TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 106
Season 18, Episode 4
Release Date January 26, 2017
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Christine Lakin as Alice DeVries
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville
Caitriona Balfe as Cassidy Jameson
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr
Brian Ames as Cory DeVries
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver
Shaofeng Feng as Davidson Walts
Karl Thaning as Nathan DeVries III
Sarah Dumont as Lia Hale
Halston Sage as Sarah Miller
Ashton Holmes as Landon Moore
Bill Skarsgård as The Firestarter*
Marion Cotillard as Cassandra DeVries
Jason Lee as Norton Willis
Natasha Henstridge as Meredith Reed
Sean Kanan as Dante Shepard
Charlie Bewley as Ajax Porter*
Bruce Bohne as Harold Crawford
Betty Gilpin as Lia DeVries
Demore Barnes as Jackson Hagen
Bruce Davison as Oscar Watson*
Anson Mount as Hudson Munn
Katie Cassidy as Gloria Munn
Todd Lasance as The Matchmaker
Rodrigo Santoro as Rodriguez Hernandez
Gary Wayne Loper as Victor Chang
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Alfred Molina as Harley
Al Coronel as Jackson Goetz*
Dennis Haysbert as Troyer
Jeananne Goossen as Susie
Craig Stott as Aaron
PiaGrace Moon as Amber
Sullivan Stapleton as Cletus
Damien C. Haas as Newt
Dylan Everett as Henry
Taylor Kitsch as Ash
Colin O'Donoghue as Ace Taggart
Christian Bowman as Lance

Dave Davis as Dennis
Damon Carney as Luke*
Dimitri Leonidas as Roger*
Joshua Henry as Garrison*
Chris Theisinger as Theo*
Shayne Topp as Kyle
Demetrius Joyette as Travis
Max Riemelt as Roy
Rudolf Martin as Linus
Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Nick
Gbenga Akinnagbe as Erron
Lily Collins as Sonya
Julian Acosta as Adam
Paul Gross as Luis
Cristian Mercado as Alvarez
Richard Ayoade as Cole
Edward Hogg as Rodney
Blake Bashoff as Jake
Sara Rue as Lauren
William Mapother as Terrence
Hemky Madera as Hugo
Andrea Gabriel as Hannah

Fear The Tiger is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Samson and the others begins to look for a missing squad from Jackson's Militia just before making a discovery of a collection of fighting guilds in the ruins of the former country of Turkey; Nathan and Daniel becomes a visible target to the Chinese Government just as they accidentally fly past Mount Wolverine; Zombies breaks into the Mount Wolverine Emergency Facility just as Harold, Alice, Lia, Jackson, and the others proceed to aid the remaining survivors; Norton, Ryan, Landon, Dante, and the rest of the survivors begins to head into uncharted territory of the old state of Wisconsin.


Samson, Cassidy, Cornelius, Lia, Cassandra, Sarah, Davidson, and four others begins to ride on horses as they cross a bridge past the former city of Constantinople. "This used to be where my ancestors lived." Ash says to the others. "Everyone! We shall walk on foot!!!" Samson yells for the others. "Are you sure it's a good idea?" Roy asks Samson. "Yes." Samson answers to Roy just before a guard begins to pull out his upgraded sniper rifle. "Hopefully, we can find the missing members of the militia very soon." Hudson says to the others. "Who are they?" Davidson asks Hudson. "Nick, Erron, Sonya, Adam, Luis, Alvarez, and Cole." Hudson answers to Davidson. "Someone's coming from behind us!!!" Linus yells for the others. "We got company on our back end!!!" Cornelius yells for the others. "Why don't they have guns?" Sarah asks the others. "We're The League! We're monitoring the fighting tournament. There's guilds, and we have prisoners of who trespass onto our land. You should've never came here." Rodney answers to Sarah. "Survivors! We have cloaked eagle eyed snipers on my mark to be assign to kill each and every one of you. All you gotta do to live another day is surrender your weapons willingly. We have your friends, and they're safe.....for now." The Matchmaker says to the survivors just as he exits from his cloaking ability. The survivors begins to lower their guns just as a woman begins to arrive. "Dad!!!" Gloria yells for Hudson. Hudson begins to cry as he hugs Gloria. "Where's your mother?" Hudson asks Gloria. "Someone from space took her away." Gloria answers to Hudson. Lia looks at Cassandra. "Did you have anything to do with it?" Lia asks Cassandra. "No. It must be someone else that's done it. The Sith Republic is gone, and so is The Space Raiders. There's no known space threats.....except for......a mysterious group. I don't remember what they're called, but.....they're pure evil.....and extremely powerful. Once they meet a planet, they either consume the planet with a giant lazer beam and destroys it or intrude into the planet, and use up all of it's resources. They're human like us, but they can produce asexually unlike us." Cassandra answers Lia just before the survivors gets knocked out by The Matchmaker and the others.

