TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 13
Season 3, Episode 1
Release Date September 2, 2016
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Where We Stand
Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Preston Bailey as Cory DeVries
Ellen Hollman as Bethany Churchill
Faran Tahir as Franklin Knight
Dwayne Johnson as Finch McCoy
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper*
Sean Flynn as Ash Wilkins*
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver
Daniel Cudmore as Phoenix Taggart
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart
Jade Ramsey as Stephanie Hart
Viva Bianca as Rosita Denver
Rich Ting as Leon Rovia*
Ivana Milicevic as Julia Hornsby
Christian Bale as Jason Walterson
Xavier Rivers as Burns Andrews
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Oded Fehr as Axel Terrence
Peyton List as Samantha Denver
Spencer List as Billy Denver
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville
Jennifer Lawrence as Sally
Chris Pratt as Duncan
Chelsea Bruland as Elizabeth
Lochlyn Munro as Parker Monroe
Ty Olsson as Rex Wanston
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman*
Daniel Zovatto as Spinelli Ross
Tom Felton as Kyle
Robert Mann as Dakota Vaughn
Ben Winchell as Oliver Kent*
Sarah Smyth as Lydia Ashford
Morse Bicknell as Glenn Ashford
Jane Levy as Angela Ellis
Tommy Bastow as Ben Ellis
Burn Gorman as Louis Lyons

John Cusack as Justin Huntsman
Evan Ross as Sterling Ryan
Stephen Lang as Tucker Ford
Amanda Schull as Lia Cutter
Chris Pine as Barnes Richards
Mark Wahlberg as Bob Irons
Jesse Eisenberg as Clifford
Michael B. Jordan as Jason

Sworn To Serve is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Dakota brutally tortures Rex, Axel, and Spinelli in his basement; Nathan begins to have hope after finding out about the fall of The Killers; Franklin begins to go on a scouting run with Cory, Parker, Justin, Kyle, Stephanie; Emma and Elizabeth begins to plan to get married as they make plans for a proposed idea of having a secondary armory at the Sheridan Estates; Rosita begins to consider leaving Delta's Compound with Samantha and Billy, but a large herd breaks through the gates; Sally and Duncan gets into an ambush with several members of Bob's Fortress; Nathan Jr, Glenn, Lydia, Dana, Phoenix, Cornelius, Sterling, Barnes, Tucker, Lia, Angela, Ben, and Ryan travels to the Mackinaw Bridge, and comes across Bob's Fortress camped on the bridge as they make an attempt to get to the Detroit Central Safe-Zone alongside Barbara; Burns and Finch begins to set up several recruitment outposts outside of an abandoned military base; Julia and Jason begins a relationship as they watch over Beth.


Axel looks on as he gets one of his fingers sliced off by Dakota. "This is the pain that your communities has given towards my group!!!" Dakota yells at Axel. "Shut the fuck up, coward. You stood back, and allowed your friends to die instead of standing up for the others when they begged for your help." Rex says to Dakota before Dakota stabs him in the head. "Fuck you!!!" Spinelli yells at Dakota before getting stabbed in the head. Axel breaks free, and slices off one of Dakota's hands off, and begins to flee from The Killers' base. Dakota looks on in shock. "Get the fucker...." Dakota yells for the others before Rex breaks free, and begins to attack him until a killer arrives just as a zombie grabs him, and begins to devour him. Rex throws molotavs at the door. "If I'm going to bleed'll die with me, asshole." Rex says to Dakota before Dakota stabs him in the head before multiple zombies enters the room, and begins to devour on Dakota as he screams in pain.

Axel hears Dakota's screams from afar as The Killers' base begins to be overran with zombies just as Sally and Duncan walks towards him. "Axel, we failed our mission. We were supposed to try to make a peace treaty to avoid destruction. Zombies infiltrated the base, and our disguise was ruined. We were shot at." Duncan says to Axel. "Go search for anymore fleeing members of The Killers. Franklin has already surrendered, and joined the communities." Axel says to the two. "Fine." Sally says to Axel.

Nathan overhears screams from multiple members of The Killers in his office. "The war was prevented." Nathan says to himself. Nathan walks to the announcement table in his office. "Everyone in all of our communities! We have taken down The Killers. They pose as not a threat to us anymore. All with the works of the alliance." Nathan says to the others via intercom.

Jason and Julia begins to watch Beth just before Louis exits from the warehouse. "I love you." Julia says to Jason.

Barbara sits in a car with Ryan, Nathan Jr, and Dana. "Where are we going?" Barbara asks the three. "Bob's Fortress. We have several armored trucks behind us, and we'll take their fortress down if they refuse to let us pass." Nathan Jr answers to Barbara.

"Bob! Several armored trucks arriving!!!" Clifford yells for Bob. "They're from the group of communities that were up against The Killers. At least 20 armored trucks with turrets." Jason says to Bob before getting shot in the head by Nathan Jr. "Follow our orders, and surrender now or you all will die!!!" Ryan yells at Bob. "Billy and Gaines, get the evading truck ready. Clifford, kill the bastard." Bob says to the three before Clifford shoots Ryan in the neck. Ryan falls out of the truck. "Ryan!!!" Dana yells for Ryan just as Nathan Jr and several others begins to shoot the turrets at Clifford. Cornelius shoots Clifford in the head just as Bob, Billy, and Gaines begins to drive away. "Charge after Bob!!!" Pheonix yells for the others.

