Season(s) 1
Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Gender Male
Hair Bald
Age Mid-Late 40's
Occupation Entrepreneur of many fancy jobs - pre-apocalypse
First Appearance How To Survive
Last Appearance A New Man
Death Episode A New Man
Cause of Death Stabbed in the stomach by Mr.Krabs (alive) Euthanized by Old Man Jenkins (out of mercy)
Status Dead
Series lifespan How To Survive - A New Man
Ethnicity Caucasian American / Octopus

Squilliam is a guest character and a survivor of the outbreak in TNT's The Spongebob Dead.


Almost nothing is known about Squilliam's life before or as the outbreak began EXCEPT that he was an entrepreneur of many fancy jobs and was a trillonaire. How he got an unbelievable amount of money is unknown but he possibly worked hard for it. He was also the arch-rival of Squidward. 


Season 2  


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Squilliam has killed:

  • Pearl Krabs (indirectly caused)
  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.


  • This character was the first character killed by Old Man Jenkins despite it being a mercy kill.
  • Squilliam has the same voice actor as Bubble Bass. They are both voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.