and tells Summer to still running until she finds people, so she runs away while Rick covers himself in the tank, as this happens he finds a dead lieutenant body's with a gun and Rick plans to shot himself, when a voice asks "Hey, you,dumbass in the tank, are you cozy in there?" and Rick takes the walkie talkie.

In the a distant building, an asian man tries to comunicate and says that he is cornered by walkers and he has no exit, but that his group can help, so he tells his group is "time to move"

Rick is found in the tank, he takes a look outside and sees a red car running at slow , after examining it Rick notes that Glenn is driving the car, the walkers follow the car and in a now clear area Rick escapes to that building in wich Glenn's team was, he finds all the residents and they introduce themselves,after that they all escape in another car and follow Glenn.

They finally arrive at the Atlanta survivors camp, when everyone comes out Andrea and Amy hug, and Merle goes asking where his brother is, then he appears and Glenn tells Carol they found a "newbie" and orders Rick to come out, as Rick comes out, Lori and Carl watches paralyzed, Shane also looks paralyzed and the three goes to hug him and Shane introduces everyone to Rick, Andrea and Amy are the twins, Amy is married to Ed who have a daughter called Sophia, the bald black guy is T-Dog, the woman at his right is Jaqcui, Dale is the owner of the RV, and the family of Michonne, Mike, Terry and Andre Anthony. Lori then asks how Rick ended up escaping the hospital and he answers that he found it destroyed, then found help of a family of two (Refering to Morgan and Duane Jones) and later he found a little girl but lost her, Glenn hears the conversation and asks if the girl that's in the car is that same girl and calls for her yelling "Summer !", Summer comes out of the red car and sees and hugs Rick, Lori asks "That girl?" and Rick replies yes, later in night all the group is around fire made with wood, everyone talks about their occupations prior to the outbreak, Dale was a pensioner, Jacqui and Carol were housewives, Amy and Andrea had no occupations and Ed neither, Rick and Shane recount their story as police deputies, while in the tent Sophia is still crying when Carl goes to console her asking if she's alright, she repplies that she doesn't like to watch her dad fighting and Carl answers with "No one wants" then both hugs and goes to sleep.

Ed goes to his tent to sleep and Amy goes to use the RV's bathroom when gets bitten, more walkers approach the camp and surround and kills everyone in the background, Dale asks Andrea, Shane, Lori, Glenn and Rick, but they refues and starts killing the walkers, Glenn and Rick make a team and starts killing walkers, Lori goes to Sophia's tent and protects both Carl and Sophia, Shane and Dale also kills walkers, while Andrea cries next to her sister's dying body, Jacqui protects both Andrea and Dale, T-Dog and Michonne kills walkers, Ed opens his tent and walkers surround and kill him, Mike and Terry are also shown fighting walkers, the scene passes to morning.

In the RV Jim watches at his arm and is revealed he's bitten, Rick enters to the RV and asks Jim why he looks so bad, he reveals he was bitten. Carol axes her dead husband to prevent him from reanimating, while Jacqui asks why Jim looks so bad, Rick answers with "He was bitten, is that bad?" and Jacqui tells him that if you get bitten you die and you turn into a walker. Rick looks over Amy's corspe and asks "how this hapenned?".

In a flashback Rick is seen still in coma in the Harrison Memorial Hospital, Shane locks his door to either prevent him from attacking someone, or to prevent him from being attacked. The survivors take refugee in a camp in the outskirts of Atlanta, Dale coments on the low RV's fuel, and that they maybe should had to spend the night in there, while Dale would go in a travel for fuel, while on, Shane repeats to Lori that he wants to train Carl how to shoot, Lori refuses once more, Shane later repeats the idea to Rick, and Rick says that Carl "isn't on the age" of using a gun, "If he doesn't learn now, he'll learn dead" Shane replies, Rick re-thinks about the situation and goes to talk with Carl.

