Squidward's Brother
Season(s) ?
Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown, possibly 50's
Occupation Unknown (Pre-Apocalypse)
Family Squidward Tentacles - Brother
First Appearance "Unknown"
Last Appearance "unknown
Status Unknown
Series lifespan ?
Ethnicity Caucasian-American/Squid

Squidward's brother is a squid(technically octopus) that possibly lived in or near Bikini Bottom. He is the brother of one of the main characters : Squidward Tentacles. He never appeared so far on the show.



Bikini Bottom

Almost nothing is known about Squidward's brother before or as the outbreak began except that he owned a clam-shop and fifteen boats.


Season 1

It is unknown what Squidward's brother did to survive when the dead began to rise IF he even survived at all. It is possible that he could be a walker and Squidward doesn't know about it. 

Season 4

Squidward mentioned his brother to Spongebob and the group in Season 4 when they were desperate for sanctuary. Squidward said his brother owned a clam shop on the coast and he also stationed fifteen boats on the water and Squidward hoped it would be a good shot for sanctuary. However, later on, they only found five of the boats, the other ten must've been stolen by people in the early days of the outbreak in a mass panic.

Killed Victims 

This list shows the victims Squidward's Brother has killed:

  • Possibly a few zombies.