TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 12
Season 2, Episode 6
Release Date September 1, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Faran Tahir as Franklin Knight
Dwayne Johnson as Finch McCoy
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper*
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver
Daniel Cudmore as Phoenix Taggart*
Adrien Brody as Clancy Ashford
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart*
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart
Jade Ramsey as Stephanie Hart*
Viva Bianca as Rosita Denver
Rich Ting as Leon Rovia*
Ivana Milicevic as Julia Hornsby
Christian Bale as Jason Walterson
Xavier Rivers as Burns Andrews
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Preston Bailey as Cory DeVries
Ellen Hollman as Bethany Churchill
Oded Fehr as Axel Terrence
Sean Flynn as Ash Wilkins
Peyton List as Samantha Denver*
Spencer List as Billy Denver*
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville*
Jennifer Lawrence as Sally*
Chris Pratt as Duncan*
Lochlyn Munro as Parker Monroe*
Ty Olsson as Rex Wanston
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman*
Daniel Zovatto as Spinelli Ross
Tom Felton as Kyle*
Robert Mann as Dakota Vaughn
Ben Winchell as Oliver Kent

Sarah Smyth as Lydia Ashford
Morse Bicknell as Glenn Ashford
Audrey Walters as Helena Dodge
Alex Knight as Harlan Clyde
Evan Ross as Sterling Ryan
Chris Pine as Barnes Richards
Jane Levy as Angela Ellis
Mark Wahlberg as Bob Irons
Josh Brener as Eddie
Boyd Holbrook as Geno Chance
Kirby Morrow as Kent
Antonia Kidman as Beth
Burn Gorman as Louis Lyons
Charlie Heaton as Anthony
Stephen Dean as Fletcher
Hayley Carr as Barbara

Espionage is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Ash and Dana struggles as they travel back to Delta's Compound; Nathan begins to make plans with Clancy, Finch, and several others regarding the upcoming war with The Killers; Axel, Rex, and Spinelli gets captured by Dakota and several of his guards.


Ash and Dana walks through a zombie infested small abandoned walled madeshift city just as they spot a man disguised with zombie guts. The man moves his hand to his lips to show a quiet sign of remaining silence. The man walks towards the survivors before handing them a letter. "I'm Jason Walterson, one of the survivors of Dangl Community. It's names after my hometown street where I grew up in Muskegon. I stayed behind, and if you can, could you send some armed survivors to kill the zombies that's taken over my community. Most of us are hiding in our homes. Please?" Jason asks the two. "Sure." Ash answers to Jason. "I have a vehicle or by the large sign up ahead. Here's the keys." Jason says to Ash before handing him keys. Jason walks back into the overran community, and begins to enter an outhouse.

Ash and Dana enters the truck, and sees that there's a walkie talkie. "Jason, we've been ambushed by Bob's Fortress last night, and this morning, a new threat known as The Killers, began to chase all of us down. Please send us aid!!!" A survivor yells for Jason via walkie talkie just as gunshots are heard through the walkie talkie. "We need to help them." Dana says to Ash. "Alright." Ash says to Dana.

Jason exits from the outhouse, and looks as several masked men begins to gun down all of the zombies just as one begins to aim at him. "I'm alive!!!" Jason yells at Oliver. "Consider yourself lucky that I'm a part of a friendly group instead of an enemy group. I'm Oliver Kent, a teenager trying to find his family, but came across a strong friendly group known as The Knights Of Eden. We have contact a group from Paris known as the Eden Stronghold. We have no exact connections to them, but we help out with saving others from dying to zombies." Oliver says to Jason. "Keep moving, Oliver." Eddie says to Oliver.

Ash and Dana comes across several dead killers just as several men in knight armor appears to be aiming modified assault rifles at them as several wounded survivors appears behind it. "Anyone here that's associated with Jason?" Dana asks the others. "He's our leader." Geno answers to Dana. "I'm Burns Andrews, and I've sent some of my men to rescue and keep their community safe. Keep moving. I've met up with Clancy, and we're going to aid against The Killers." Burns says to the two. Ash and Dana enters the jeep.