Rick says Lori what Shane told him about training Carl how to use a gun, Lori replies Shane already told her and she refused, Rick tells Lori he thought about it and may not a bad idea, but Lori refuses again, they hear a scream outside and goes to check on Carl being surrounded by a walker, and he tries to fight it off, but ineffective, the walker is about to kill Carl, when Shane arrives and takes the walker away from Carl, and shoots it, Carl goes running in his mom's arms and both Rick and Shane look at her and asks if "he needs it now". T-Dog alerts the survivors from the incoming herd (indirectly led by Guillermo and Merle) and Dale insists the RV doesn't have the enough fuel, but they can use it to hide while the herd pass. Days after the herd moved on, the group is in the RV still making it's way to a supposed "Safe Zone" in wich the cure was being looked for the zombie outbreak, after they stop in a giant building they are received by a man named Edwin Jenner, the man allows them to get in and asks if they "are contamined", after saying no. Jenner lets them get into his lab. However Rick asks Lori to keep Sophia and Carl away from the CDC claiming it maybe won't be what it seems to, so he warns Glenn and Charlie to keep an eye on the guys outside, and gives them guns to protects them if something goes wrong.

Once in the CDC, Rick asks how he makes the sistem work, to wich Jenner replies that it never worked by electric source, but rather by a generator, after that, Jenner coments on their smell, and that they should take a bath, Edwin jokes about Daryl's smell by saying that with that smell walkers wouldn't notice him, Rick wonders what Jenner means by that, to wich he replies that walkers don't attack each other, and the reason is smell, Rick asks how he knows that and Edwin confesses he learned all these things from nineteen "test subjects" and he proceds to show the group a video about the walkers.

After Jenner has explained all the 18 test subjects have been explored Rick asks about the "TS-19" to wich Jenner replies by saying "better watch it yourselves" and plays the last video about his wife, how she died, and how she donated her body in hope of finding a cure, however she reanimated and Edwin had to put her down, after that an automatic regressive count starts planing the CDC to explode, Rick, Carol and Daryl protest on Jenner to let them go, while Lori, Andrea and Jacqui stay in shock, Rick pleases to having a son outside and Andrea states that she does not want Sophia to die like that.

Jenner finally lets the group go, after that the CDC explodes, while Mike was too near to the explosion he suffered several injuries, Michonne atends him, Glenn informs Rick that Charlie has been kidnapped, after that the remaining group escapes once more in the RV.

Season 2

After narrowly escaping from the Center for Disease Control, Rick Grimes and the rest of the group decide to leave Atlanta for good. The city is firmly in the hands of the walkers, and they decide to give Shane's idea of finding refuge at the army base at Fort Benning a try. Before leaving, Rick attempts to contact Morgan Jones one last time about the city. He urges him to stay away for him and his son’s safety.

Rick tells the non-responsive walkie-talkie about his fears for the rest of the group, what happened at the CDC, and how hard he's trying not to lose faith, even in the face of people "opting out". He sputters, changing his mind before telling Morgan what Jenner whispered in his ear at the CDC - information that clearly weighs on him.

"Just be safe," Rick tells him. "Maybe we'll see you at Fort Benning someday."

As the group prepares for their journey, Shane Walsh stares longingly at Rick's family. The group abandons some of the vehicles in their convoy, bringing just the RV, Carol's Cherokee, and Daryl Dixon's motorcycle (which belonged to his brother, Merle).

With Carol, Sophia, and Carl in the backseat of the Cherokee, the drive brings back fond memories for Lori and Rick of a trip to the Grand Canyon when Carl was a baby. They never made it, Lori explains, since Carl got sick, so they turned around and drove home. "I never knew a baby could throw up so much," Rick states with a laugh. Carl and Sophia ask to be taken to see the Grand Canyon one day.

The convoy has come upon a traffic problem with hundreds of abandoned vehicles, filled with rotting corpses, blocking the roads. On his brother's motorcycle, Daryl leads them through a snaked out path that was likely carved through by other survivors. Glenn nervously points out a highway overpass a few miles back, but Dale dismisses it. "We can't spare the fuel," he tells him.

The group nervously crawls through the wreckage, with no way to know what sort of dangers lurk within. The situation worsens when the RV's radiator hose breaks down again. This forces the group to stop altogether - their cars are trapped.

"If you can't find a radiator hose here..." Shane points out, and the group realizes that they can scavenge the vehicles along the highway for supplies. "We could siphon more fuel from these cars, for a start," says T-Dog; "Maybe some water?" Carol asks. Lori is quick to point out that this traffic snarl is a graveyard. "I don't know how I feel about this," she says slowly. Silently, they agree the supplies are very important, and Shane announces, "Gather what you can, y'all."

Dale enlists Glenn with fixing the radiator hose. "Sometimes the points get corroded," he says, handing him the proper screwdriver. "Radiator hose clamp is always a flat-head," he tells him.

