TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 16
Season 3, Episode 4
Release Date September 10, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Parker Posey as Nicole Webber
Faran Tahir as Franklin Knight
Tom Cruise as Stewie MacRoy
Dwayne Johnson as Finch McCoy
David Cubitt as Roger Andrewstone
Peter Stormare as Heath Ludington
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Oded Fehr as Axel Terrence
Winona Ryder as Hannah Ludington
Jennifer Lawrence as Sally
Sean Flynn as Ash Wilkins
Daniel Cudmore as Phoenix Taggart
Alec Rayme as Greg Castro
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart
Jade Ramsey as Stephanie Hart
Kate Beckinsale as Lia Castro
Rich Ting as Leon Rovia
Ivana Milicevic as Julia Hornsby
Christian Bale as Jason Walterson
Xavier Rivers as Burns Andrews
Tom Felton as Kyle
Chris Cooper as Harold Johnson
Matt Cohen as Danny Johnson
Dmitry Chaplin as Chris Vega
Fleur Saville as Chloe Rhodes
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville
Chelsea Bruland as Elizabeth
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman
Ben Winchell as Oliver Kent
Jane Levy as Angela Ellis
Tommy Bastow as Ben Ellis
Burn Gorman as Louis Lyons*
Keith Stanfield as Lucas Scott*
Radha Mitchell as Brooke Adams*
Aaron Eckhart as Jason West*
Christopher Douglas as Spencer Ludington
Jack Falahee as Victor MacRoy
Josh Peck as Pascal Hunter
Michaela Conlin as Harper
Chris Sullivan as Eddie
Nicolas Cage as Dominic Dugall

Max Ryan as Mickey Schultz
Boyd Holbrook as Geno Chance
Josh Brener as Eddie
Charlie Heaton as Anthony
Antonia Kidman as Beth
Hayley Carr as Barbara
Shailene Woodley as Watson
Weston Cage as Sean Wanston
Chris Messina as Hughes
Lake Bell as Clara
Eric Bana as Nathaniel Hughes
Ali Suliman as Andrew Ford
Denise Moreno as Annie Powers
Nicholas Hoult as Washington Hartman
Noah Wyle as Dane
Titus Welliver as Mike
Edgar Ramírez as Elijah
Bruce Greenwood as Hank
Timothy Simons as Grant
Jon Hensley as John
Byron Lawson as Aiden
Danielle Savre as Tara
Gunner Wright as Troy

Franklin's Secret is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Franklin, Emma, Elizabeth, and Nathan Jr deals with a new enemy; Finch begins to plan an expedition to the Detroit Central Colony alongside Beth and Barbara; Nathan meets Nicole, but the meeting turns for an unusual ending; Angela and Ben comes across a new community located in North Dakota after finding a signal located there, but the survivors turns out to be weaker than they wanted; Several survivors arrives at a strip club, but chaos occurs in it.


Franklin drives a truck down a road as Nathan Jr sits next to him. "Where are we going?" Nathan Jr asks Franklin. "We're heading to the place of my brother. He has some weapons that'll ensure of our livability. I've shown your father the photos of the weapons and the location." Franklin answers to Nathan just as Emma and Elizabeth holds each others' hands. "Please stick close to me if we get....." Emma says to Elizabeth just before getting sniped in the head. "Emma!!!" Elizabeth yells for Emma just before a rocket hits the van, and causes Franklin to crash it. "Everyone, surround the van, and kill anyone who is a threat!!!" Stewie yells for the others just as Franklin, Nathan Jr, and Elizabeth exits from the van. "Get in cover!!!" Franklin yells for the two before getting shot in the neck by Stewie just as Nathan Jr hides and Elizabeth gets gunned down. Stewie walks towards Franklin. "You.....must......spare me...." Franklin says to Stewie before Stewie executes him. "Get off me!!!" Nathan Jr yells at Jack as he aims at Nathan Jr's head. "Jack, spare him. Stewie will interrogate him peacefully. I hate death. We should've let them pass without problems." Victor says to Jack. "Anna, Courtney, Greg, Taya, Fred, and Tara; Put him in the armored truck. He's coming with us. He's obviously a part of a large community. We need to know." Stewie says to the others. Victor looks at Stewie in disgust. "What the hell is wrong with you? He's just a young survivor!!!" Victor yells at Stewie. "We're doing this for our community. We kill just to give ourselves honor. If you want to disown our goals, then leave, brother." Stewie says to Victor. "Fuck you." Victor says to Stewie before walking away. Stewie looks at Victor in anger. "He better regret ever choosing life outside the walls." Stewie says to himself.