Nathan enters Clancy's house as Clancy, Finch, and a masked woman appears. "Who is the woman?" Nathan asks Clancy. "She'll tell you who she is." Clancy answers to Nathan. "She knows you, but you don't know her yet." Finch says to Nathan. The woman takes off her mask, and she's revealed to by Julia. "I'm Julia Hornsby. I'm a representative sent by by friend named Mickey Schultz. He wants to aid in the war against The Killers. We're called the Schultz Family Mafia." Julia says to Nathan. "Can I trust a mafia?" Nathan asks Julia. "Only if you're allied with us. I'm here to make an alliance. I've expected us to meet in two weeks, and I was right. I've also found out the whereabouts of several missing members of other groups that's locked up in secret warehouses that only Olivia Johnston knew about before you killed her. I'm a psychic, so I can tell bullshit very easily." Julia answers to Nathan. "I like this girl, Clancy. She has the information that we need." Nathan says to Clancy. "Here's the thing. You better not try to go behind our backs, because we have contact with five different mafia crews in the following former cities; DC, Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas, and Seattle. We're the weakest of all of the mafias. We always meet in a guarded building in Kansas City. We can tell you about if there's aliens in space or not." Julia says to Nathan. "Nathan, a man that leads a group called the Knights of Eden is confirming their alliance alongside a new community called the Dangl Community. We have a large army. I'm given you full control of my estates." Clancy says to Nathan. I'm having you remain as the district leader of here while I'll have Daniel Cooper be the district leader of Davidson Colony and Ryan be the district leader of The Compound. It'll have me focus on traveling to uncover new roots that leads to more and more groups to meet with. Axel and Franklin has told me off a new threat called Bob's Fortress. We're going to send some of our people to meet with their leader named Bob Irons to make a peace treaty to make an alliance with them." Nathan says to Clancy. "I've sent all of my people to your base after it was destroyed by a cult." Finch says to Nathan just as an injured Ash appears alongside Dana. "Where's Dirk and Sean?" Clancy asks Dana. "Killed by a cult-like rebellion army led by a maniac named Jared." Dana answers to Clancy just as Helena and Harlan grabs Ash. "Dana, rest up. We got a lot to do tomorrow." Clancy says to Dana.

Axel comes across Rex, who meets up with Spinelli. "Who are you?" Axel asks Spinelli. Before Spinelli can answer, they begin to be surrounded by multiple killers. "Hands up or you all die!!!" Dakota yells at the three. The three raises their hands. "Edward, Vincent, and Claudio; tie their hands up." Dakota says to the three. "Why did Franklin send you instead of someone else?" Rex asks Dakota. "I overthrown him, and now, he's a part of the communities, as said by a man named Daniel Cooper. Franklin is your ally now, and he's going to die with the others that's against us now." Dakota answers to Rex.

Angela and Barnes sits outside of the infirmary at the Sheridan Estates as Nathan begins to carry baby Lia. "Cute baby." Julia says to Nathan. "Thanks." Nathan says to Julia. "How did you already know me?" Nathan asks Julia. "I tried to date you, but you were already with Alice back in college." Julia answers to Nathan before smiling at him. Bethany arrives. "How's the baby?" Bethany asks Nathan before kissing him. "She's good." Nathan answers to Bethany. Julia looks at Nathan in sadness before walking away. "Who is she?" Bethany asks Nathan. "A new ally. Her boss sent her to attend our meeting." Nathan answers to Bethany.

Nathan Jr begins to reload his gun. "Get ready, dude." Sterling says to Nathan Jr.

Bob reloads his rifle before spotting two survivors. "Alex and Jeff, kill them." Bob says to the two before Alex and Jeff guns the two survivors down. "Damn right. Fuckers should've never came here. Kent says to the others before Bob slits his throat, and throws him off from the bridge. "Commenting after an order was enforced will result in death." Bob says to the others just as Kent reanimates just before exiting the water.

