TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 114
Season 19, Episode 6
Release Date February 17, 2017
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Christine Lakin as Alice DeVries
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville
Caitriona Balfe as Cassidy Jameson
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr
Jon Maxwell as Nathan DeVries III
Dean Cain as Nathan DeVries IV
Sarah Dumont as Lia Hale
Bill Skarsgård as The Firestarter
Marion Cotillard as Cassandra DeVries
Natasha Henstridge as Meredith Reed
Betty Gilpin as Lia DeVries
Demore Barnes as Jackson Hagen
Anson Mount as Hudson Munn
Katie Cassidy as Gloria Munn
Kevin Sheridan as Nathan DeVries V
Filip Watermann as Erron DeVries
Mia Ella Mimica as Kelly DeVries
Colin O'Donoghue as Ace Taggart
Taylor Kitsch as Ash
Eriq Ebouaney as Seth Davis
Amber Bartlett as Emily Jameson
Jerome Andries as Jeffries Armstrong
Christian Bowman as Lance
Martin Oelbermann as Oberson Walters
Hiroyuki Sanada as Lange Schneider
Ashton Kutcher as Mikey
Catherine Dyer as Kathleen McLaughlin
Rich Cohen as Harvey Turner
Ann Christine as Phoebe Turner
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

March To The Enemy's Base is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Nathan, Lia, Ace, and Ash proceeds to free Cornelius and Veronica just as another group joins the rescue; The Firestarter declares a proposal to Elliot and the others; Nathan III realizes that his rescuers are the Russian Mafia; Seth and the others begins to prepare to welcome the remaining members of the Mountainside Colony and surrendered members of The Mongolian Squad; Kelly and Erron watches over the community while Nathan IV, Nathan V, and several others are away; Nathan Jr begins to get brutally tortured by Kathleen just as they begin to recall their last encounters with each other; The three communities of Marquette begins to rise from the rubble as some survivors begins to take some leading roles of them; Oberson begins to return to his base in California; Lange begins to meet up with Mikey and Loki regarding the threats of The New Formation Cult.


Nathan and the three others looks as Calvin and the others begins to take Cornelius and Veronica off from the boats. "Let's get them to the trading area so we can give them to The New Formation Cult once we arrive there. They'll bring them back to the old US, and the mass setting of the slavery will continue to rule over the old areas of the former country, only except for the New California Republic, which rules the west portion of the former country." Calvin says to the others. "Charge!!!" Nathan yells for the others. Ash gets shot in the stomach by Calvin, who gets shot in the face by Nathan V as he, Nathan IV, and several begins to aid in the rescue. Ace grabs Veronica just as Lia frees Cornelius. "Nathan, me and my girlfriend will be moving onto our new journey, all thanks to your help." Ace says to Nathan just before he and Veronica walks away. "I'm going the long way to the Eden Colony. There might be some of our other friends there." Lia says to Nathan. Calvin, who is still alive, attempts to shoot Nathan just before Ash jumps in the way as he gets shot in the head. Nathan pulls out his revolver, and shoots Calvin in the head. Nathan IV and Nathan V walks towards Nathan and Cornelius. "Come with us." Nathan V says to the two. "I'm sorry, but I'm trying to find mmy great-grandson named Nathan IV." Nathan says to Nathan V. "That's me, and this is my son, Nathan V. He has a son named Nathan VI." Nathan IV says to Nathan. "Let's get moving." Cornelius says to the three.

Oberson arrives at his base just as his fellow members appears. "I'm back, guys." Oberson says to the others.

Mikey and Loki waits in a small warehouse just as Lange arrives. "Hello. To speed things up, I want to work with you both so we can have a large army against The New Formation Cult." Lange says to the two.

Nathan III wakes up, and looks as his rescuers are laughing at a table. Nathan III looks as the stuff on the walls, and looks as there's newspapers with the mentions of The Russian Mafia. Nathan III realizes that the people that rescued him are The Russian Mafia. "Scared of us now?" Harvey asks Nathan III. "I'm just shock, since someone that I know killed some of your members." Nathan III answers to Harvey. "So you're friends with the man that killed Mac and the two others that never came back? Well, we're not like them. We actually exiled the two surviving members of that squad." Phoebe says to Nathan III.

The Davidson Colony, The Compound, and The Sheridan Estates begins to thrive once again as they're rebuilt for the second time.

The survivors in the Jerusalem Survivor Estates Safe-Zone looks as Daniel, Lia, Jackson, Jeffries, Alice, and several others exits from several ships at the airfield. Cassidy looks at Daniel in shock. "Where's Cory and Nathan Jr?" Cassidy asks Daniel. "Nathan Jr went missing, and Cory was murdered. Nathan's daughter, Lia, is here." Daniel answers to Cassidy. Cassidy looks at Lia. Alice walks towards Cassidy. "So you're with my ex, right?" Alice asks Cassidy. "Yes." Cassidy answers to Alice. Hudson and Gloria begins to arrive at the airfield. "Dad, we should use these ships to attack The Firestarter." Gloria says to Hudson. "Not now, Gloria." Hudson says to Gloria.

The Firestarter begins to get on his throne just as Lance, Elliot, and the others watches. "We now know that the survivors are now at the Jerusalem Survivor Estates Safe-Zone. Lance will launch the first attack. Elliot and his group will aid in defending the nearest base to there just in case if Lance and his squad were to be killed." The Firestarter says to the others.

Nathan Jr looks as Kathleen enters the room. "Remember me?" Kathleen asks Nathan Jr. "You're the bitch that almost killed me." Nathan Jr answers to Kathleen. Kathleen punches Nathan Jr in the face. "You don't deserve respect!!!" Kathleen yells at Nathan Jr just before she continues to brutally torture Nathan.


  • Ash
  • Calvin
  • Several unnamed Mediterranean Sea Pirates

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