A man reloads his sniper rifle as he aims at a masked man. "Danny, get ready to move up." Harold says to Danny. "How about Pascal?" Danny asks Harold just as Pascal arrives. "I'll take down the man." Pascal says to Harold. "Be careful." Harold says to Pascal. Pascal advances towards the masked man, and realizes that it's a frozen corpse. "This member of the MacRoy Safe-Lands is frozen and dead." Pascal says to the two.

Nathan walks toward Nicole as Dwight sits in the cafeteria. "This is the woman that will be working for you now. If you don't know me, I'm Dwight Horseman." Dwight says to Nathan.

Leon and Daniel walks towards a cabin just before a zombie grabs Leon, and pulls him inside. Daniel shoots the zombie in the head just as a throwing axe nearly hits him, but goes into Leon's head. "Leon! Oh fuck!!!" Daniel yells for Leon just as several bandits walks towards him. Daniel shoots the bandits in their legs. "Bleed out, you fucking bastards!!!" Daniel yells at the bandits just before zombies begins to arrive. Daniel flees just as the bandits begins to get devoured. An Indian overlooks the chaos at the cabin. "The bandits would dare to attack the innocent, and for them to steal my throwing axes. I wish them to remain as zombies." Sean says to himself as two more members of his village arrives. "Why are you here?" Hughes asks Sean. "To look for my stolen throwing axes." Sean answers to Hughes. "Were they the same people who attacked us last month?" Clara asks Sean. "Yes." Sean answers to Clara.

Nicole walks into Nathan's house just as Nathan begins to place the madeshift grave markers of Cory and Bethany onto a different table. "Who died?" Nicole asks Nathan. "My middle child and my former girlfriend." Nathan answers to Nicole. "What happened to them?" Nicole asks Nathan. "They were killed to become food for a cannibal group called The Hunters. I'll avenge them, and I will hunt down The Hunters once I get a lead on the mission."

Daniel walks on the road just as he comes across Victor, who cries as he drags the bodies of Franklin, Emma, and Elizabeth to a madeshift grave site. "Hands up! You know these survivors?" Daniel asks Victor. "My brother's army killed them, and captured a young man named Nathan Jr." Victor answers to Daniel just as he notices that Daniel was shot in the chest. "You've been shot. Bring me to your base, and I'll take care of the wound." Victor says to Daniel. "I need to send Nathan, who is Nathan Jr's father and the leader of multiple communities, a message." Daniel says to Victor. Victor begins to worry about Stewie.

Stewie begins to sit in his office as he looks through Nathan Jr's supplies, and discovers the maps of the communities led by Nathan. "I need to warn the others that we've just fucked with the wrong crew." Stewie says to himself.

Angela and Ben walks towards the Andrewstone Community. "Hands up!!!" Greg yells at the two just as Hannah and Spencer walks towards them. "This isn't personal." Hannah says to the two. "I get it. We are a part of a group of communities led by a powerful man named Nathan DeVries." Angela says to Hannah. "Group of communities? Where at?" Spencer asks Angela. "Upper Michigan." Ben answers to Spencer. "Nice to hear of good news. I'm Roger Andrewstone, and I lead this place. Follow me to my mansion." Roger says to the two.

