TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 107
Season 18, Episode 5
Release Date February 1, 2017
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Christine Lakin as Alice DeVries*
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper*
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville
Caitriona Balfe as Cassidy Jameson
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr*
Brian Ames as Cory DeVries*
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver*
Shaofeng Feng as Davidson Walts
Karl Thaning as Nathan DeVries III*
Sarah Dumont as Lia Hale
Halston Sage as Sarah Miller
Ashton Holmes as Landon Moore*
Bill Skarsgård as The Firestarter*
Marion Cotillard as Cassandra DeVries
Jason Lee as Norton Willis*
Natasha Henstridge as Meredith Reed*
Sean Kanan as Dante Shepard*
Charlie Bewley as Ajax Porter*
Bruce Bohne as Harold Crawford*
Betty Gilpin as Lia DeVries*
Demore Barnes as Jackson Hagen*
Bruce Davison as Oscar Watson*
Anson Mount as Hudson Munn
Katie Cassidy as Gloria Munn
Todd Lasance as The Matchmaker
Rodrigo Santoro as Rodriguez Hernandez*
Gary Wayne Loper as Victor Chang*
Colin O'Donoghue as Ace Taggart
Damien C. Haas as Newt*
Taylor Kitsch as Ash
Kelly Overton as Katrina
Naika Toussaint as Brittany
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Al Coronel as Jackson Goetz*
Dennis Haysbert as Troyer*
Jeananne Goossen as Susie*
Craig Stott as Aaron*
PiaGrace Moon as Amber*
Sullivan Stapleton as Cletus*
Dylan Everett as Henry*
Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Nick
William Mapother as Terrence
Hemky Madera as Hugo
Christian Bowman as Lance*
Fiona Vroom as Veronica Kidman
Nick Carter as Lorenzo
Calum Worthy as Toby
Trezzo Mahoro as Sawyer
Christopher Russell as Sullivan
John DeSantis as Brutus

Damon Carney as Luke*
Dimitri Leonidas as Roger*
Joshua Henry as Garrison*
Chris Theisinger as Theo*
Shayne Topp as Kyle*
Demetrius Joyette as Travis*
Max Riemelt as Roy
Rudolf Martin as Linus
Gbenga Akinnagbe as Erron
Lily Collins as Sonya
Julian Acosta as Adam
Paul Gross as Luis
Cristian Mercado as Alvarez
Richard Ayoade as Cole
Edward Hogg as Rodney
Blake Bashoff as Jake
Sara Rue as Lauren
Andrea Gabriel as Hannah*
Nathan Witte as Seth
Donald Heng as Lin
Pippa Mackie as Kate
Alison Wandzura as Carley
Jane Hancock as Lucy

The League is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Samson and the other prisoners begins their escape just as they gain ahead of The League and the three guilds; Nathan begins to plan a returning trip to Europe.


Ace begins to walk towards Lauren and two other women. "Veronica, I'll need you to come with me to check up on the gates for The League so we don't get more labor for our guild." Ace says to Veronica. "I can come also." Carley says to Ace. "He only said Veronica is going with him." Lauren says to Carley just as Ace and Veronica walks away.

Nathan begins to exit from the Mountainside Colony just as he looks at the working ship. "I'm glad that Daniel taught me to fly one of these things." Nathan says to himself. Several guards begins to walk to the turrets to defend Nathan when he gets ready to leave. Nathan enters the ship, and begins to turn it on before flying away.

Davidson begins to kill the zombies in the Arena just as The Matchmaker begins to whistle to the Arena guards to retrieve Davidson. "Time to get knocked out, Davidson." Seth says to Davidson. "Don't make us have to kill you!!!" Lin yells at Davidson just before Seth and Lin are shot in their heads. "Davidson! Run to safety!!!" Nick yells for Davidson just before shooting at The Matchmaker. The Matchmaker pulls out a revolver, and shoots Nick in the neck. "Nick!!!" Gloria yells for Nick. "You asshole!!!" Sonya yells at The Matchmaker just before she and the others begins to shoot at him.

Hugo begins to rush to his guild's base. "What the hell is going on?" Lucy asks Hugo. "We're under attacked. We're going to escape from here." Hugo answers to Lucy just before the room explodes.

