TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 152
Season 26, Episode 2
Release Date April 14, 2017
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Liam Hemsworth as Armando Kingston
Jordan Salloum as Harrison Goodman
Richard Southgate as Tyler Secrest*
Kate Bracken as Taya Secrest*
Merveille Lukeba as Freddy Summerville
Adam Bellamy as Tyrone Goodman
Jeremy Irvine as Ingalls Sullivan
Munro Chambers as Porter Chandler
Jack O'Connell as Gareth Graves
Alex Pettyfer as Maurice Joplin
Robbie Amell as Linus Davis
Escalante Lundy as Lawrence Hills
Mark Quigley as Hamilton Locke
Richard Buick as Nathaniel Basset
Tom Ellis as Marco Cutler
Michael Copon as Troyer Crane III
Andrew Keegan as Junior Kruger
Julia Stiles as Carley Nelson
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Tom Mulheron as Merle Goodman
Kayden Magnuson as Greta Kingston
Ed Quinn as Drew*
Shane Black as Tobias*
Carl Weathers as Franklin*
Andrew Bowen as Trevor*
Parry Shen as Kal*
Til Schweiger as Jefferson
Jeff Chase as Elliot

Armando's Trust With His Blood is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Nathan and Harrison begins to make plans to attack The Grand Army before attacking the US Government; Armando must make a choice of whether to have Greta go onto an evacuation trip to the Dellowingsen State with several others; Several members of The Brotherhood Of Steel deals with a defector that's guaranteed to be killed; Junior begins to take on the role of being the 50th president of the US just as Troyer III and Lawrence gets ambushed by a revolting community under their authority.


Harrison begins to walk out towards several ships just as Merle appears to be standing outside of them. "Why are a lot of minors leaving Earth to move to Dellowingsen?" Merle asks Harrison. "It's to make sure that the children here can make it through the apocalypse in peace." Harrison answers to Merle. "I want my daughter to also go on the ships to Dellowingsen." Armando says to Harrison. "I don't want to go, dad." Greta says to Armando. "Greta, it's to make sure that you'll be safe during this harsh war that we're in." Armando says to Greta. "Alright. You won." Greta says to Armando just before she and Merle enters a ship. "It was hard for me to allow my son, Merle, to go, but I know that it's the right thing to do. I'll need to meet up with Nathan to discuss plans." Harrison says to Armando before walking away.

Nathaniel begins to put on his armor just as Marco arrives alongside Tyrone. "Ready to move out?" Marco asks Nathaniel. "Yes, Marco. Something tells me that this supply meetup is going to cause one of our own to turn on us, and then I die at it." Nathaniel answers to Marco. "I highly doubt it." Marco says to Nathaniel.

Hamilton begins to help Carley off from her bed. "Don't get yourself hurt out there." Hamilton says to Carley. "I'll be fine this time." Carley says to Hamilton just before she proceeds to get an armored suit on.

Freddy sits in the back of a truck alongside Ingalls, Porter, Gareth, and Maurice. "You guys nervous?" Freddy asks the others. "A little bit. This is the first time that we join another group. We're The Wolverines always, but we're also The Brotherhood Of Steel." Ingalls answers to Freddy. "Hopefully, this will be a smooth meetup so nobody on either side dies." Porter says to the others just before Carley, Marco, and another soldier arrives in the back of the military. "Elliot, be sure to have your rifle loaded just in case if we get ambushed there or on the way there." Marco says to Elliot. "Alright, sir." Elliot says to Marco.

Junior begins to put on a uniform just before being led to a camera. "The american people. This is your next president, Junior Kruger. I'm here to report to all of you that President Christian Wellington was murdered by the former hero named Nathan DeVries." Junior says to the civilians via broadcast.

Nathan begins to sit in Harrison's office just as Harrison and Tyrone arrives. "I'm glad that we've managed to meet here." Harrison says to Nathan. "The bastard that is running the US Government is framing me for the death of the 49th president." Nathan says to Harrison. "We know, and the people know the truth. Junior Kruger was the one who killed Christian to take over. Junior was once a member of The Brotherhood Of Steel, but a supply meetup made him switch sides, and I was nearly killed in the gunfight. That's why me or Harrison never goes on them. However, since a lot of the previous times went very well, we decided to allow Nathaniel to go." Tyrone says to Nathan.

Jefferson appears to be standing at a meetup alongside several others at a meetup just before Nathaniel's truck arrives. "You were late this time." Jefferson says to the survivors. "We had to take a different route, since......" Marco says to Jefferson. "I don't give a rat's ass on what excuse you make at all." Jefferson says to Marco. "Don't start shit with us, Jefferson. Maybe we'll kill your squad for supplies." Nathaniel says to Jefferson. "Sorry to remind you this, but I don't take kindly to threats, even from the second-in-command of a rival group." Jefferson says to Nathaniel just before signaling a sniper to proceed to sniping Nathaniel in the head. "Hey!!!" Gareth yells at Jefferson just before Elliot shoots the sniper down from his post just before both sides begins to aim at each other. Carley begins to march forward. "You're the bitch that gunned down my previous squad. Who saved you this time?" Jefferson asks Carley. "Nathan DeVries." Carley says to Jefferson. Jefferson begins to laugh just before Maurice turns his gun on the others. "Maurice! What the fuck, mate! Are you betraying us?" Gareth asks Maurice. "I'm bringing The Wolverines to the next level." Maurice answers to Gareth just before getting shot in the head by Marco. "You better leave your truck. Bring someone that wants to die with you all or I'll kill one of you right now." Jefferson says to the others. "Fine. We'll get you someone." Marco says to Jefferson just before Gareth tackles him down, and proceeds to choke him to death. "Gareth! Stop!!!" Freddy yells for Gareth. "Don't make a move towards them. Let them settle their differences." Jefferson says to Freddy. Gareth pulls out his dagger, and stabs Marco in the head. "There. That's the victim because of this time. He had this whole plan set in motion. I saw his plans. He wanted to start the battling war. We'll act as according to the agreements the next time we arrive." Gareth says to Jefferson. "Good." Jefferson says to Gareth just before he and his squad leaves the area.

Troyer III and Lawrence begins to drive their trucks down a road just before several survivors exits from the forest, and aims at them just before the leader arrives, and tells the members of The Grand Army to exit from their vehicles. "I want both of you to understand why it's not a smart move to fuck with my friends in The Brotherhood Of Steel." Linus says to the two.

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