TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Release Date August 14, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Atlin Mitchell as Alice DeVries*
Peter Mensah as Robert Miller
Assaad Bouab as Jesse Churchill
Peter Vives as Troyer Mitchell*
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Matt Doran as Gareth Lovett*
Joel Silver as The General*
Lane Davies as Reed O'Conner
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver
Adrien Brody as Clancy Ashford
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Sadao Ueda as Ashton Clive
Barry Duffield as Wyatt
Roark Critchlow as Rodney
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Amelia
Joel Edgerton as Joel
Hayden Christensen as Wallace Newton
Katrina Law as Angela
Donald Glover as TJ Boyd
Jawed El Berni as Monte Duggar
Peng Lin as Greta Higgins
John Cusack as Justin Huntsman
Jeffrey Donovan as Mikey Washers
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh
Junior Laniyan as Evan Dodge
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart
Stafford Douglas as Newt

Took A Chance is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Reed, Ryan, and the rest of Reed's Bar Colony begins to follow Robert and his crew, but an unexpected enemy launches an attack on them; Nathan sees something that he fears.


Reed, Ryan, Robert, and the others begins to walk on the road just as they come across a crashed car on the nearby bridge. "TJ, Monte, Greta, Justin, Mikey, Dominic, Evan, Gabe, and Marvin; Go secure the other side of the bridge while me, Ryan, Ashton, and Reed checks up on the car." Robert says to the others. "Why make me do some work for you?" Reed asks Robert. "I'm risking me and my crew's lives to bring you and your group to my base, as we've only just met you a few hours ago." Robert answers to Reed. "Besides, we have...." Ashton says to Reed before getting shot in the head by Wyatt. "Hands up, assholes!!!" Wyatt yells at the survivors. "Oh fuck!!!" Justin yells for the others. "Get down!!!" TJ yells for the others. "Everyone. Stay calm." Monte says to the others before getting shot in the head with an arrow as Rodney approaches. "You killed Monte, you bastard!!!" Greta yells at Rodney just as she begins to cry. "We're not your enemies! Leave us all alone!!!" Mikey yells at Rodney. "Nah. Not after what happened to our base." Rodney says to Mikey. "We all didn't do anything wrong." Dominic says to Rodney just before Daniel shoots Rodney in the head just as Jesse shoots Greg and Connor in the head as Antonio begins to flee from the others. "Thanks." Evan says to the two just as Jesse and Daniel looks as Wyatt shoots a survivor in the head on the other side of the bridge.

Nathan and Joel comes across empty packages at the last known whereabouts of Nathan Jr and the others. "Fuck. I thought that they'd be here still." Joel says to Nathan. "Where's the survivors' camp at?" Nathan asks Joel. "No too far from here. It's a community called Delta's Compound." Joel answers to Nathan just as they spot the four survivors. "Don't move!!!" Nathan yells at the others as he holds Wallace and Angela at gunpoint. "Nathan, they've accidentally shot your son. They've decided for us to go to their base." Amelia says to Nathan as she holds onto an unconscious Nathan Jr. "Joel, go with them." Nathan says Joel.

Jesse and Daniel charges towards Wyatt, and a zombie grabs Wyatt, and bites his face off just as they see Robert and Ryan looking at Reed's corpse in horror. Wyatt begins to shoot his gun just as one of the bullet hits Jesse in his chest. "Oh fuck...." Jesse says to the others before he begins to bleed. "Jesse!!!" Daniel yells for Jesse just as he falls off from the bridge, and falls into the cold water. "Get everyone back to base. I'm looking for Jesse." Daniel says to the two.

Nathan walks through the forest just as a tiger jumps out from a large bush, and it begins to try to bite him just as he pushes the tiger up from himself. "Zeus! Get off from him!!!" Clancy yells at Zeus. Zeus growls at Nathan. "Sorry about that. Zeus never did that before." Emma says to Nathan. "Can we trust this guy?" Dana asks Clancy. "Yes." Clancy answers to Dana. "He might have a group for us to trade with." Newt says to Clancy. "Brandon and April; Go back to base." Clancy says to the two. "Do you have a base of your own?" Nathan asks Clancy. "Yes. It's called the Sheridan Estates. We're an ally to the destroyed community called the Wilkins Family Community, after The General's Army destroyed it, and took the leader as a captive while one of the sons and the wife disappeared alongside the others. A man named Dirk is back at our base, and he's recovering from a zombie bite wound to his left leg. I don't know if he'll make it, since we have amputated it." Clancy answers to Nathan.

Other Cast


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