Terrence and the remaining members of his guild begins to run to the exit just before getting gunned down by Cassandra and Samson. "Let's get....." Cassandra says to Samson just before getting shot in the neck by Ace. "Ace! We need to escape! We shouldn't die here." Veronica says to Ace. "We'll meet again, you bastard!!!" Samson yells at Ace just as he puts pressure on Cassandra neck wound. "Don't die on me, Cassandra!!!" Samson yells for Cassandra just as Cassidy begins to arrive with a medkit. "Let me help her for you, Samson." Cassidy says to Cassandra.

The Matchmaker begins to fall to his knees as he sees the zombies breaking free from their holding pen. "We must escape now!!!" Kristina yells at The Matchmaker. "Have the remaining survivors get to the armored truck. I'll meet up with you." The Matchmaker says to Kristina. Just as Kristina begins to run away, Nathan's ship begins to fly over the overran Arena. The Matchmaker looks at the ship as Nathan is the only person in it. "I must hunt down that survivor once we hunt down the escaped prisoners." The Matchmaker says to himself.

Brittany begins to run towards the exit as the escaped prisoners begins to flee through it. "Oh shit!!!" Kate yells for herself just as she and the others begins to get attacked by zombies. "Brittany! Come on! We must escape!!!" Lorenzo yells for Brittany just as a zombified Nick begins to bite Lorenzo in his left arm. Brittany proceeds to amputating Lorenzo's arm before dragging him away as more zombies arrives.

Samson and the others looks as Ash begins to walk towards a large supply case outside of an abandoned house. "Nick told me where he stashed extra supplies and guns." Ash says to the others. Ash begins to toss 8 large supply bags full of guns, ammo, food, and water containers. "Why did you guys have that many supplies?" Cornelius asks the others. "Jackson wanted us to travel to Jerusalem to meet up with a potential ally for our movement again." Erron answers to Cornelius. "There's most likely no safe place there, since the city was destroyed back when World War III occurred, which also broke Russia into several country, with Russia existing as the size of the old state of Colorado with it's capital still as Moscow. I fought in the war, and I saw the destruction of the old cities of Jerusalem, Miami, Madrid, San Francisco, Tehran, most of New York City, almost all of Moscow, and a lot of other cities." Cornelius says to the others. "So you're a resurrected survivor?" Hudson asks Cornelius. "Me, Davidson, Nathan, Daniel, Nathan Jr, Cory, Nathan III, Alice, and Lia. Nathan's wife is still alive, and that's why they never chose to come with us." Cornelius says to the others. "He better not....." Cassidy says to Cornelius before Nathan lands his ship, and exits from the ship. "The ship has low fuel, so we'll have to return to the Militia." Nathan says to the others. "We're heading to Jerusalem. Take the rescued militiamen back to base alongside Roy and Linus." Hudson says to Nathan. Cassidy begins to hug Nathan. "You're not going to try to be with Alice again, right?" Cassidy asks Nathan. "She's with a woman already. My children with her are at their base alongside Daniel. We got ambushed by a giant group, and I'm going to alert Jackson and the others about it." Nathan answers to Cassidy just before the two kisses each other. "One of them told me where Nathan IV might be at, so I'll go to the location once I return these survivors to base." Nathan says to the others just before he, Roy, Linus, Erron, Sonya, and the others enters the ship. "Let's continue our journey." Samson says to the others. "I should've went with them to receive proper care for my wound." Cassandra says to the others. "Too little, too late. You'll have to deal with our medical care, and if you get too weak to continue the journey, we'll have to put you down. No offense though." Lia says to Cassandra. "Maybe since she's complaining, maybe we should have her walk on her own, since she was an enemy of ours one time before." Sarah says to the others. "Bringing up old problems isn't how we do things, Sarah." Cornelius says to Sarah.

The Matchmaker begins to enter an armored truck just as Toby bandages Lorenzo's amputated arm. "How much is the pain?" Toby asks Lorenzo. "Hurts like a bitch, but I'll survive." Lorenzo answers to Toby. "We should get going on the hunt." Sawyer says to the others. "We should wait for anymore survivors to arrive." Sullivan says to Sawyer. The survivors looks at The Matchmaker. "Anymore survivors, boss?" Brutus asks The Matchmaker. "No, but we have two threats; First, The escaped prisoners, and then, the man in the ship that flew over the Arena." The Matchmaker answers to Brutus just as Katrina arrives. "I've spotted the man in the ship retrieving some of the prisoners. I guess that the man's name is Nathan DeVries." Katrina says to The Matchmaker. The Matchmaker begins to laugh. "So the legendary hero is still alive? Well, he'll be no hero anymore once I kill him." The Matchmaker says to himself.

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