TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Release Date August 3, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Atlin Mitchell as Alice DeVries
Peter Mensah as Robert Miller
Assaad Bouab as Jesse Churchill
Peter Vives as Troyer Mitchell
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Matt Doran as Gareth Lovett
Joel Silver as Jeb DeBiose
Lane Davies as Reed O'Conner
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Ellen Hollman as Bethany Churchill
Robert Taylor as Mason Douglas
Sadao Ueda as Ashton Clive
Abigail Bianca as Ava
Barry Duffield as Wyatt
Paul McGillion as Clifton
Diego Luna as Manuel
Hugo Weaving as Corey Wilkins
Lucy Lawless as Brianna Wilkins
Sean Flynn as Ash Wilkins
Eric Lively as Jake Wilkins
Eddie Murphy as Dirk
Derek Cecil as Frank
Alexis Knapp as Abigail
Michael Kelly as Jerry

The Journey Begins is the series premiere of TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


A situation puts the survivors of the Davidson Colony on the line while tensions between The General's Army and a smaller community rises.


Nathan sits in his house as his wife is cooking pancakes. "Where is Nathan Jr and Cory?" Nathan asks Alice. "Nathan Jr is at the blacksmith station while Cory is at the Wilkins Family Community. He's been helping with their farm." Alice answers to Nathan. "When he gets home, tell him that I have a bigger job for him." Nathan says to Alice. "Where will you be going?" Alice asks Nathan. Nathan checks his watch. "I'm heading to the abandoned university nearby. I'm going to gather books so we can educate ourselves." Nathan answers to Alice. Alice kisses Nathan's cheek. "Be careful." Alice says to Nathan before he exits from the house.

Robert, Gabe, Ashton, and Marvin looks as they spot a mysterious outpost. "Everyone, be set to shoot anything on sight unless if they're friendly or new faces." Robert says to the others. Several begins to arrive onto the streets just before the four guns the zombies down. The four hears arguments coming from a nearby bar. "Should we proceed?" Gabe asks the others. "Carefully proceed." Ashton answers to Gabe.

Nathan began to walk towards the university alongside Mason and Austin. "This was the area where Davidson Walts died, and where I put him down. I named the colony in honor of him." Nathan says to the two. "Yeah. I remembered all of that. It wasn't a pretty sight." Mason says to Nathan.

Nathan Jr begins to craft a spear just as Jesse grabs the spear. "Nice spear, Nathan Jr." Jesse says to Nathan Jr as he examines it. "Thanks." Nathan Jr says to Jesse.

Alice stands on the wall alongside Daniel and Ava. "I'm worrying about Ed too much. He and the other construction crew members are alright." Ava says to the two. "Worrying isn't a bad thing, Ava. We have to be alert, and worrying keeps us from becoming careless." Daniel says to Ava.

Jesse arrives in his house as Bethany is eating food. "How's the new spear?" Bethany asks Jesse. "Better than I though. Me and Daniel are planning on heading to the Wilkins Family Community to bring Cory back with us. Nathan has a better job for him." Jesse answers to Bethany. "Cory is going to help with me and the infirmary. Cory's going to be the other medical personal." Bethany says to Jesse.

Daniel and Jesse arrives at the Wilkins Family Community. "Cory DeVries! You have to come with us!!!" Jesse yells for Cory. "You can go. Nathan has chatted with me and my husband about this." Brianna says to Cory. Cory begins to walk towards the two just as The General's Army begins to arrive. "Move along, survivors." The General says to the three. "We were leaving." Daniel says to The General. The General walks towards the Wilkins Family house.

Nathan, Mason, and Austin arrives in the library. "Gather all of the learning books, and then we'll head back." Nathan says to the two. "Got it." Austin says to Nathan just as they begin to gather books.

Corey opens the door as Jake and Ash are repairing their rifles. "What do you want?" Corey asks The General. "I want half of your community's supplies or one of your group members dies." The General answers to Corey. "Talk to Brianna. She has all of the crops ready for you to take." Corey says to The General. The General walks into the house. He looks as the other survivors watches. "Sir, Brianna has placed all of the crops into the truck." Wyatt says to The General. "We'll take Corey, Brianna, and one of the boys with us for a month, since I'm not feeling like killing anyone." The General says to Wyatt just before knocking Corey out. "Dad!!!" Jake yells for Corey just before getting hit over the head with the back of a rifle by Clifton. "Please don't kill my family." Ash says to The General. "I won't. I'll beat your father and brother, and I'll make Brianna my living sex toy." The General says to Ash before Ash attempts to attack him, but a survivor stops him. "We'll need to work together as a community to solve the problem." Dirk says to Ash. Dirk looks at The General's Army in disgust as they drive away from the community. "Travel to the Davidson Colony, and try to tell their leader that we need their help." Dirk says to Ash. "Alright." Ash says to Dirk.

Troyer and the others begins to work on creating an outpost as they spot The General's Army driving past them. "Let's focus on this. I'll try to guard the area." Troyer says to the others. "I'd never trust The General. He's a shady person." Gareth says to Troyer. Troyer looks as an armed soldier walks towards him. "The General wants to start taking some of your group's supplies." Manuel says to Troyer. "If you or The General makes another threat, we'll just have to face against you all. You have one enemy. Keep it that way. We're neutral. If you, The General, or another members of your group steps foot within our property, we'll just have to kill you. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Troyer asks Manuel. "Yes. I understand. You've made some points. I never wanted to attack anyone. I'm.....just following orders." Manuel answers to Troyer before running away. The trucks begins to drive away. "Help me. They took my parents and my brother. We want to be in an alliance with your colony." Ash says to Troyer.

Robert, Gabe, Ashton, and Marvin arrives at the bar, and as they open the door, several survivors begins to aim at the four. "Hands up." Reed says to the survivors. "Don't try anything stupid." Ryan says to the survivors.

Nathan sits in his house, and looks up at the moon as he sits on a chair on the roof of his house. Nathan begins to read a book about survival in the wilderness. Just as he reads the book, Alice arrives. "What are you doing up here?" Alice asks Nathan. "I'm just reading while feeling the cool air outside." Nathan answers to Alice. "I miss the electricity." Alice says to Nathan. "I know." Nathan says to Alice before getting up.

Ash lays on a bed in a hotel room. Ash begins to cry as he begins to miss his family.

Nathan grabs a sniper rifle from his gun closet before walking to the main gate. "Jesse and Daniel, we go in, we save Ash's family, we take any member that spots us as prisoner, and we'll try to convince the Wilkins Family Community to join us." Nathan says to the two before leaving the colony.

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