Nathan and Daniel begins to fly the helicopter over Mount Wolverine. "Alice! We're in the helicopter! We're going to rescue you and your group and move on foot to get Nathan Jr, Cory, Nathan III, and any others." Nathan says to Alice via walkie talkie. "Shit! Hostile helicopters shooting at us!!!" Daniel yells for Nathan. Nathan begins to man the turret. The speakers from one of the helicopters begins to yell for the two in Chinese. "It's the Chinese military. We must land the helicopter, and avoid a gunfighter....." Daniel says to Nathan just before the helicopter gets hit with a missile. The helicopter begins to go down just before Nathan and Daniel jumps out of it with parachutes as the helicopter begins to fly randomly into a nearby Chinese village. Nathan and Daniel begins to look down the mountain just as they hear numerous screams from within the village. "Oh fucking hell, dude." Daniel says to Nathan. "We've killed innocents.....that's not what I do, Daniel. We need to turn ourselves in, and explain to their government that their helicopter attacked us while we were on a rescue mission." Nathan says to Daniel. The helicopters from above begins to lower down just as several of the Chinese Government soldiers begins to jump out of the helicopters with parachutes. Daniel begins to aim at one of the soldiers as they land next to him and Nathan. The Chinese soldier begins to tell Daniel that he and the others were being cautious just as Daniel tells him that they were rescuing some survivors. The soldiers begins to arrive, and begins to cry just as they realized that they've caused their own people to die while endangering some stranded survivors on Mount Wolverine. "It's nothing personal." Daniel says to the soldiers just before he and Nathan guns down the soldiers. "Let's uncloth the corpses, and have the suits for us and the others that we rescue." Nathan says to Daniel just before they begin the process.

Alice begins to cry just before she spots Nathan and Daniel walking with several Chinese Government suits. "What the hell happened to you both?" Henry asks the two. "Miscommunications." Daniel answers to Henry. "Dad?" Lia asks Nathan. "It's me, Lia." Nathan answers to Lia. "You allowed me to be taken as a baby! I hate you!!!" Lia yells at Nathan just before a wounded Harley begins to exit from the Mount Wolverine Emergency Facility. "There's only 4 survivors inside. A zombie got me." Harley says to the survivors. "How many zombies are inside?" Jackson asks Harley. "Around 10 million." Harley answers to Jackson. "Everyone! I'm going in!!!" Nathan yells for the others just before he begins to enter the facility's entrance.

Cory begins to shoot at the zombies just as Meredith and Nathan III helps to carry the wounded Nathan Jr. "I can't hold them off! We need to get to Harley and escape!!!" Cory yells for the others just before a zombie grabs him, and comes close to biting him just as the zombie gets shot in the head by Nathan. "Follow the lighted path! We all have to escape from Mount Wolverine! Now!!!" Nathan yells at the four. "What's the problem, dad?" Nathan Jr asks Nathan. "The Chinese Government might be hunting us down." Nathan answers to Nathan Jr. "Fuck...." Nathan Jr says to himself just before Kyle and Jackson begins to grab him. "Everyone! Get on the ship!!!" Harold yells for the others just as he, Daniel, and others appears on a huge ship. Dennis appears alongside several other members of Jackson's Militia. "I guess that we have a new boss named Jackson Goetz." Lia says to the others. "We're heading into France, where we'll prepare to face off against The Firestarter and his restored army." Daniel says to the others.