Rick takes watch with a rifle behind the RV while Dale climbs to his post on the roof. Andrea heads back inside the RV to try to put together Shane's gun after half-searching through a few cars.

Lori, Carol, Carl, and Sophia look through cars further up the highway.

Dale and Rick catch sight of a walker heading towards them through the traffic snarl. Rick raises his gun to shoot, but his focus shifts to a second walker coming up behind the first. By the time he has both square in his sights, there's a third - but he quickly realizes there are a lot more than that. He runs forward, in a forced whisper telling Lori, Carl, and Sophia to get under the cars. On her way down, Lori grabs Carol. They watch together in helpless silence as their kids wait out the sudden danger by themselves.

Underneath a car further up the highway, Rick is calmly keeping Carl, Sophia, Lori, and Carol in his sights as the herd passes.

The group is almost safe when a few stragglers find Sophia hiding underneath the car. Scared, she flees down a ditch to the nearby woods. Rick sees her and follows her.

Chased by two walkers, Sophia stumbles, but Rick gets to her before they do. "Shoot them!" Sophia cries, grabbing for Rick's gun. He refuses as he doesn't want to risk shooting them and drawing even more walkers in to the woods.

Instead, he grabs Sophia and takes her under a creek bed. He tells her he's going to draw the walkers away. "If I don't come back, run back to the highway. Keep the sun on your left shoulder," he tells her before chasing after the walkers.

Using a rock, he's able to kill the walkers, hand-to-hand one at a time.He returns to the creek bed and takes Sophia back to the camp, and discover the herd has passed, they regroup and enter to the RV ready to leave, but Rick points that there are five missing members (Mike,Terry,Michonne,Andre and Jacqui).

Lori goes to comment to Rick Summer is gone, Rick checks on the RV to find Summer is really gone, Rick asks Andrea about Summer but she denies to answer, Dale mentions Summer went out of the RV and that there was nothing he could do, Rick decides to go chase her, Shane and Carl join him as well.

In the camp, Rick and Shane are still looking for Summer when Carl alerts his dad about how he saw Summer and she ran away, before going chasing her, a gunshot is heards and Rick looks over Carl to find him lying in the ground. Rick runs with Shane and Otis through a field, he carries a shot and unconscious Carl in his arms. Otis tells Rick to keep running in this direction and he will find a farm, and he has to talk to a man named Hershel Greene. After Rick reaches the farm, Hershel and his daughters put Carl on a bed and start to give him medical treatment. After explaining everything that happened, Rick decides he needs to get to Lori, to tell her what has happened, but Hershel's daughter Maggie volunteers to find her and bring her to the farm instead. After removing one of the bullet fragments from Carl, Hershel informs that he needs medical supplies so he can remove the remaining fragments and close the bleeding, or Carl will soon die from blood loss. Rick volunteers to find the necessary supplies, but is replaced by Shane, who tells Rick that he needs to stay put for Carl. Otis also volunteers to go with Shane, trying to redeem himself to Rick and Carl. Later on, Rick and Hershel are having a conversation about the apocalypse, when Maggie arrives with Lori, who is shocked to see her son lying in a bed unconscious from a gunshot. Rick apologizes for letting this happen. After calming down, Rick and Lori have a conversation with Hershel about his experience to perform the surgery on Carl, but they are shocked when Hershel reveals that he is actually an veterinarian. Having a discussion with Lori about their situation, Lori wonders whether Carl should even live, saying that it's better for him to leave this world instead of watching more people die, while Rick becomes deeply upset and wants a future for his son. They are happy when Carl finally awakens but soon goes into a seizure and their fear returns. Hershel gives them an ultimatum, Carl doesn't have more time left and they need to perform the surgery urgently. Rick discusses with Hershel the fact they need supplies and the chance of the group staying at the farm, Hershel denies saying that there's where he keeps the dead ones, later one while Arnold and Lacey track Summer, they reveal what they keep on the barn. Rick, Lacey and Arnold talk with Shane about the walkers he keeps in the barn, ater on he is present when Andrea shoots Daryl and takes him to Hershel's aids, later on he along Shane confront Hershel about the walkers and as Shane opens the barn and the group kills walkers, and meet the demise of Lacey, Shawn and Arnold Greene. Rick tries to convince Hershel to allow his team to stay in the farm, Hershel accepts if Rick trains his daughters how to shoot, he accepts.

In a flashback Rick is seen encouraging Hershel to kill walkers since they're no longer human beings.

