TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 28
Season 5, Episode 4
Release Date September 25, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Paulo Costanzo as Chase DeVries
Ian Anthony Dale as Lorenzo Walker
Matt Cohen as Danny Johnson
Fleur Saville as Chloe Rhodes
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman
Parker Posey as Nicole Webber
Ian Harding as Nathan DeVries Jr
Johnny Galecki as Shepard Reedus
Will Smith as Loki Wells
BD Wong as Paul Wong
Kevin Rahm as Christian Cooper
Ian Bohen as Hector Snipes
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Ben Winchell as Oliver Kent
Radha Mitchell as Brooke Adams
Aaron Eckhart as Jason West
Billy Miller as Cliff Ludington
Matthew Gray Gubler as Eric Harrell
Katarina Cas as Kristina Walsh
Jason Lewis as Tyler Reed
Eric Lively as Jake Wilkins
Megan Ward as Tamara Watson
Christopher Berry as Alexander Kent

Derek Cecil as Frank

Cyber Warfare is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Nathan's Group begins to travel on their own as the low morale causes problems for the survivors; Daniel begins to get in contact with a member of NASA, but connections begins to be interrupted by a hacker, which makes Daniel resort to his old duty of tracing the ID of the hacker, who ends up surprising Daniel even more; Nathan Jr recovers after being in a coma for 2 years after being shot in the chest several times.


Nathan and Nicole arrives in Muskegon as a crashed car appears to be blocking the road. "We'll go on foot, and we'll take everything that we need. I'm glad that we got married at the church outside of DC." Nathan says to Nicole just before kissing each other. "We can relax, and stay here. We'll eventually find Nathan Jr. It's been 2 years since the group broke apart." Nicole says to Nathan. "I know." Nathan says to Nicole.

Shepard aims outside of the window of the abandoned motel at a lone zombie just as Kristina sleeps on the bed. Shepard snipes the zombie in it's head. Kristina wakes up. "What was that?" Kristina asks Shepard. "A zombie that I killed. I haven't seen anything for 5 months now. Maybe we should scavenge one of the buildings in DC." Shepard says to Kristina. "We should begin to farm here. I'll stay here, and look for seeds while you return to DC, and scavenge." Kristina says to Shepard.

Dwight, Lorenzo, and Loki walks towards a sign on the side of a highway in the old state of Kansas. Dwight begins to spray paint over the sign, which now says, "No Hope." The three was towards a small abandoned farmhouse. "Hopefully, there's no survivors to scare us off." Loki says to the two. "If there is, we'll kill them." Lorenzo says to the two. Dwight begins to become upset just as he begins to have ideas of a bandit. "Since the group split up, we've all became more like bandits." Dwight says to the two just before placing his crossbow on the hood of a truck, and pulls out his dagger. Dwight, Lorenzo, and Loki enters the house, and looks as there's 6 corpses in the living room as "Midwest Cartel Is To Be Feared," is sprayed on the wall. Dwight turns around, and looks as the crossbow is missing off from the truck. "Shit! Someone took my crossbow!!!" Dwight yells for the others.

Chase, Eric, Tyler, Danny, and Chloe arrives at an abandoned church. Danny holds Chloe's hands. "We can have a proper place for us to finally get married." Danny says to Chloe. Chloe kisses Danny on his cheek just as Chase, Eric, and Tyler enters the church. Eric spots a nametag. "So the owner's name is Fredrick Robertson?" Eric asks himself. Chase enters a study room, and looks as a rag with blood appears on a table. "Someone was hurt here." Chase says to the two. Tyler enters another room, and looks as a wounded man appears to have been shot in the stomach. " me." Frank says to Tyler. "Who are you?" Tyler asks Frank. "Frank. A former member of a farming community called the Wilkins Family Community. Me and several others were running away from some bandits. Jerry was hurt, and Jake and I were the only others that survived. Janice and Amanda died during the escape. Jerry became psychotic, and shot me. He fled as Jake began to chase after him." Frank answers to Tyler just before he appears to be pale just as he dies. Tyler puts Frank down just as a man appears at the door. "I've gotten Jerry, and I had to execute him. I'm Jake Wilkins." Jake says to Tyler.

Brooke reloads her rifle just as she begins to guard a walled community. Jason walks towards Brooke. "Killed anyone yet?" Jason asks Brooke. "A looter from afar. They were attacking the trapping system. Oliver and Cliff wants to see you." Brooke says to Jason. "I'll talk to them later. I'm going to head to Oliver's father, Alexander." Jason says to Brooke just before kissing her.