Nathan and Nicole sits in the kitchen just as Daniel begins to speak through the walkie talkie. "Nathan! I got some bad news. Me and Leon were ambushed, and he was killed. As I began to travel, a man reports to me about the deaths of Emma, Elizabeth, and Franklin, and that Nathan Jr was capture by a new enemy called the MacRoy Safe-Lands. It's located in Fremont, near your hometown of Muskegon." Daniel says to Nathan via walkie talkie. "Stay here. I need to send in our group to search for Nathan Jr, and for us to prepare to hunt down The Hunters also." Nathan says to Nicole. "I want to help you alert the others." Nicole says to Nathan just as she grabs his hand. Nathan closes his eyes, and begins to cry silently. "Alert the others for me." Nathan says to Nicole. Just as Nicole leaves the house, Nathan grabs the cup of water, and throws it at his bedroom door, and begins to scream in sadness, and begins to cry out loud.

Nicole and Dwight looks at Nathan's house. "I need to report bad news to everyone." Nicole says to Dwight.

Daniel and Victor arrives at the South Range Colony just as several survivors appears outside of the burning colony. "A new threat has attacked us. They're from the newly discovered community called the MacRoy Safe-Lands." Nathaniel says to Daniel. "Leon was killed in a bandit attack." Daniel says to the others. "Bad news after another. We should just go with you to your base, and stick with your leader." Andrew says to Daniel. "Linus and Ellen, get the trucks ready." Annie says to the two. "We'll need to make sure that we stick together." Washington says to the others. "Doug, you better make sure that you keep your medical supplies together." Dane says to Doug. Doug nods at Dane. "Let's get going." Victor says to the others. Daniel pulls Victor away from the others. "I'll have no one know that you were once a part of the MacRoy Safe-Lands just as long as you stay a part of the group." Daniel says to Victor.

Jason sits outside of a warehouse alongside Geno. "I wish that we could just find more survivors for us to get know, and to be allies with. We literally claim the Upper Michigan." Geno says to Jason. "Too bad. We deal with what we have." Jason says to Geno. Several others arrives. A new threat has attacked us." Mike says to Jason. "Mike, Geno, Elijah, and Hank; Defend this place with me. Harper and Eddie; Go to the Davidson Colony, and alert Nathan of the ambush." Jason says to the others before getting shot in the head by a member of the MacRoy Safe-Lands Army. "Jason!!!" Elijah yells for Jason. "Fuck you!!!" Hank yells at the soldiers. Harper and Eddie runs away just as the gunshots stops. Harper looks back in shock. "We need to keep running." Eddie says to Harper. "We need to check if they're still alive." Harper says to Eddie. "You heard what Jason said! Let's go!!!" Eddie yells at Harper. Harper cries just as she follows Eddie.

Julia, Oliver, Burns, Phoenix, Axel, Sally, Stephanie, Dana, Ash, Kyle, and many others arrives at a strip club. "I heard that there's survivors living here. We need to do this quickly, and set up an alliance with them." Burns says to the others. "Julia, take guard outside. Oliver, Sally, Stephanie, Dana, Phoenix, Axel, Ash, Kyle, Eddie, Anthony, Watson, Grant, Shumpert, Carter, Chris, Kate, Tyler, Karen, Mallory, Bobby, Fabian, Patrick, Samuel; Move in with me." Burns says to the others. Julia looks at Burns in anger. "Leave someone out here with me." Julia says to Burns. "Watson and Oliver, stay outside with Julia." Burns says to the two. Oliver and Watson walks towards Julia just as Burns and the others enters the bar.

Burns and the others walks towards into the strip club, and sees that there's no chairs or tables. "Stay alert! We might not be alone." Burns says to the others. Kyle hugs Stephanie just as Dana holds Ash's hands. "I hope that we find nobody here so we can go back home." Dana says to Ash. The survivors walks onto the stage just as Grant walks towards a note on a door. "What the hell?" Grant asks himself before getting shot in the head by a masked man through the door just as two machine gun turrets guns down Burns and the others.

