This article is about the survive game character. You may be looking for the Infections character, the Dwight's story character or the survivor from Alexandria.
IHW Russell Idle Hands
Actor Vegas J. Jenkins
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Late to teens
Occupation Unknown
Family (Unnamed) - Grandmother
First Appearance Hungry For Help
Last Appearance Around The Corner
Status Unknown
Series lifespan Hungry For Help to Around The Corner
Ethnicity African-American
"We'll take the remaining bastards and keep the zone safe, or that's at least what Bonnie wants"
—Russell to Ben[src]

Russell is a main character appearing in The Walking Dead: Survive, he was part of Bonnie's group as the outbreak began. After their group was allowed to stay in the Motor Inn he stayed behind in order to protect the motel while the group was gone, after this, he along the rest of the group escape the Motor Inn after it is overrun by walkers and bandits, they eventually make it onto a train going to Savannah.



Russell spend many time in Statsboro along his grandmother for a long time


Hungry For Help

Once Bonnie claims her group can come out, Russell is one of the few survivors of Bonnie's group, he helps in shooting the walkers to buy time to release David from the bear trap. Once in the mottor Inn when Lee's group goes to the St. John dairy they asks Bonnie's group to stay in the Mottor Inn to keep it safe.

Road To Savannah

Russell is in the Motor Inn with the rest of the group, when the bandits attack and hold everyone hostage, and later in Wyatt's car following the RV, he is part of the group that arrives in Savannah.

Around The Corner

Russell is one of the fewest survivor to arrive Savannah, after a walker incident, Chuck goes lost so Russell and his group makes a hunt to the sewers to find him. They eventually reach the town of Crawford and stay there to protect it and use it as a safe-zone.

Killed Victims

The next list shows the victims Russell has killed:

  • Numerous counts of walkers


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