In the present Lori reveals to Rick she's pregnant and he acts shocked, later he checks Hershel barn and he reveals to Rick he had five survivors before who slept in the barn before Rick's group's arrival, but that they killed his son and he sent them away. Later Michonne talks with Rick saying she wants to go to Macon and look for the group, but Rick refuses. Daryl passes out in the midnight. From the distance a silhouette runs towards him, Rick.

Daryl gains conciousness once again and this time Rick is by his side, he asks him what happened and Rick answers "I think I can ask you the same question" as Daryl explains his brother's plan of leaving, Rick says that Andrea and Dale are already looking for him. Later Andrea and Dale show up with Rick, Rick asks them if they found Merle and both stare at each other, Carol then appears and tells Rick "I could answer you that question, but I don't like getting into what's not my bussiness". Shane bursts in, altered, "We have to go!!" he shouts, Rick tells him to calm down and explain what does he mean, Shane then says that he found some militia soldiers, Andrea asks "What's wrong about it?", "Everything" Shane answers, he tells them that those soldiers find people and take them to their base to keep them as prisoners, just like the one Glenn saw, Rick says that Shane may be getting overzealous and that he probably was a walker, "I know what I saw" he repplies.

At dinner, Rick tells the group about the threat that Shane told Rick about, and that the lights will have to turn off early to prevent the Militia to find them, after this everybody goes to sleep.

After Charlie reports Moyers Rick declares Moyers a threat, and that he must be killed, "You can't just decide on your own to take someone's life," Dale objects, begging Rick to give him time to talk to the group and find another way. Rick agrees to give Dale the rest of the day. Lori finds Rick tying a noose in the barn. He asks if she supports his decision. "If you think it's best," she says, "He won't be a problem anymore," Rick answers.

As the sun sets, Rick again asks Lori if she thinks he's doing the right thing. Lori nods. The group gathers in the house. Rick asks if anyone thinks Moyers should be spared. Dale posits that the only people who think so are himself and Glenn, but Glenn too sides with Rick. "He's not one of us," Glenn offers.

Rick, Shane, and Daryl bring Moyers to the barn and put him on his knees. Rick asks if he has any final words. Moyers cries, begging for his life. As Rick raises his gun, Carl enters the barn. "Do it, Dad," he says. Shocked, Rick lowers his gun and orders Moyers taken away. Shane storms out of the barn.

Rick brings Carl back to the camp and tells Lori what happened. "He wanted to watch," Rick says. "I couldn't." Meanwhile, T-Dog walks through the fields. He hears the moans of a dying cow and goes to investigate; the cow had been gutted. He turns and is attacked by the same walker that Sophia found in the creek bed. Back at camp, the others hear T-Dog's screams. Daryl runs to the scene, where the walker is on top of T-Dog, tearing into his stomach. Daryl stabs the walker in the head, then shouts for help. Theodore's intestines are spilling out of his gut. He goes into shock. When Hershel arrives, he reports that T-Dog can't be saved. As Theodore writhes on the ground, Sophia sees the body of the walker she was throwing rocks at previously lying nearby. Horrified, she buries her head in Carl's lap. Andrea begs Rick to help T-Dog. Rick unholsters his gun, but can't shoot. Daryl takes the weapon and aims it at T-Dog's head. Theodore Douglas gives him a faint reassuring smile. "Sorry, brother," Daryl says and fires.

Rick announces that they are going to prove Dale wrong by showing the group can still work together. A scene running alongside the funeral shows Shane, Daryl, Andrea and Charlie eliminating a group of walkers. Rick plans for himself and Daryl to bring Moyers out to a nearby town and leave him there.

Shane comes back with Rick and tries to lure Rick out of the field telling him that Moyers may be there, however, Rick picks apart Shane's story and comes to the conclusion this was a ruse to lure him out into the field, where Shane would kill him. Shane tells Rick he is a better father than he is and that him returning only messed things up. Rick makes it seem as though he's handing Shane his weapon, as he refused to raise his gun at him.

Once his gun is in Shane's hand, Rick pulls out his knife and stabs Shane, saying he brought this on himself. Shane then dies and Rick becomes distraught and sobs. As he tries to cope with what happened, Carl appears, shocked to see Shane dead. He apparently aims his gun at Rick, but is actually aiming at the reanimated Shane behind him.

Carl pulls the trigger, killing Shane. Rick approaches Shane's body, weeping. As they examine Shane's body, they are unaware of the massive horde approaching in the horizon.