Burns walks towards an abandoned warehouse, and spots blood all over the door. Burns opens the door, and discovers an injured survivor with corpses of several killers. "I'm Beth, and I need help to get to my group in Detroit." Beth says to Burns before passing out. "Troops! Get here now! Wounded woman named Beth fell into shock!!!" Burns yells for the others just as several armored soldiers arrives alongside an armored doctor. "Louis, tell us the news once you're done examining." Burns says to Louis before dragging Beth to a bed. "Anthony! Bring in medical machines from one of our trucks." Louis says to Anthony. "She's still alive, but she's going to need to be checked out by myself only." Louis says to the others just as Anthony and two others brings in the medical supplies. "We got, Louis." Anthony says to Louis. Louis begins to run an x-ray exam.

Burns and the others waits outside of the warehouse just before Louis exits from the warehouse. "The woman will need to remain in a medically induced coma, so she won't be able to answer your questions, boss." Louis says to Burns. "This will be the exterior infirmary for us to use." Burns says to the others just before Nathan arrives alongside Julia. "This is one of the abandoned setup of torture warehouse constructed by The Killers." Julia says to the others. "The Killers has more of these?" Burns asks Julia before Louis interrupts the conversation. "She is right. I, being a psychic myself, can tell that there's more. The girl is alive, but I must speak with her spirit to get the information of where she's from, and it'll take months to conduct, so we're better off waiting for her to wake up." Louis answers to Burns. Julia smirks at Louis. "Nathan, we need to start looking for the torture warehouses." Burns says to Nathan.

Ryan exits from his house in The Compound as Rosita walks towards him. "Why don't you, Nathan, and the others just leave us all alone? Problems got worse for all of us once you arrived here." Rosita says to Ryan. "We could've killed you all without giving you a chance after one of you shot and wounded Nathan Jr. If you or another person makes an accusation like this one more time, I'll personally kill you. Mikey chose to leave, so you and your kids can leave now if you all want." Ryan says to Rosita. "We'll stay." Rosita says to Ryan. "Get out of my sights at once, Rosita. You should've had you and your family move away from here before your husband was killed. He'd be here still, and you and your kids......probably not." Ryan says to Rosita.

Franklin begins to check up on some of the weapons in the armory just as he notice a secret door to Jesse's hideout. Franklin opens the door, and discovers several tacks places on known settlements on the Michigan State map. "There's a group close to here. It's at the old nightclub. Jesse has to have another map." Franklin says to himself before checking for a map just as he discovers a NASA walkie talkie. "Copy! We've been spotted by several unknown living beings up here in space. I repeat. We need to alert the president. Asap." Someone yells for someone else. "Holy shit....." Cory says to himself before entering the room. Franklin turns around, and sees Cory. "Let's keep this as a secret." Franklin says to Cory. "Alright." Cory says to Franklin.

Clancy looks as a man enters his house. Clancy aims at the man. "You should knock before you walk in." Clancy says to Fletcher before Fletcher pulls out a katana, and impales him with in. "Bob Irons wants you to receive this as a reminder to never send any more of your troops to try to ambush us." Fletcher says to Clancy. Glenn shoots Fletcher in the head, and tends to Clancy. " this place for the sake of the people." Clancy says to Glenn before dying. Glenn puts Clancy down, and begins to cry.

Lydia arrives at The Compound just as Ryan walks towards her. "I need you to help me rebuild the morale here." Ryan says to Lydia.

Julia and Louis watches Beth just as someone's voice begins to be heard through Beth's walkie talkie.

A man sits outside of a movie theater in his walled community in the city of Detroit. "Beth, call back. It's me, Chris Vega. Report back to the Detroit Central Colony." Chris says to Beth via walkie talkie.

Nathan and Burns arrives at a crashed truck as a wounded survivor appears inside of the truck. "Nathan, the girl named Beth is from the Detroit Central Colony. A man has tried to contact her." Julia says to Nathan via walkie talkie. "Same group as mine." Barbara says to Nathan. Nathan and Burns looks at Barbara in shock. "How did you all get up here?" Burns asks Barbara. "Crossing through Canada. Canada, like the rest of the world, has fallen. We have contact with someone in DC." Barbara answers to Burns.

Other Cast


  • Kent (Alive)
  • Fletcher
  • Clancy Ashford
  • Several unnamed members of Sheridan Estates (Confirmed Fates)
  • 2 unnamed members of Delta's Compound
  • Several unnamed killers (Confirmed Fates)
  • Numerous unnamed members of Scartron Community (Confirmed Fates)

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