TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 15
Season 3, Episode 3
Release Date September 8, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Preston Bailey as Cory DeVries
Parker Posey as Nicole Webber*
Faran Tahir as Franklin Knight*
Dwayne Johnson as Finch McCoy
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper*
Sean Flynn as Ash Wilkins*
Daniel Cudmore as Phoenix Taggart
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart
Jade Ramsey as Stephanie Hart*
Rich Ting as Leon Rovia*
Ivana Milicevic as Julia Hornsby
Christian Bale as Jason Walterson
Xavier Rivers as Burns Andrews
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Oded Fehr as Axel Terrence
Spencer List as Billy Denver
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville*
Jennifer Lawrence as Sally
Chris Pratt as Duncan
Chelsea Bruland as Elizabeth*
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman*
Tom Felton as Kyle*
Ben Winchell as Oliver Kent
Jane Levy as Angela Ellis*
Tommy Bastow as Ben Ellis*
Burn Gorman as Louis Lyons*
Max Greenfield as Jeremy
Keith Stanfield as Lucas Scott
Radha Mitchell as Brooke Adams
Aaron Eckhart as Jason West

Charlie Hewson as Kane
Mandy Moore as Tonya
Justin Hartley as Dylan
Marc John Jefferies as Jeff
Jeremy Holm as Rico
Rami Malek as Gareth George
Brian Caspe as Odell
David Bowles as Winston
Phil Austin as Johnny
Tobias Menzies as Kurt
Ben Rappaport as Wade
Pamela Adlon as Annie
Timothy Olyphant as Nico Juarez
Zachary Quinto as Felipe Juarez
Devon Sawa as Ryan Ross
Lance Broadway as Romeo Ross
Milla Jovovich as Juliet Winkler
Logan Marshall-Green as Capone Jones
Lara Pulver as Bonnie Earnhardt
Parker Sawyers as Clyde Earnhardt
Dylan McDermott as Jesse McKinnon
Jaymes Butler as Billy Jenson
Rick Yune as Vince Willard
Cole Hauser as Jeremy Freeman

March To War is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Duncan's introduction to his capturers leads to a brutal path with a deadly surprise; Axel and Phoenix begins to take on the herd that destroyed The Compound; Sally comes across Burns, Bethany, and Finch, but finds out about some losses of lives; Julia travels to DC alongside and several others to meet with the other family mafias; After escaping from the destroyed Compound, Nathan suffers some losses.


"Move it!!!" Axel yells for Phoenix just as they begin to shoot at the zombies. Phoenix spots a zombified Samantha appearing to be devouring on a dead carcass of a dog. "I'm sorry, Samantha." Phoenix says to Samantha before putting her down just before getting shot in the shoulder by Billy, who gets shot in the head by Nathan Jr. "Help us kill the zombies. I'll be fine, since the bullet went through." Phoenix says to Nathan Jr.

"Let's go out there." Nathan says to Kane. "Are you sure that it's....." Kane says to Nathan just as a zombie grabs him through the window, and bites into his face. "Put me down, Nathan!!!" Kane yells for Nathan before Nathan kills him out of mercy. Nathan grabs Kane's rifle, and begins to shoot down the zombies as they try to enter the house. Nathan pulls out his walkie talkie just as he flees to the attic. "Axel and Phoenix, zombies broke into the house, and Kane is dead. I'm going to try something drastic that I'm not guaranteed to survive." Nathan says to the two via walkie talkie.

Axel, Phoenix, and Nathan Jr spots Nathan jumping from Rosita's house roof to the nearest watchtower just as he barely lands. Nathan begins to shoot down at the zombies just as Axel, Phoenix, and Nathan Jr advances into the destroyed communities.

Duncan wakes up as he's locked up in a train cart with 4 others. Duncan recognizes one of the survivors. "It's me, Rico. From the Sheridan Estates. Remember me?" Rico asks Duncan. "Yes." Duncan answers to Rico. "The others here are Dustin, Andrew, and Cassie." Rico says to Duncan just as a masked man tosses a smoke grenade into the train cart just as several others knocks out the survivors.

