Season 1 is the first season of Infections. It begins the main story and introduces Many of the original characters.





  • Doorman (Alive) - Ep. 1
  • Pete Walters (Alive) - Ep. 1
  • Walter Baby - Ep. 1
  • Pete Walters (Zombified) - Ep. 2
  • Cat Marx - Ep. 3
  • Dylan - Ep. 3
  • Brad - Ep. 4
  • Caulfield - Ep. 4
  • Vince Jameson (Alive) - Ep. 6


  • Evan Peters' character was originally going to die in the finale instead of Tyler Posey, but Posey had scheduling conflicts and asked to be written out.
  • Katie Cassidy wanted to be in more episodes of the series but the writers wouldn't change it.

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