Sophia Peletier
Actor Madison Lintz
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 13
Occupation Student
Family Amy Peletier - Mother (Deceased)
Ed Peletier - Father (Deceased)
Andrea Peletier - Aunt
Carl Grimes - Boyfriend
First Appearance Days Gone Bye
Status Alive
Series lifespan Days Gone Bye to present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"'re alright snow pea?"
—Sophia to Carl, her boyfriend[src]

Sophia Peletier is a character and a survivor of the outbreak in Polimis' The Walking Dead: Survive, she is the daughter of Ed and Amy Peletier, and the niece of Andrea Peletier, she is living in the Atlanta Camp of survivors.


Sophia was most likely living with her mother, father and aunt when the outbreak began, she later reunited and formed a camp along other fellow survivors and became good friends with Carl Grimes.


Days Gone Bye

Sophia is seen along her dad and mom in the camp, they are present when the walkie talkie begins to work.


Sophia is still at the camp, when Amy wants to show her how to do laundry, however her dad refuses and takes her back to the camp, Jim then intervenes in the talk and a fight engages, Sophia yells at them to stop and later enters to her tent and begins to cry

Tell It to The Frogs

Sophia is seen crying in her tent, Carl Grimes goes to console her and then hugs, she and Carl are deffended by Dale in the zombie attack, when the entire group fled the camp, Sophia was sleeping alongside Carl.

Safe And Save

In the present Sophia is crying over her mother's death, when Carl goes to comfort her, and she states that she loves him.

In a flashback Sophia is seen along her mother, her father and her aunt emerging from Dale's RV.


Sophia is seen briefly looking at her doll (gifted by her mother), Carol asks Sophia why she's not broke into tears to wich she answers being thirteen years old, and that she's not a kid anymore.


Sophia is left with Carl being babysitted by Glenn and Charlie, as Glenn is shoved to the ground both Sophia and Carl go check on him.


Sophia was first seen gathering supplies from abandoned vehicles on the Vehicle Jammed Highway, along with Carol. Rick Grimes noticed a herd of zombies coming their way and warned the group to hide under the parked cars. Sophia was given the unwanted attention by two walkers, who chased her from the highway and into the nearby forest. Rick chased after her, telling her to stay by a creek while he distracts and kills the zombies. She nodded and came back to the camp with Rick, however only to discover Summer was gone.

Miles Behind Us

Sophia is seen with the Grimes family when the gunshot was heard, she goes with them to the Greene family farm, to check on Carl, and is next to him in the bed waiting him to wake up.


Sophia is still on the bed when Carl wakes up, she says she is glad about him being alright, however Carl has a seizure and a shocked Sophia then calls for Lori and Rick, she is later seen dinning with the rest of the Atlanta survivors and the Greene family.


Sophia is present when the group fights the walkers on the barn and in the reveal of Charlie, Michonne and Summer.


The Walking Dead: Survive


  • As of her father and mother deaths, Sophia and Andrea are the only surviving members of the Peletier family
    • This is ironical, as in the comic series of The Walking Dead, Sophia and Andrea are the only surviving members from the Atlanta group
  • The way Carol treats Sophia like her own daughter is a reference to the fact of Carol being Sophia's mother in both the comic and the TV series
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