Shattered... Loss of Innocence... Twisted...


The group have settled at the prison, but a twist happens.

Lori, instead of Rachel and Susie, is decapitated by Thomas.

Rick kills Dexter and Andrew and Axel.

Carl goes insane and rapes sophia and carol.

Rick learns this, and kills Carl.

Tyreese tries to kill Rick, whom rapes him and chucks him to the zombies.

Thomas, after killing Andrea, Dale, Allen, Billy and Ben, is found out.

Rick kills Thomas.

Carol kills herself, ala comic.

Sophia goes insane, and kills Rachel, Susie and Herschel before Maggie guns her down.

Rick kills Glenn, and makes Maggie his bitch,

Billy, Otis and Patricia try to escape, but are caught by Rick and are killed.

Rick and Maggie marry, and have six children.

All are named







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