Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation WABE Radio Reporter
Family Unknown
First Appearance A New Day (Voice Only)
Last Appearance A New Day (Unknown)
Status Unknown
Series lifespan A New Day to A New Day (Unknown)
Ethnicity Unknown
 Steve was a news reporter of WABE, he worked along Carley, however as the outbreak began, he stayed in the Radio center, and told to everyone via radio to stay safe and do not make contact with bitten people, later he says goodbye to everyone in the radio and leaves



Steve was a news reporter of WABE, he worked alongside Carley, in the beginning of the outbreak while Carley was sent to make a report, he stayed behind, and after eceiving news of the outbreak he informed everybody who was able to hear via radio.


A New Day

During their stay in the Everett Pharmacy Drugstore, Carley attempts to make a radio work, Lee has the option to help finding batteries, if the radio ends up working they'll hear Steve giving a last report to not make contact with bitten people, lastly walkers are heard pouring into the station, it is unknown if Steve survived.


The Walking Dead: Survive

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