TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 26
Season 5, Episode 2
Release Date September 24, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Paulo Costanzo as Chase DeVries
Ian Anthony Dale as Lorenzo Walker
Vincent D'Onofrio as Julian Bodin
Matt Cohen as Danny Johnson
Fleur Saville as Chloe Rhodes
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman
Parker Posey as Nicole Webber
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Johnny Galecki as Shepard Reedus
Will Smith as Loki Wells
A.J. Cook as Kelly Jerome
Armie Hammer as The Director
BD Wong as Paul Wong
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Radha Mitchell as Brooke Adams
Aaron Eckhart as Jason West
Lance Broadway as Romeo Ross
Milla Jovovich as Juliet Winkler
Lara Pulver as Bonnie Earnhardt
Parker Sawyers as Clyde Earnhardt
Dylan McDermott as Jesse McKinnon
Téa Leoni as Bethany Dallas
Matthew Gray Gubler as Eric Harrell
>Inna Korobkina as Eliza
Michael Shannon as Dylan
Cosimo Fusco as Gustavo Wellington
Katarina Cas as Kristina Walsh
Jason Lewis as Tyler Reed

Noah Wyle as Dane
Hayley Carr as Barbara
Cole Hauser as Jeremy Freeman
Floriana Lima as Lulu Wong
Le Geng as Ken Wong
Jessica Szohr as Dana Williams
Chloe Peterson as Billie Baldwin
Christina Hendricks as Abigail Summers
Ryan Hansen as James Summers
Grey Damon as Darren
David Lim as Landon Wong
Karl Glusman as Richard
Robert Aramayo as Kenny
Laurent Lucas as Fredrick Robertson
Bouli Lanners as Carl Stevens
Laura Linney as Patricia Stevens
Imogen Waterhouse as Annie Stevens
Gustaf Skarsgård as Sean Davis

The Whore's Son is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


The NWO Colony gets four new members, but the new members begins to scare many of their own member; Nathan and the others begins to hunt down Julian and his group.


Gustavo looks as The Director begins to look at the folders on the table. "Why did you warn everyone of my plans?" The Director asks Gustavo. "I'm trying to have a better reputation." Gustavo answers to The Director. The Directer looks as the radio is live.

Nathan and the others back at the community listens to the radio in the community hall just as a gunshot is heard through the radio. "Gustavo, you failed me. This is the last radio broadcast. Operation Exterminate Humanity is set in motion now." The Director says to the others via radio just as the radio turns to static.

The Director leaves the radio station as Gustavo lays back on his chair with a bullet hole to the head.

Eliza begins to reload her rifle just as Nathan and the others begins to charge at Julian and the others. Eliza gets sniped in the head by a slaver. "Keith, nice shot!!!" Darren yells for Keith just before getting shot in the head by Loki. Lorenzo tosses a grenade as 6 slavers just as Billie is sniped in the head as she stands next to him. Lorenzo looks on in shock and sadness just as her blood sprays on his face. Lorenzo ducks down, and wipes the blood off his face just as a zombified member of The Militia of the Andrewstone Community faction begins to walk towards him just as Nathan puts down the zombified survivor. "Get up, and lets fight harder.

"Dylan, we're going to assist with Julian and his group. Be ready." The Director says to Dylan. "Got it, sir." Dylan says to The Director.

Nathan Jr looks from afar just as he spots Romeo, Juliet, Bonnie, and Clyde shooting at several members of the group. "Fuck...." Nathan Jr says to himself.

Paul looks at the radar as he appears on a large military airplane. "Everyone, get ready to plan our capture of the survivors of Nathan DeVries' Group." Paul says to the others.

Tyler walks through the forest just before getting aimed at by Nathan. "Who are you?" Nathan asks Tyler. "Tyler Reed. A former member of the Wong Empire. Spare me, and I'll tell you their next plan." Tyler answers to Nathan. "Why do you look so similar?" Nathan asks Tyler. "Because I'm your cousin that was kidnapped as a child." Tyler answers to Nathan. Nathan begins to remember just as Dylan arrives alongside others. "Stop there, Nathan." Richard says to Nathan. "You're under arrest for being against the NWO Colony." Kenny says to Nathan just before Tyler guns down Dylan and his squad. "I'd run if I were you, Nathan. The Wong Empire wants to capture everyone under the age of 16, and she took your daughter." Tyler says to Nathan.

Daniel overhears the chat on the walkie talkie between Nathan and Tyler, and begins to cry. "So the Wong Empire is where Nathan must go to. I'll help him once I find my brother." Daniel says to himself.