Ace begins to walk past a prison cell with Nick and the others alongside a female fighter. "Ace, hopefully, they join our guild; The Tiger Guild." Lauren says to Ace. "They'll be reunited with some of their friends, and we'll have one of them and one of the newer prisoners fight off in a set of duels, and the oddball without a partner will be The Matchmaker's servant, most likely the woman in there or a female member of the squad of their friends." Ace says to Lauren. Nick stares at Ace in hatred. "Fuck you, mother fucker." Nick says to Ace. "I've already fucked your mother before you were know to exist, bitch." Ace says to Nick. Nick charges towards Ace at the cell's bars. "He's lying, Nick!!!" Sonya yells at Nick. Ace laughs at Nick just before punching him in the face, breaking Nick's nose. "Why did you get yourself a broken nose?" Erron asks Nick. "That asshole went on, and pissed Nick off." Adam answers to Erron. "Hopefully, we all can live just like our friends that came to attempt to rescue us." Luis says to the others. "I know." Alvarez says to Luis. "There might be a way out of here by the looks of it." Cole says to the others just as he points at a crack in the wall just before the cell opens as Hudson, Ash Roy, Linus, and Gloria are thrown into the cell. "Gloria...." Sonya says to Gloria just as she has a black eye. "I couldn't let them threaten my father." Gloria says to Sonya. "Where's your mother?" Nick asks Gloria. "Someone taken her, and they're from space." Gloria answers to Nick. "By the looks of it, the newcomers of the Militia aren't as lucky as us." Hudson says to the others.

Samson appears to have his back whipped with a spiked whip by The Matchmaker alongside Davidson and Cornelius just as Sarah, Lia, Cassandra, and Cassidy appears to be sexually assaulted by several members of The League.

The leader of The Wolf Guild begins to walk in front of his guild members. "The 20th tournament is going to begin very soon." Terrence says to the others.

The leader of The Serpent Guild begins to grab their cloaking suits. "Let's give the new survivors a shocker of their lives." Hugo says to the others.

Davidson begins to enter the arena as he appears to have his back severely sliced open from the bladed whip just as over 50,000 survivors begins to cheer on the upcoming fight. "The newcomer of our way of life have been selected to participate in the first fight in this arena. The first contestant is named Davidson!!!" Jake yells for the others via intercom as he sits in the announcers room in the Arena. Davidson picks up a machete from the ground. To test this survivor if he has the guts to survive, we'll send out 1000 zombies for him to face off against." Jake says to the others via intercom. A large gate begins to rise just as a long walkway full of zombies begins to clear out as the zombies begins to enter the ring. The Matchmaker begins to sit on his throne in the Arena's audience. "Let the tournament begin!!!" The Matchmaker yells for the others just as Rodney begins to blow a horn as fireworks begins to go off.

Norton and the others begins to exhaustively enter the old state of Wisconsin as a mysterious survivor appears to be following them. The survivor pulls out a walkie talkie. "The Firestarter, I'm getting closer to some of Nathan's friends. I'm proceeding to hunt them down one by one." Lance says to The Firestarter via walkie talkie.

Several gang members in Cowboy-fashioned suits begins to approach The Firestarter's Base. "Since Jackson has allied with us, we're going to launch an offensive against The Firestarter." Rodriguez says to the others.

A Chinese Government general begins to look at the naked corpses of the Chinese soldiers in sadness. "We'll hunt you down, Nathan DeVries." Victor says to himself just as a female officer begins to arrive. "There's some traces that they escape via backup ship." Hannah says to Victor. "We must push our territory outside of China, and we shall start to reclaim the planet as our own." Victor says to Hannah just before a zombified Harley arrives and attempts to attack them just before Victor shoots the zombified Harley in the head just as a soldier begins to block off the entrance to the overran Mount Wolverine Emergency Facility.

The survivors in the ship begins to arrive at the Mountainside Colony. Harold and the others exits from the ship. Nathan Jr begins to get brought into the colony with Alice and Lia's help. "I'm staying here with my father." Nathan III says to the others. "We need to get going now. No time to....." Dennis says to the others just before getting sniped in the head by a Chinese Government sniper just as several Chinese Government soldiers begins to arrive. "Everyone! Defend the Mountainside Colony!!!" Nathan yells for the others just as 20 helicopters begins to arrive just as Nathan and Daniel begins to use the ship's turrets as the others proceeds to use the grounded turrets outside of the Mountainside Colony. "We must hold them off until they pose as no threats!!!" Cory yells for the others.

Other Casts


  • Harley (Alive and Zombified)
  • Dennis
  • Several unnamed Chinese Government soldiers
  • Numerous unnamed Mount Wolverine Emergency Facility survivors (Confirmed Fates)

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