Axel begins to flee to The Compound as Rosita discovers him. "The Killers are killed. Zombies are coming." Axel says to Rosita.

Emma holds Elizabeth's hands just as they sit in their house. "I can't wait until we get married." Elizabeth says to Emma. "I know. I just hope that Dana and Stephanie gets home in time before the wedding." Emma says to Elizabeth before kissing her.

Glenn reloads his rifle just as the others exits from the trucks. "Pheonix and Nathan Jr, report Ryan's death back at base." Glenn says to the two. "I'll go back also." Lydia says to Glenn. "You're the last thing of my brother that's left for me to live. Stay with me." Glenn says to Lydia just as Bob snipes Lydia in the head from afar. Glenn looks at Lydia's corpse in sadness. "Everyone, stay alert." Tucker says to the others. "Glenn, we got to go." Angela says to Glenn. "Angela, he isn't coming. We need to leave him behind." Ben says to Angela just as Zeus begins to appear, and attempts to attack Bob, but Bob shoots Zeus in the chest. Zeus lands on the ground as he begins to die just as Bob aims at Glenn at the head. "Just kill me." Glenn says to Bob. "Glenn, come on! Hurry!!!" Sterling yells for Glenn just as a zombified member of Bob's Fortress grabs Sterling, and bites him in the neck. Glenn looks up at the gun just as the bullet is shot. Barnes begins to cry just as he exits from the truck, and puts Sterling down as he screams after getting bitten in the neck. "Screw this." Tucker says to the others before exiting from the truck, and begins to shoot at Bob as multiple bandits begins to arrive, and begins to shoot at Barnes and Tucker. Lia exits from the vehicle. "Everyone. Leave us behind. We'll hold them off." Lia says to the others. Nathan Jr closes the door as Pheonix, Dana, Barbara, Angela, and Ben sits in the truck as the driver begins to drive away. Barnes looks as Tucker gets shot in the chest three times. "I'm too stubborn to die now." Tucker yells for the two. "Move up!!!" Barnes yells at the two just as they advance forward before getting gunned down by Bob and his men. Bob reloads his gun. "We'll need to move on." Bob says to the others just as two massive hordes begins to enter the bridge. Bob shoots his fellow members in their legs. "Jeff, Alex, Billy, and Gaines are lucky to not be here." Bob says to himself before disappearing after jumping off the bridge with a parachute just as the large hordes of zombies begins to kill off the wounded members.

Nathan looks on in shock as Nathan Jr reports the news to him. "Mission Failed. We'll need to wait a few weeks before going back there." Nathan Jr says to Nathan.

Pheonix walks towards Axel. "Have you seen Rex around here?" Pheonix asks Axel. "He......was killed by The Killers." Axel answers to Pheonix. Pheonix looks at Axel in sadness. "He was one of my best friends. How could he be killed in this time right now? We needed him. We would've succeeded our mission without any deaths if he was with us." Pheonix says to Axel.

Franklin enters a large cargo truck with Cory, Parker, Justin, Stephanie, and Kyle. "We're going to need to gather some ammunition for future wars and battles. Bandits are too scared now to even attempt to attack us." Parker says to the others. "Cory, your father wants you to do the task of gathering the lighter supplies. We need to be done in less than 30 minutes." Justin says to Cory. "What's my job?" Franklin asks the others. "Help with Cory primarily." Stephanie answers to Franklin. "Don't try anything or we'll kill you." Kyle says to Franklin. "I've proven to be resourceful. Things have be improving back at the Davidson Colony even since I've been given freedom rights." Franklin says to Kyle. "He's one of us now, Kyle. Give him more approval than you've given him." Cory says to Kyle. "If the boss' son says so, it's true." Justin says to Kyle. The survivors walks towards the store.

Duncan and Sally begins to walks through the forest just as the two gets lights shined at them. "Sally, run!!!" Duncan yells at Sally before getting shot with a harpoon gun. Sally jumps into the ditch, and begins to crawl away. Duncan passes out after seeing the harpoon stuck in his leg as both of his leg bones sticks out of the leg.

Rosita, Samantha, and Billy begins to pack up their supplies just as Phoenix, Kane, and Axel begins to run into their house. "Giant zombie herd is heading this way." Phoenix says to Rosita. "Fuck...." Rosita says to herself just as the walls begins to be destroyed by the zombies.

Burns and Finch arrives at an abandoned military base. "This will be a large fortress for us to gather up newcomers for us to do interviews, and have them hold up here, and for us to monitor them. Bethany is setting up two infirmaries near the entrances." Finch says to Burns. Bethany walks towards the two. "We need to have Julia and Jason come here to check this place out, and to send some of their people." Bethany says to the two. "Good idea. I'll try to contact them asap." Burns says to Bethany just as an alarm is heard from The Compound.

Nathan and Nathan Jr looks as The Compound begins to be overran. "All survivors must proceed to their homes. Once the zombie herd is killed off, evacuate to the Sheridan Estates. The Compound will be shutting down permanently." Nathan says to the others via intercom.

Other Cast

  • Nash Edgerton as Billy
  • Irrfan Khan as Gaines
  • Unknown as Zeus (Special Cast)


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