TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 27
Season 5, Episode 3
Release Date September 25, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Paulo Costanzo as Chase DeVries
Ian Anthony Dale as Lorenzo Walker
Matt Cohen as Danny Johnson
Fleur Saville as Chloe Rhodes
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman
Parker Posey as Nicole Webber
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Johnny Galecki as Shepard Reedus
Will Smith as Loki Wells
BD Wong as Paul Wong
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Radha Mitchell as Brooke Adams
Aaron Eckhart as Jason West
Matthew Gray Gubler as Eric Harrell
Katarina Cas as Kristina Walsh
Jason Lewis as Tyler Reed

Dash Mihok as Trevor
Charlie Tahan as Chandler
Tate Donovan as Everett
Max Fowler as Tony

Spec Ops is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Nathan's Group begins to leave the destruction at DC behind; Paul checks on Nathan Jr; Daniel comes across a situation that proves that there's a new mission to be dealt with.


Nathan and the others begins to pack up their supplies. "Let's leave all of this city behind us for now on. A Spec Ops job turned wrong is what just happened." Nathan says to the others just as Nicole stands behind Nathan. "Can we travel to London soon to look for Daniel?" Nicole asks Nathan. "I just need to return to my hometown in Michigan to gather a few things first." Nathan answers to Nicole. "We better hurry then." Dwight says to Nathan. "Let's move it out, everyone." Loki says to the others.

Nathan Jr appears to be in a coma on a bed just as Paul walks towards him. "Get well, Nathan Jr. Once you wake up, you'll be put on trial for accesory of mass killings done towards members of the enemies of your father." Paul says to Nathan Jr.

Daniel walks through London, and looks as a wounded man appears to have a radio and messenger device just as another man stands on top of the destroyed shack turns off the turrets. "Take this. I've discovered it. I'm sorry for being a part of the NWO Colony. Since The Director is dead, I have nothing to worry about anymore." Trevor says to Daniel. Daniel picks up the radio and messenger, and begins to walk away as Trevor begins to take a small nap just as the other man turns the turrets back on.

Nathan and the others moves towards a small truck just as three members of the NWO Colony exits from the back of the truck. "Whoa! Whoa! We're not bad guys anymore. That was The Director's leadership, but we have a new leader. We overthrew him, and we also kicked out his loyalists." Chandler says to the survivors. "We were just passing by." Shepard says to Chandler. "Nice to see that you and Chase survived the battle." Chandler says to Shepard. Nathan and the others walks past Chandler and the two others.

A man sits in The Director's old office, and picks up a radio messenger. "This is Everett, the new leader of the NWO Colony. We will now proceed to clearing our names of the terrible mistakes done by The Director, who was killed by the heroes led by a man named Nathan DeVries. Hail Nathan DeVries!!!" Everett yells for the others via messenger.

Nathan and the others hears the radio. "You're a post-apocalyptic celebrity now, brother." Chase says to Nathan just before the survivors begins to smile at Nathan. "I only wanted to survive, not to become the hero of the world." Nathan says to the others.

Daniel finds a vehicle outside of a small house just as a young survivor begins to aim at Daniel. "Leave this area, looter. This is my car, and we were just moving into this place." Tony says to Daniel just as 3 others begins to aim at Daniel. "Join up with me. I could use some helpers." Daniel says to Tony. "Let's move it out. We're joining this man. He seems like a strong survivor." Tony says to the three. The three begins to walk away from the house. Just as Daniel begins to walk down the dirt path, Tony points the gun to his head. "Now, since you were gullible, give me all of your supplies in your bag." Tony says to Daniel just before Daniel kicks Tony in the stomach, and pulls out his rifle, and guns down Tony's fellow gang members. "If you kill me, you'll never know where your brother is. We're a part of the Wong Empire." Tony says to Daniel. "Tyler Reed told me the location, dipshit." Daniel says to Tony before executing him.

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