Nathan Jr runs through the forest just as he discovers a crate with several rockets and a rocket launcher just as Romeo, Juliet, Bonnie, and Clyde begins to walk towards him. "Blow up, you fucking bastard...." Nathan Jr says to himself just before shooting rocket just before getting shot in the back several times by Lulu with a rifle. "Got you, Nathan Jr." Lulu says to herself just as she drags him to a small ship. Lulu injects a mysterious liquid into Nathan Jr's neck. "Ready?" Landon asks Lulu. "Yes, cousin." Lulu answers to Landon. Lulu looks at the brain functions of Nathan Jr on a small monitor. "Shit.....he's going to be brain dead if I don't find the right medicine." Lulu says to herself just before finding another different liquid, and injects it into Nathan Jr's arm. Lulu looks as the brain function fixes up. "We'll have to wait until he recovers from the multiple wounds." Lulu says to herself.

Daniel runs through the an abandoned community in the outskirts of London.

The Director and Julian begins to meet up just as Nathan arrives, and aims at them. "Two main enemies at one place. Not really smart." Nathan says to the two. "How did you...." Julian says to Nathan just as Dwight shoots an arrow into his chest just before Nathan shoots Julian in the head. The Director begins to cry just as Nicole and Shepard grabs The Director, and places him in front of Nathan. "The Director.....the failed leader of the NWO Colony. Your plans failed. I'm not going to kill you, but I give the honors to someone who wants to avenge her dead friend that you murdered today." Nathan says to The Director just before Kristina arrives, and shoots him in the head. "Barbara, Dane, Kelly, Jesse, Abigail, James, Brittany, Regina, Bethany, Dana, and many others were killed in the attack." Eric says to the others just as Chase and Tyler walks towards the others.

A pastor walks to his office in his church just as three survivors waits for him. "We need to look for food, and we should move onto a different place." Carl says to Fredrick. "I know, but I want to stay here to continue to preach God's words." Fredrick says to Carl. "I want to stay, but my wife is very sick, and we need to all leave." Carl says to Fredrick. "There's a sickness her, so you should all leave. I'll stay here in your place, and preach until the infection overthrows me." Patricia says to the three. "Mom! We're not leaving you!!!" Annie yells at Patricia. "Please....go." Patricia says to the three. Fredrick gives Carl a pair of keys. "Get the van ready. I need to grab something of mine from my closet." Fredrick says to Carl.

Fredrick walks towards his closet, and grabs a bag full of guns and knifes just before walking down the hallway, and looks through the window of one of the study rooms as a zombified Patricia appears to be hitting at the indestructible glass. "Patricia wanted her body to roam the world as a corpse if she were to die. I'll grant her that wish."

Fredrick places the bag of guns into the back of the van, and enters the van. "Ready to leave?" Carl asks Fredrick. "Yes. Let's get going." Fredrick answers to Carl. As they drive away, the zombified Patricia exits from the abandoned church just before a large herd begins to arrive, which causes the zombified Patricia to follow them.

Jason and Brooke begins to check up on the corpses just as Jeremy looks at a picture him and wife just as he begins to cry. "I can't believe this. The woman that I was married to.....dying in front of my eyes." Jeremy says to Jason. "Regina wouldn't want you to give up just because she was killed." Jason says to Jeremy. "I'm going my own way." Jeremy says to Jason. "Please stay with the group." Brooke says to Jeremy. "I need to go on my own for now on." Jeremy says to Brooke. "Tell Nathan and the others that I wish them the best of luck, including you both." Jeremy says to the two just before walking away.

Lorenzo, Jason, Brooke, Loki, Chloe, and Danny meets up with Nathan and the others just as they realize that Nathan Jr isn't with them. "Was my son killed?" Nathan asks the others. "No, but I saw a small plane land, and take someone that looked like him." Danny answers to Nathan. "The Wong Empire completed their main mission. It was to capture Nathan Jr to assume world domination. Since they have him, we'll need to stick together, and travel to Moscow. There's a small plane there for us to infiltrate the Wong Empire. The mission will be hard, since there's a large threat there. The Wong Empire was planning to create a new form of virus in a science lab in Moscow." Tyler says to the others.

A masked man comes across an armored corpse of Watson, and looks as she has a broken walkie talkie. "Dammit.....I needed to contact Nathan to have him know that we want to have him." Harlan says to himself just as Helena walks towards him. "We should just go look for them." Helena says to Harlan. "I know." Harlan says to Helena.

Daniel comes across an abandoned warehouse. "I'll check this later." Daniel says to himself. Just as Daniel walks away, a man exits from the building. "A member of Nathan's Group has past by in London. This is Sean Davis. Reporting to duty, Paul." Sean says to Paul via walkie talkie.

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