TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 23
Season 4, Episode 5
Release Date September 23, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Paulo Costanzo as Chase DeVries
Ian Anthony Dale as Lorenzo Walker
Vincent D'Onofrio as Julian Bodin
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville
Matt Cohen as Danny Johnson
Winona Ryder as Hannah Ludington
Christopher Douglas as Spencer Ludington
Nicolas Cage as Dominic Dugall
Fleur Saville as Chloe Rhodes
Dmitry Chaplin as Chris Vega
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman
Parker Posey as Nicole Webber
Dwayne Johnson as Finch McCoy
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Johnny Galecki as Shepard Reedus
Ciera Payton as Sam Zimmerman
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Radha Mitchell as Brooke Adams
Aaron Eckhart as Jason West
Danielle Savre as Tara
Karl E. Landler as Quinn Ackerman
Téa Leoni as Bethany Dallas
Matt Mullins as Fred Pence
Cameron Diaz as Lydia Jett
Firass Dirani as Antonio
Matthew Gray Gubler as Eric Harrell

Hayley Carr as Barbara
Antonia Kidman as Beth
Cole Hauser as Jeremy Freeman
Robert Pattinson as Jesse Sheen
Chloe Peterson as Billie Baldwin
Suzanne Kelly as Kelly Rivera
Claudius Peters as Barrett
Kevin Zegers as Zachary
Lindy Booth as Brandi
Inna Korobkina as Eliza
Shemar Moore as Sean Dodge
Jessica Szohr as Dana Williams
Dina Meyer as Lia Mathers

Trouble Back At Base is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Julian launches an attack on both the Andrewstone Community, the Underground Bunker Colony, and the Detroit Central Colony just as Chloe begins to deal with a wild bear as it pursues her.


Quinn and his group begins to set up several madeshift mini helicopters with cameras on them. "What will happen if we get spotted?" Quinn asks the others. "Then we attack all of the base under Nathan and his allies' control." Lydia answers to Quinn. "Incoming ahead!!!" Fred yells for the others just as Beth and Barbara spots them. "Attack!!!" Quinn yells at the others just as Beth gets shot in the head just as Barbara begins to retreat. Julian arrives. "Quinn, come with me towards the Detroit Central Colony while the rest goes after the Andrewstone Community and the Underground Bunker Colony." Julian says to the others.

Nathan reloads his rifle just as Barbara begins towards the main gate. "Barbara, where's Beth?" Dominic asks Barbara. "Julian and the other slavers killed her. They're planning on attacking here, the Andrewstone Community, and the Underground Bunker Colony." Barbara answers to Dominic before getting shot in the head by Julian. Dominic looks as the alarm system is outside of the base. "I'm going to alert the others. Ready all of our men for battle. We need to stay standing." Dominic says to Nathan. "Got it." Nathan says to Dominic just as Dominic runs to the alarm system just before he's shoot multiple times by the slavers. "This....better work." Dominic says to himself just as he pulls the lever just as he gets executed by Julian.

Chloe begins to run away from the bear just before she hits her head on a large tree branch.

The alarm begins to go after at the Underground Bunker Colony as Bethany and the others begins to shoot at the slavers. "Push the enemies back further!!!" Eric yells for the others. "Shit....I'm getting surrounded by zombies." Sean says to the others just a disguised slaver stabs Sean in his neck just before Sean begins to get devoured by zombies. "Lorenzo sent us to assist!!!" Dana yells for the others. "I'm out of ammo." Lia says to the others just as she gets impaled with a machete by another disguised slaver. Nathan shoots the two disguised slavers, and begins to bring the wounded Lia into the bunker just as the others begins to rush after the slavers. "Let me die friends....." Lia says to Nathan before passing away from the blood loss. Nathan pulls out his knife, and puts Lia down. "Julian will die for the suffering done towards my people." Nathan says to himself.

Lorenzo begins to get shot at by Fred, Lydia, and Jesse. "You better surrender, Lorenzo." Fred says to Lorenzo. "I'm not like the others leaders that led this place, Fred. We fight.....until we die!!!" Lorenzo yells at Fred just as Bethany and several others begins to gun down most of the survivors. "Shit....we need to fall back!!!" Jesse yells for the others just as Fred and Lydia follows Jesse as they begin to retreat. "Bethany, have most of our soldiers stay back at our bases. We shall chase after the fleeing enemies." Lorenzo says to Bethany.

Chris looks as the main gates begins to get caught on fire by molotovs. "Sir.....we're going to get killed if we stay here." Barrett says to Chris just as several others gets gunned down. "Shit....not Jessie, Tanya, Rosalie, Oliver, Anita, Tim, Tanner, Francis, Kate, and Ashford." Chris says to himself. "We need to push forward! We can't fall back!!!" Cornelius yells at the others. "You heard Cornelius! Let's move out!!!" Billie yells at the others. "I'll guard this place with some of the others." Barrett says to Chris. "We're all advancing." Chris says to Barrett.

Nathan Jr snipes several slavers in their heads alongside Shepard, Tara, Jason, and Brooke. "Nice shots, everyone." Kelly says to the others. "Burt, we need to get going." Kelly says to Burt just as they run to a truck, and drives away. "Why would they flee when we could use their help?" Tara asks the others. "Some people are adept to deal with this shit. Fleeing isn't a coward's way." Jason answers to Tara. "I doubt that." Shepard says to Jason. "Fleeing can lead them to have more time to make strategic traps." Brooke says to Shepard. "That means that......shit! We need to alert the others!!!" Nathan Jr yells at the others.

Chris begins to hear Nathan Jr's warning through his walkie talkie. "Nathan Jr, we'll all proceed with caution." Chris says to Nathan Jr via walkie talkie. "If I die, Nathan will want to do bloodshed to everyone, possibly including allies. We were best friends as we grew up as siblings." Chase says to Chris. "Sir, Barrett and several others were ambushed." Zachary says to Chris.

Barrett and the others begins to get aimed at by Julian and Quinn. "Just give up." Julian says to the others. "Fuck you, Julian." Eliza says to Julian. "Lay a hand on Eliza, and I'll kill you, bastard." Barrett says to Julian just as Julian grabs Barrett, and proceeds to gut him to death. Eliza begins to flee away alongside the others. "Quinn, catch them...." Julian says to Quinn just as Danny shoots at him. "Time to die, asshole!!!" Danny yells at Julian. "Everyone, fire at will!!!" Brandi yells for the others just before getting grabbed and bitten in her arm by a zombie just as several more zombies arrives, and Brandi begins to get devoured by the zombies.

Chloe looks as the bear begins to get into her bag of supplies. Chloe pulls out her knife and pistol, and shoots the bear in it's chest just as the bear jumps at her. Chloe and the bear begins to roll down a hill just as the bear begins to scratch and bite at Chloe just before Chloe stabs the bear in it's neck just before it proceeds to flee. Chloe looks as she has a deep scratch in her chest just as several zombies begins to arrive just before several gunshots are heard.

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