School's Out (Infections)
Season 1, Episode 5
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Cast Guide
Nina Dobrev as Monica
Tyler Posey as Vince*
Abigail Breslin as Maggie
Willa Fitzgerald as Sarah Nixon
Jennette McCurdy as Abby Walters
Evan Peters as Greg Evans
Also Starring
Leigh Allyn Baker as Sarah Walters
Rutina Wesley as Kaya Dutch
Billie Lourd as Jane
Ving Rhames as Mike Monroe

School's Out is the fifth episode of season 1


Monica wakes up to find Vince gone. She begins to ask the others, all of which have no idea where he is. Monica helps the others set up for the explosion.

As Sarah Walters is pouring an alcohol trail to the tanks, she stops to see the wall. She calls everyone down to reveal a note by Vince in blood. Bitten, sick. Don't try to find me. -Vince. Monica cries and runs up the stairs.

The group begins to exit through the window. Greg stops Monica and asks if she's alright, she replies yes harshly before jumping out the window. Miken exits before lighting a match and tossing it on the alcohol. The group leaves quickly before the school goes up in flames.

As night falls, Monica is awake while the others sleep and finds Vince's watch, followed by a blood trail. She looks ahead to see the hotel and realizes he's inside.


  • Vince Jameson (Alive)


  • Marks the first main character to turn into a zombie.

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