TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 151
Season 26, Episode 1
Release Date April 13, 2017
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Liam Hemsworth as Armando Kingston
Jordan Salloum as Harrison Goodman
Richard Southgate as Tyler Secrest
Kate Bracken as Taya Secrest
Merveille Lukeba as Freddy Summerville
Adam Bellamy as Tyrone Goodman
Jeremy Irvine as Ingalls Sullivan
Munro Chambers as Porter Chandler
Jack O'Connell as Gareth Graves
Alex Pettyfer as Maurice Joplin
Escalante Lundy as Lawrence Hills
Mark Quigley as Hamilton Locke
Richard Buick as Nathaniel Basset
Tom Ellis as Marco Cutler
Michael Copon as Troyer Crane III
Andrew Keegan as Junior Kruger
Julia Stiles as Carley Nelson
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Tom Mulheron as Merle Goodman
Kayden Magnuson as Greta Kingston
Ed Quinn as Drew
Shane Black as Tobias
Carl Weathers as Franklin
Andrew Bowen as Trevor
Parry Shen as Kal
Titus Welliver as Toby
Byron Minns as Roger
Elizabeth Perkins as Ava
Eli Roth as Ted
Til Schweiger as Jefferson

New Tales To Tell is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Two months after the fall of The New Formation Cult, The US Government turns into an antagonizing organization with the held of a ruthless militia group that is working for them just as The Brotherhood Of Steel gains some new members that might prove the rising war to possible to overcome.


Nathan begins to walk out of the city of Muskegon just before lifting his hood off from his head just before a man arrives, and aims his pistol at him. "Surrender, fucker." Toby says to Nathan. "Just kill the asshole, Toby. He ain't nothing to life." Roger says to Toby. "You're wrong, mother fucker." Nathan says to Roger. "Who are you then?" Ava asks Nathan. "The hero of the solar system, Nathan DeVries." Nathan answers to Ava just before he pulls out his lightsaber, and impales Ava with it. "Toby, get the others out of here. I'll hold him...." Roger says to Toby just before Nathan slices him in half, and begins to kill the other members of Toby's Gang before pointing the end of the lightsaber towards Toby's face. "I won't kill you, since I'll have you give the US Government a message that I will take them on for causing my entire family to go missing." Nathan says to Toby just before walking away. Toby appears to have part of his face burnt from the contact with the lightsaber. A truck begins to drive towards the scene. "Who killed your gang?" Junior asks Toby. "Nathan DeVries." Toby answers to Junior.

A woman named Carley begins to walk through the forest in the state of Illinois just before two others begins to arrive. "Carley, how far is....." Ted asks Carley just before he and Helen are gunned down by several US Government soldiers. "Halt, bitch." Jefferson says to Carley just before she punches him in the face, and guns down his squad members. Just as Carley disappears, a man arrives, and begins to help Jefferson off from the ground. "Who are you?" Jefferson asks Troyer III. "I'm Troyer III. The leader of The Grand Army. We're hunting survivors for the president just like you are also." Troyer III answers to Jefferson. "Maybe we should help him track down the woman that killed his men." Lawrence says to Troyer III. "That's our plan." Troyer III says to Lawrence.

Armando begins to drive a truck away from the house that he and the other members of The Wolverines were camping after their old community was attacked. "Dad, when will we avenge our fallen members?" Greta asks Armando. "Hopefully soon." Armando answers to Greta just before getting stopped at a checkpoint. "Exit from your truck, survivors. We need to make sure that you aren't either The Institute, The US Government, or The Grand Army." Tyrone says to the others. "Listen to the man, guys." Tyler says to the others. "Can we trust them?" Taya asks the others. "Maybe." Freddy answers to Taya. "After what happened to us, we can't trust anymore people." Ingalls says to the others. "We can trust The Brotherhood Of Steel. They're our friends. They saved me from our old enemies." Porter says to Ingalls. "Let's move out of the truck cautiously." Gareth says to the others just before they exit from the truck with their hands up. "Halt." Marco says to the others. "I see someone driving recklessly down the road." Tyrone says to Harrison. "Scouts, check out the car down the road." Harrison says to the others. "Got it, sir." Drew says to Harrison. "Let's move it out." Tobias says to the others.

The scouts begins to approach the truck just before discovering that the driver is a zombie with a gunshot to the chest. "Shit! Snipers!!!" Franklin yells for the others just before coming across Nathan, who appears to be with an injured Carley. "This woman needs some help." Nathan says to the scouts. "We'll help her." Trevor says to Nathan. "Harrison! Send a doctor outside. We got a wounded!!!" Kal yells for Harrison. Harrison looks at Hamilton and Nathaniel. "Both of you go out to the scouts." Harrison says to the two. "Got it, boss." Hamilton says to Harrison.

Junior begins to arrive at The Grand Army's main base just before meeting up with Jefferson in their infirmary. "Are you alright?" Junior asks Jefferson. "Yes." Jefferson answers to Junior. "We found him out there." Troyer III says to Junior just as he and Lawrence arrives. "So it's true that you're actually helping our efforts in cleansing the ruthless survivors." Junior says to Troyer III. "The president told me to have you and your group go after a man named Nathan DeVries. Surprisingly, he's still alive." Junior says to the two. "I heard of him. He's the one that caused both my father and grandfather to die. I'd be obliged to end that fucker's life." Troyer III says to Junior.

Nathaniel and Hamilton begins to check up on Carley. "Who shot her?" Nathaniel asks Nathan. "A US Government soldier." Nathan answers to Nathaniel. Hamilton pulls Nathan aside just as Nathaniel begins to carry Carley up towards the others. "What is your name?" Hamilton asks Nathan. "Nathan DeVries, the hero of the solar system." Nathan answers to Hamilton. Hamilton begins to laugh at Nathan. "So this whole entire apocalypse, you've lived through it all?" Hamilton asks Nathan. "Not exactly, since I've died twice, and we revived after both times." Nathan answers to Hamilton. "So it's true that you went into hiding after the US Government turned on it's people, and now, you're reappearing to help us." Hamilton says to Nathan.

Armando begins to sit in a house alongside his other group members just before Nathan and Carley enters the house. "You nearly got us killed with your act." Maurice says to Nathan. "I never killed the survivor in the car. Someone else must've done that." Nathan says to Maurice. "Just tell me who the hell you are." Armando says to Nathan. "My name is Nathan DeVries. I'm sure that everyone here has known of me. The man that saved the Earth more than once and is going to do it again." Nathan says to Armando. "No fucking way!!!" Greta yells for Nathan just before laughing. "Greta, calm down." Armando says to Greta. "'re the real deal, right?" Freddy asks Nathan. "Yes." Nathan answers to Freddy just before tossing a book with the list of killed victims of his. "I heard that you were friends with Daniel Cooper. Where is he at?" Taya asks Nathan. "He was murdered by The US Government once we all returned to Marquette. Me and a man named Linus managed to escape. He was my sworn brother. I should've died alongside him, but now, I have momentum and I'll survive the entire apocalypse in his honor." Nathan answers to Taya.

Nathan has a flashback as Daniel is murdered by Christian. "You're next." Christian says to Nathan just before Linus hits him in the face with a baseball bat.

Christian appears to be walking towards his desk just as Junior arrives. "I'm taking over." Junior says to Christian before shooting him in the head.

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