Duncan wakes back up as he, Rico, and the three others appears to be in a feeding pen alongside Ash, Dana, Jeremy, Cory, Tanya, Dylan, and 4 others. "Hello survivors. My name is Gareth George, and we're The Hunters. Yes, you all will be our food, or at least zombie bait." Gareth says to the others. Duncan attempts to go free, but gets knocked out, and has his neck sliced open by Gareth. "Odell and Winston, do the rest of the executions." Gareth says to the two. "Got it, Gareth." Odell says to Gareth.

Ash looks as Rico gets executed on the line. Cory begins to cry. "No need to cry, child." Winston says to Cory. "Spare him from death, asshole." Jeff says to Winston just as Odell shoots Cory in the chest. "Cory!!!" Dana yells for Cory just as Winston executes Jeff and Odell executes Tanya. "How many more do we need to kill?" Odell asks Winston just as they execute Dustin and Andrew. "All of them." Winston answers to Odell just as they execute 2 of the others. "You killed Mac and James! Don't kill me and Hughes!!!" Kurt yells at the two just as Kurt and Hughes gets executed. Ash breaks free, and begins to attack Odell, and uses his pistol, and begins to execute the two men. Ash breaks Dana, Cassie, Jeremy, and Dylan free just as the others begins to reanimate. Gareth shoots Cassie Jeremy in the neck just as the zombified victims begins to devour on his corpse. Ash, Dana, Cassie, and Dylan begins to flee just as Dylan spots Matias and Juan's devoured corpses in the courtyard just as several other hunters begins to shoot at them. "Malcolm, Richard, Brent, Alice, and Kyle! Kill them, and set them up as our food!!!" Gareth yells for the others just as he locks up the madeshift feeding pen warehouse as Jeremy appears to be reanimated.

Ash, Dana, Cassie, and Dylan begins to stop in the forest. "Me and Cassie will go a different way to have The Hunters get lost. You got people, and you have your people kill them." Dylan says to Ash just before the four splits up.

Gareth appears to be in the feeding pen warehouse as the others are seen as they're put down by Gareth. "Those escaping prisoners will die, and be left as zombies." Gareth says to himself.

Julia reloads her rifle as several others stands behind her. "Why isn't Mickey coming with us?" Wade asks Julia. "He's busy." Julia answers to Wade. "Several unknown people coming this way!!!" Annie yells for the others. "Hey! We're good guys! It's me, Lucas Scott; A messenger for the Ross Family Mafia." Lucas says to Annie. Julia walks towards Lucas, and hugs him. "I thought that you were killed last month by the looters that ambushed the meeting." Julia says to Lucas. "That was my brother that died." Lucas says to Julia.

Lucas has a flashback of his brother, Kentli, getting gunned down by a looter.

