Start the War (Infections)
Season 3, Episode 1
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Cast Guide
Nina Dobrev - Monica
Jensen Ackles - Shawn
Rutina Wesley - Kaya
Leigh Allyn Baker - Sarah
Dove Cameron - Melanie
Tanner Holland - Chase
Emily Kinney - Danni
Billie Lourd - Jane
James Allen McCune - Wes
Jennette McCurdy - Abby
Dylan O'Brien - Jake
Carlos Penavega - Mikel
Ving Rhames - Mike
Also Starring
Mary Scheer - Diane
Jennifer Aniston - Skylar
Connie Britton - Hannah
Victoria Justice - Savanah
Ryan Kwanten - Marco
Halle Berry - Vivian
Keke Palmer - Jenna


Monica and her group encounter a group with many dangerous people. Meanwhile, the Community still try to heal after the losses eight months before.


Monica leads a group of the community members to the store with Shawn. While there, monica hears breathing and turns to see a man staring at her from behind a shelf. He quickly retreats and she calls after him, making the others follow her to the woods.

Meanwhile, Sarah, Diane, Skylar, Vivian and Liz are watching over the community when Jake runs to them. He tells them there was an incident.

Monica and the others continue to pursue the man but lose him in a clearing with a truck. They look around when multiple people appear and hold guns to them, shooting one unnamed woman in the chest. The truck opens and they are all forced inside, but Jenna and Wes bolt away and Mikel follows but is shot and left to die. One of the men radios in, saying "Tell Jason we got them. He can go to the community now." Monica gasps as they slam the doors shut.

As the girls follow Jake, they come across a mass suicide. Skylar glares at the bodies and tells bystanders to "grow a pair and burn them. They're dead, get over it." As she is walking away, people scream and an explosion is set off at one of the walls, sending it down.


  • Unnamed Woman
  • Unnamed Suicide Victims


  • This episode takes place eight months after the first episode.
  • This episode leaves multiple people's statuses unknown, such as Monica, Abby, Mike, Kaya, Mikel, Chase, Wes, Carly, Danni, Jenna and Shawn.
  • This episode represents the beginning of the war.

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