Road to Woodbury is the first mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Safety and is a free canon story mission, it doesn't need any stars to unlock it


The episode starts with the Hero Player, Garret, Darius, Sandy and Nick Parsons traveling trought the woods when they suddenly arrive at Woodbury, when Gene Gavin stops them and asks them to stay in Woodbury only if they know how to fight and build, later Stevens showns them how to kill the walkers (this serves as a tutorial on how to fight) later they are surprised to see an herd coming so Gene sends a group conformed of Mirabelle, Dusty, Bo, Joe, Jason and Theo, and then stops Hero by saying that they must wait until another mission gets present, however Hero Player can choice what to do:

Go to kill the herd: Hero Player goes with Mirabelle and her team, and in the way they find 2 herds of six walkers each one and attacks and kills them, later many other herds approach them but Hero and the team manage succesfully to beat them, later when they return they find that Garret, Darius, Sandy and Mitchell Jr. went on a mission to get another generator as the original one got broke down, later the Hero will go to check them.

Wait until another mission: After a few minutes Stevens warn Gene that the Woodbury generator broke down and Gene sends a small team conformed of Garret, Darius, Sandy, Mitchell Jr. and the Hero to the Homemart, then the episode ends


  • Hero Player
  • Garret
  • Darius
  • Sandy
  • Nick Parsons
  • Gene Gavin
  • Stevens
  • Mirabelle
  • Theo
  • Joe
  • Dusty
  • Bo
  • Jason
  • John
  • Mitchell Jr.


After completing the tutorial of Stevens player will earn 1 star.

If player selected to either help Mirabelle or wait until the generator mission he will earn 1 star.

After the full mission another star will be given. 


  • It is revealed that this mission takes place 2 months after the start of the outbreak, meaning that Woodbury was built two months after the outbreak begining
  • This mission's name is based on the novel of the same name written by Robert Kirkman

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