TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 10
Season 2, Episode 4
Release Date August 28, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Atlin Mitchell as Alice DeVries
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Kelly Carlson as Delta Sherman
Robert Taylor as Mason Douglas
Faran Tahir as Franklin Knight
Dwayne Johnson as Finch McCoy*
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper*
Rebecca Marshall as Olivia Johnston
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver*
Daniel Cudmore as Phoenix Taggart*
Adrien Brody as Clancy Ashford*
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart*
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart
Jade Ramsey as Stephanie Hart
Liam McIntyre as Curtis Denver
Viva Bianca as Rosita Denver
Sergej Onopko as Jared Doolin*
Rich Ting as Leon Rovia*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Ellen Hollman as Bethany Churchill*
Oded Fehr as Axel Terrence*
Sean Flynn as Ash Wilkins
Manu Bennett as Sean Carson
Peyton List as Samantha Denver
Spencer List as Billy Denver
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville
Jennifer Lawrence as Sally*
Chris Pratt as Duncan*
Ty Olsson as Rex Wanston*
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman*
Erik Valdez as Porter Wiles*
Mark Dobies as Saul Ross*
Daniel Zovatto as Spinelli Ross*

Preston Bailey as Cory DeVries
Alexis Knapp as Abigail
Donald Glover as TJ Boyd
Junior Laniyan as Evan Dodge
John Cusack as Justin Huntsman
Morse Bicknell as Glenn Ashford
Lochlyn Munro as Parker Monroe
Ruby Rose as Wendy
Solomon Taiwo Justified as Hank
Tom Felton as Kyle
Anita Daher as Jane
Max Ryan as Mickey Schultz
Ivana Milicevic as Julia Hornsby

This Sorrowful Life is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Nathan confronts Curtis in support of Rosita, Samantha, and Billy; Mason and Cornelius faces the death penalty just as Nathan Jr manages to save one of them from being lynched outside of The Killers' Base; Sean and Dana discovers a wounded Ash on the road.


Mason and Cornelius looks at each other just as Olivia opens their cell door. "Follow Wendy outside." Olivia says to the two. "I see that you want out of doing the harsh business." Mason says to Olivia. "I want to be with Nathan. I love him, and I want him to love me." Olivia says to Mason. "Come on, you two." Wendy says to the two just before Olivia walks towards Hank. "Franklin wants you to spy on Delta's Compound, since some of our men hasn't came back from there." Hank says to Olivia.

Nathan sits in the Denver Family kitchen at a table with Rosita, Samantha, and Billy. "I'll protect everyone here if Curtis freaks out." Nathan says to the three just as Curtis arrives. "What are you doing here?" Curtis asks Nathan just before Nathan stands up, and pulls out his shotgun. "I'm exiling you from the compound after my suspicions of your abuse towards your family was true. This is the easy and clean way, or I'll have to kill you." Nathan says to Curtis. "He leaves, then you'll be leaving this place." Jim says to Nathan just before aiming his pistol at Nathan's head as Ellen stands behind Jim. Nathan disarms Jim, and Curtis runs towards Nathan just as Samantha and Billy runs away from the house. Rosita grabs the pistol from the ground, and aims at Jim and Ellen. "Get out of this compound, assholes." Rosita says to the two. Curtis throws Nathan out the window, and begins to grab, and choke Rosita. Jim and Ellen runs out of the house, and Ellen gets shot in the head just as Samantha and Billy begins to aim at Jim. " shouldn't....." Jim says to the two just before turning around, and Nathan shoots him in the head just as Curtis throws Rosita out of the window. "Mom!!!" Samantha yells for Rosita. "You're going to die for ruining my family!!!" Curtis says to Nathan before shooting him in the face, which the bullet cuts Nathan's cheek open. Nathan gets up, and he and Curtis begins to get into a fist fight.

Nathan Jr looks at The Killer's Base from afar alongside Stephanie and Kyle. "When should we send in reinforcements?" Stephanie asks Nathan Jr. "Soon." Nathan Jr answers to Stephanie.