Lucas looks at the others. "You have newcomers to your mafia?" Lucas asks Julia. "No. They're just some of our allies." Julia answers to Lucas. "They better be proven to be worthy to be associates of all of our mafias." Nico says to Julia just as he arrives with several others from the Juarez Family Mafia. "Brother, can we trust the Schultz Family Mafia anymore?" Felipe asks Nico. "As for now, yes. If the new survivors tries anything suspicious, then no." Nico answers to Felipe just as Nathan, Axel, Phoenix, and Nathan Jr arrives. "Hands up, Julia! You're leading us into a trap!!!" Nico yells at Julia just as Nathan, Axel, Nathan Jr, and Phoenix aims at him. "I'm the leader of the new survivors. I lead over 5000 survivors, and I had to put down one of them after a zombie attacked him." Nathan says to Nico. "Fine. You're cool for now." Nico says to Julia. "What happened?" Ryan asks Nico just as he and the Ross Family Mafia arrives. "New survivors that are allied with the Schultz Family Mafia." Nico answers to Ryan. "How long will this be?" Juliet asks Romeo. "I don't know." Romeo answers to Juliet. "This isn't a meeting without us." Capone says to the others. "Julia, I'm the Jones Family Mafia's messenger now." Jesse says to Julia. "I don't approve of this location for this meeting." Billy says to the others as he and the Jenson Family Mafia arrives. The Willard Family Mafia follows them. "Let's try to make a plan to deal with making a combining community so we all can finally relax, and make permanent peace with each family mafia group." Vince says to the others. "To let everyone know, I'm naming my whole group the DeVries Family Mafia." Nathan says to the others. Julia looks at Nathan in shock. "So you're going to be willing to do our ways of things?" Capone asks Nathan. "Not exactly everything, but if you're making a threat, I can kill you in about a thousand ways." Nathan answers to Capone. "I have 1500 survivors under my leadership. How many do you have?" Billy asks Nathan. "5000, and that's not including our newcomers, which would total to 10 thousand." Nathan answers to Billy. "Looks like we're outnumbered with each of our groups combined." Capone says to the others. "How many bases are under your control?" Ryan asks Nathan. "More than 5, including a destroyed base called The Compound." Nathan answers to Ryan. "New plan everyone! We need to serve as allies, and take on the NWO Colony." Capone says to the others. "That's not my enemy. My enemy is the ones who robs, murders, rapes, and cannibalizes." Nathan says to Capone. "Meeting dismissed. Nathan will lead the offensive on any mission." Julia says to the others.

A woman watches the Sheridan Estates from afar. "Taya, watch over Samantha carefully for her wounds." Brooke says to Taya before kissing her. Samantha looks as Brooke walks away from the madeshift camp.

Brooke walks towards a man standing outside of the Sheridan Estates. "What is this place?" Brooke asks Jason. "I don't know, because I've just arrived here with my group." Jason answers to Brooke just as Emma opens the gates. "Get all of your survivors inside. A large horde is heading this way." Emma says to the two.

Brooke, Jason, Taya, Samantha, and three others enters. "Jeremy, Regina, and Brittany; We're going to be safe now." Jason says to the three. "We better be." Jeremy says to Jason. "This place is quite safe, as it's led by a powerful man named Nathan DeVries. He leads this community and many others." Emma says to the others. "I know him." Jason says to Emma. "How?" Emma asks Jason. "High school best friend." Nathan answers to Emma as he arrives. Ash walks towards Nathan. "A cannibal group called The Hunters captured us, and murdered several survivors, including Cory. We were tied up, and they were executing us two by two." Ash says to Nathan. Nathan looks at Ash in sadness and anger. "Tell me the location of the bastards that murdered Cory." Nathan says to Ash. "It's at the abandoned farming industrial workshop outside of this city." Ash says to Nathan. "Where's Duncan and Sally?" Nathan asks Ash. "Sally is recovering after getting attacked by several zombies, and Duncan was killed alongside Cory." Ash answers to Nathan.

Gareth sits in his room just as Johnny arrives. The others has came back, but hasn't found the prisoners. A giant herd is heading this way, and we need to abandon our base." Johnny says to Gareth. "Alright. Let's get going." Gareth says to Johnny just as they run out of the base alongside the others before stabbing Johnny in the stomach. "You can serve as the herd's food." Gareth says to Johnny just before him and the others abandons Johnny to his fate called death.

Nathan begins to go towards The Hunters' old base, and looks as he finds Johnny's corpse. Nathan walks into the base, and enters a feeding pen warehouse, and discovers Cory's corpse alongside the others. A zombified survivor begins to hit at a cell door as it appears to be have a bag over it's head. Nathan removes the bag off the zombie's head, and the zombie is revealed to be Bethany. "Nathan, Bethany's missing alongside Lia." Emma says to Nathan via walkie talkie. Nathan begins to cry just as he sits down. "Like you've told me before, you want to be left as a zombie. That's what I'll do, but I'll find the fuckers who killed you, Cory, Duncan, and the others, and I'll make sure that they die in so much pain." Nathan says Bethany before leaving the base.

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