Oliver, Julia, and Watson runs into cover. "Fuck! They're dead! I know it!!!" Oliver yells at himself. "Watson, keep Oliver under control." Julia says to Watson. "We'll go back to send in reinforcements." Watson says to Julia. Julia enters the strip club, and sees the others laying dead on the stage just as four survivors exits from their rooms as they had assault rifles. "Hands up!!!" The four yells at Julia.

Cornelius begins to reload his rifle just as Oliver and Watson arrives. Julia is still at the strip club as Burns and the rest are killed in a surprise attack." Oliver says to Cornelius. "I'll have the army alerted of that." Cornelius says to Oliver just as he runs to the armory.

Finch sits in an abandoned house alongside Beth and Barbara. "We're going to head to your community soon." Finch says to the two. "Good." Barbara says to Finch.

Roger walks towards Heath and Lia. "My oldest two wants to accept the two new survivors into our community." Heath says to Roger. "Greg wants to include the woman into a three-person relationship, which I also accept that." Lia says to Roger. "They're just visitors. They can stay as long as we get information from them." Roger says to the two just as Heath and Roger walks away.

Lia sits in her house alongside Greg. "We should kill Ben, and take Angela as a sexual prisoner. You like that idea?" Greg asks Lia. "Sure, but we'll need to leave this place in a few weeks." Lia answers to Greg.

Two months later. Nathan walks down the road as he has his supplies in his large backpack just as Nicole runs towards him. "I want to come with you." Nicole says to Nathan. "I just need some time away from the communities. This might be for a few days or a few weeks or a few months or permanently." Nathan says to Nicole. Nicole holds Nathan's hands. "We all need you. Come back. If not, I'll stick with you so you keep your sanity." Nicole says to Nathan. "Two months has gone by, and my son hasn't return. I've lost hope on him. My wife died, my middle child and youngest son died, my former girlfriend died, my baby daughter is missing like Nathan Jr. I want to be with you. You've supported me more that I ever have had for a long time." Nathan says to Nicole.

Daniel sits in the armory alongside Julia, Oliver, Cornelius, and Dwight. I'm glad to know that we managed to capture the four strip club community members without anymore deaths. Nathan decided to take a break from here, so we'll need to put in a lot of work." Daniel says to the others.

The graves of Burns and the others is seen by Victor just as Daniel walks towards him. "I'm glad that my brother had no part in the deaths of Burns and the others with him." Victor says to Daniel. "The others found out that you're Stewie's brother, but they want you as a part of the communities. You're an asset for us, and we need you for a plan of mine." Daniel says to Victor.

Finch and the two others arrives at the Detroit Central Colony. "Let us in! We have lots of information!!!" Beth yells for the others just before the gates opens, and Dominic and Chloe stands next to Chris. "You're both alive!!!" Chris says to the two just as Finch stands outside as Barbara and Beth returns inside the Detroit Central Colony. "I'm Finch McCoy, a member of a group of communities led by a man named Nathan DeVries." Finch says to the three. "Group of communities? Nice." Dominic says to Finch. "I've heard on the radio that he's missing his son named Nathan Jr, and that he was captured by a hostile group called the MacRoy Safe-Lands, who is our enemy." Chloe says to Finch. "Come inside, Finch. We have a room set up for you." Chris says to Finch just as the four enters the colony.

Nathan and Nicole kisses each other outside as it begins to snow outside just before they enter the snowy forest. Nathan and Nicole walks towards a cabin with a working generator with metal covering the wires. Nathan opens the door, and sees Harold, Danny, and Pascal sitting in the cabin. Nathan aims at the three. "Hey! We heard about what happened to your son, and we have the same enemy. My wife, who is Danny's mother, was raped and murdered by Stewie MacRoy. I vow to take him down just like you. I can help you with that." Harold says to Nathan.

Nathan Jr sits in his cell as he has a broken nose and a black eye. A guard opens the cell door. "Exit from the cell, and follow me. If you try anything against me, I'll bring you to your father as a corpse." Stewie says to Nathan Jr.

Mickey listens to the radio in his house. "Time for me to meet up with one of Nathan's guard to discuss a plan to rescue Nathan Jr." Mickey says to himself.

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