Nathan and Nicole arrives at Nathan's mother's house just as he spots his mother's truck. "My mother might be here." Nathan says to Nicole just before spotting a note on the door. Nathan begins to read the note just before crying. "She......was taken by the government to a quarantine zone. My father was also taken there. Based on facts, I know that it would've been impossible for them to have escaped....well, maybe my father might've, since he's too stubborn to die." Nathan says to Nicole. Nicole hugs Nathan just as someone opens the door. Nathan looks worried at Nicole. "Go ahead, and say who I am." Tamara says to Nathan just as she aims a rifle at Nathan's head. "Tamara was my abusive ex-girlfriend from a relationship after I finished college and before I met my children's mother." Nathan says to Nicole. "Get in the house now!!!" Tamara yells at the two. Nathan and Nicole sits on a couch. "Where's your children?" Tamara asks Nathan. "Two were captured by a hostile group called the Wong Empire, and one was killed by a cannibal group." Nathan answers to Tamara. "Does Nicole has any children?" Tamara asks Nathan. "I don't exactly know." Nathan answers to Tamara. "I have a son and daughter. My daughter is 24 and my son is 18, that's if they're still alive. My ex-husband took them away from me." Nicole says to Tamara. Nathan looks at Nicole in shock.

Chase begins to host the wedding of Danny and Chloe just as Jake, Eric, and Tyler watches.

Daniel begins to look at a computer in a abandoned government building in London. Daniel turns on a switch just as the generator begins to work. Daniel looks as there's communications from the international space station in outer space. "This is good news." Daniel says to himself just before an error appears. "Son of a bitch....someone's trying to block the communications." Daniel says to himself. "I'll find the bastard's name, and chase them down." Daniel says to himself. Daniel begins to look in shock as he finds out that the hacker is not only nearby, but it's his brother that he's been looking for. "Christian?" Daniel asks himself.

Christian looks as he begins to get discovered. Christian turns on the camera of the computer being attacked by himself, and looks in shock as it's Daniel. "Dammit....he's going to fall for Paul's tricks." Christian says to himself just before running away.

Nathan Jr begins to wake up, and looks as Paul appears in front of him. "Where am I?" Nathan Jr asks Paul just as he begins to hallucinate that Alice, The General, Davidson, Delta, Julian, and Cory appears behind Paul. "You're in the Wong Empire's medical facility. You were in a coma for over 2 years. You're going to be registered as one of our prisoners for only a few days, then you'll be under housing arrest, and you'll be given someone that you haven't seen in a long time." Paul answers to Nathan Jr.

Kristina looks as Shepard returns in a truck with several carcasses of deer. "How did you get them?" Kristina asks Shepard. "I was a member of a doomsday group that I joined 6 years before the apocalypse began. I was a big nerd, especially with the comic books. One type of comic books that I won't ever miss are the zombie fiction ones." Shepard says to Kristina. "That's cool. I was a news reporter for ABC news for 12 years before the apocalypse began. I used to be a part of a slave trade done by Julian, but I was freed by Gustavo. I still miss him. He was like a father to me. That's why I hesitated about leaving him at the radio station. What I fear was the outcome that involved his death." Kristina says to Shepard before crying. Shepard hugs Kristina. "Things will get better. Let's get the deer carcasses to the walk-in freezer room." Shepard says to Kristina.

Jason walks into Alexander's house just as Oliver begins to reload his rifle just as Cliff cleans off the blood from his machete. "Jason! I still can't believe that I found you and Brooke 9 months ago. My father wants to chat with you." Oliver says to Jason. Jason nods at Oliver. Jason enters Alexander's basement, and looks as Alexander hands him a paper. Jason begins to read the paper. "What is this?" Jason asks Alexander. "That is the paper that I'm registering you as one of my right-hand men. You, Oliver, and Cliff are the only ones who's been helping out." Alexander answers to Jason.

Hector looks down at Dwight, Lorenzo, and Loki. Hector pulls out Dwight's crossbow, and aims at the three, and shoots the arrow through Dwight's eye socket into his head.

Lorenzo and Loki pulls out their rifles just as several more armed cartel members arrives, and aims the two. Hector glides down from the small hill, and aims the crossbow at the two. "I'm someone who should be feared. I'll give you both a test. One will survive by killing the other." Hector says to the two. Lorenzo and Loki looks at each other in shock.

Christian pulls out his walkie talkie. "I'll be back at the London Safe-Zone to return to leading. I need to find someone really quick." Christian says to someone via walkie talkie.

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