A herd of walkers roams out of Atlanta, attracted by a passing helicopter, which resembles the helicopter Rick saw in the series premiere flying past the same building. The walkers continue down a country road, attracting more walkers along the way. In a field, two herds merge and we watch as time passes and the herd grows, gathering more walkers; eventually, a herd of thousands of walkers forms. The herd passes through a forest at night when a gunshot rings out. They change their course and follow the sound to a clearing, where in the distance two figures — Rick and Carl — march toward the farmhouse. Rick and Carl cross a field, Carl asks what happened to Shane. Before Rick can respond, he notices the walkers approaching and, with Carl following, begins to run toward the farmhouse, but the path up to the house becomes blocked by the herd. Rick decides to run toward the empty barn and locks himself and Carl within. As the dead slam against the doors, Rick douses the ground with gasoline and instructs Carl on what to do next Rick hands Carl a lighter and sends him up to the hayloft before opening the doors. As walkers pour in, Rick hurries up the ladder and Carl drops the lighter. The barn bursts into flames.

Led by Daryl's motorcycle, the caravan makes its way to the barn, shooting walkers as they go. A battle between the survivors and the undead breaks out. Glenn fends off many walkers using Shane's Mossberg shotgun and his car for travel, with Maggie in the driver's seat. Andrea also contributes, with Dale driving both in Otis' truck. Daryl, noticing the barn fire, assumes that either Rick or Shane is responsible. He sends Michonne to rescue Rick in Dale's RV. Rick and Carl jump on the RV's rooftop as walkers surround the vehicle. In an attempt to escape the trapped vehicle, Michonne is swarmed when walkers break inside and is forced to flee. Rick and Carl quickly run into the woods, with walkers on their tail.

Hershel steps back to reload as a stray walker creeps up on him. Just before he is bitten by the walker, Rick arrives and kills it, imploring to Hershel that they have to go. Along with Carl, they drive off from a group of walkers swarming up on them. Andrea tries to call out for Rick, but the snarls of the walkers dwarf her cry for help as they begin to swarm her. Rick, Hershel and Carl return to the highway next to the car where they left supplies for Summer. Carl wants to go back for Lori, but Rick is hesitant. "Why are we running!?" Carl screams at his father. Hershel assures Rick he's doing the right thing: "You've got to get your boy to safety," he says, offering to stay behind to wait for the others. Rick insists they remain together.

Rick is about to abandon the highway when he hears engines rumble in the distance: the other survivors' vehicles. After reuniting, Rick reports that Shane and Michonne (assuming her to be dead) didn't make it. Lori is horrified by the news of Shane's death, but is glad that Carl is okay. Beth reports Patricia's fate. Carol offers that Andrea might still be alive, but Rick stops Daryl from going after her. "There's no way to find her," he says. Rick declares they'll camp by the road and scavenge in the morning, but the others doubt him. "We found each other" against all odds, he insists. Rick does not allow anyone to leave and risk getting stranded without a car. Rick believes there's a place where they can build a new life. "We just have to find it," he maintains. Daryl brings up Moyers, explaining that he turned without being bitten. "We're all infected," Rick murmurs loudly and solemnly. "At the CDC, Jenner told me. Whatever it is, we all carry it." The others become furious at Rick for keeping Jenner's secret, but Rick insists he had no way of knowing if it was true. Rick walks away from the group and Lori follows. "I killed him," Rick admits to Lori about Shane. "He gave me no choice." he says "I wanted him dead," Rick says. "He turned. That's how I knew Jenner was right," Rick continues. "Carl put him down." Horrified, Lori backs away from Rick. He tries to touch her but she backs away, looking at him with anger for allowing Carl to kill Shane.

Rick refuses to let anyone investigate. Carol urges Rick to take action and he snaps, saying he never asked to be put in charge. "I killed my best friend for you people, for Christ's sake!" he snaps at the group. Carl buries his head in Lori's shoulder, crying. Rick explains that Shane staged the incident with Moyers so he could kill him. Shane gave him no choice.

"Maybe you people are better off without me," Rick continues, encouraging them to leave him. "I say there's a place for us, but maybe it's another pipe dream." He dares them to leave, but none of them move, though they are all looking back at him in stunned silence. "No takers?" Rick asks. Then he issues a final warning: "If you're staying, this isn't a democracy anymore." Rick turns his back on the group.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Rick has killed:


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