Gabe reloads his rifle alongside Abigail. "I worried about if this place works or not." Gabe says to Abigail. "We'll be the first to rush in alongside Glenn, Evan, TJ, and Justin." Abigail says to Gabe.

Franklin looks as Mason and Cornelius are placed on the lynching platforms. "Due to the communities killing many of our good men, we're going to execute the both of you." Franklin says to the two as Wendy and another killer places the rope around Mason and Cornelius' necks. "You're a fucking coward, asshole." Cornelius says to Franklin. "Now!!!" Franklin yells for the others just as the platform releases the ropes for the lynching process. Nathan Jr shoots down Cornelius just as Mason dies as his neck breaks from the lynching. "Squadron! Move it out now!!!" Justin yells for the others just as they charge, and begins to shoot at The Killers just as Gabe gets shot in the head by Wendy. "Gabe!!!" Abigail yells for Gabe before getting shot in the head by a masked killer, who gets impaled with a katana by Glenn. Nathan looks in sadness as he looks as Mason reanimates while lynched. "Shit! Garber is dead!!!" Jane yells for the others before getting grabbed by the zombified Mason, and the zombified Mason begins to bite into Jane's neck before being put down by Evan just as Franklin stabs him in the stomach. "Evan!!!" TJ yells for Evan before Franklin pulls out a pistol, and shoots him in the head. Justin grabs Cornelius. "Glenn, let's go!!!" Justin yells for Glenn. Kyle and Stephanie shoots at Wendy and several other killers.

Sean and Dana finds an injured Ash on the road. "Ash!!!" Dana yells for Ash. "There's.....a madman that......killed Dirk. I tried to chase him down, but my wounds is getting worse." Ash says to Dana. Dana kisses Ash. "I have some medical supplies with me." Dana says to Ash before pulling out the medical supplies. Jared walks out of the forest, and aims at the three just as Dana patches up Ash's wound. "I'm the so-called madman that.....killed your friend named Dirk and the man that wounded your friend named Ash." Jared says to the three. Sean, Dana, and Ash pulls out their weapons just before Jared whistles just as several feral dogs rushes out from the forest. The three shoots the dogs down just as Jared shoots a round at the three. Sean looks down at himself just as blood begins to squirt out of a open gunshot wound to his heart. "No!!!" Ash yells for Sean before charging at Jared. Sean looks up at Dana in shock. "Please....stick with me." Dana says to Sean. Sean smiles at Dana. "I can finally be with my wife, Susan, and my son, Aaron." Sean says to Dana as Susan and Aaron appears behind Dana before dies from his wound.

Nathan appears on the ground just as he sees an hallucination of a woman appearing in front of him. "See me in 2 months. I'm waiting." Julia says to Nathan. Nathan blinks his eyes, and sees Curtis attempts to punch him in the face. Nathan dodges the punch, and Curtis pulls out a pistol. "Quit wasting time, and just die." Curtis says to Nathan just before Delta shoots Curtis in the head.

Julia appears in a basement of a building just as someone arrives. "I need your help with the mafia that I've been running." Mickey says to Julia. "Alright." Julia says to Mickey.

Delta looks as Olivia and Hank appears alongside multiple members of The Killers. "Get...." Delta says to Olivia before getting shot in the head by Olivia. Nathan grabs Delta's corpse, and stares at Olivia in anger. "Everyone, let's return to base." Olivia says to the others before Nathan shoots her in the head. Hank attempts to shoot Nathan, but Cory shoots him in the head as Parker and Alice begins to shoot at the other killers. The Killers retreats from the compound. Nathan and Alice hugs each out before kissing. "I saved her and Cory." Parker says to Nathan. "Thank you." Nathan says to Parker.

Franklin begins to trash up his room after hearing about Olivia's death at the hands of Nathan. "We're going to need to talk to them very soon." Franklin says to himself.

Dana looks as Ash beats Jared to death. Ash cries in sadness before hugging Dana, who putted Sean down. Ash and Dana begins to kiss each other.

Kyle and Stephanie sits in the armory alongside Glenn, Nathan Jr, Cornelius, and Justin. "We should've been more prepared." Glenn says to the others.

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