TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 30
Season 5, Episode 6
Release Date October 1, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Ian Harding as Nathan DeVries Jr
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper*
Eric Lively as Jake Wilkins
Kevin Durand as Troyer Crane
Jason Lewis as Tyler Reed
Ian Anthony Dale as Lorenzo Walker
Matt Cohen as Danny Johnson
Parker Posey as Nicole Webber
Ian Bohen as Hector Snipes
Will Smith as Loki Wells
Christopher Berry as Alexander Kent
Ben Winchell as Oliver Kent
Floriana Lima as Lulu Wong*
Matt Ryan as Xavier*
Eric Jacobus as The Assassin
Enzo Cilenti as The Reaper*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Radha Mitchell as Brooke Adams
Aaron Eckhart as Jason West
Billy Miller as Cliff Ludington
Matthew Gray Gubler as Eric Harrell
Casper Van Dien as Grant Dens
Michael Jai White as Jake Ingalls
Dan Southworth as Dennis Roberts
Kevin McKidd as Gabriel Corinthos
Aya Sumika as Aurora Gonzales

Matthew Modine as Steven
Brendan Meyer as Wyatt
Tom Lenk as Derek
Max Carver as Alvin Benkert
Charlie Carver as Clinton Benkert
Minka Kelly as Kelly
Babou Ceesay as Paul
Ryan Wiik as Kyle

Keeping Faith In Yourself is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Loki and Lorenzo are forced to attack each other for their freedom from Hector's captivity of themselves; Alexander and the survivors begins to deal with a new threat, who meant to go after Nathan and the others; Nathan and the others gets ambushed by The Grand Army; Nathan Jr begins to set up an escape plan with Grant, Jake, and Dennis.


Loki begins to get attacked by Lorenzo just as they appear in a fighting ring. "If I see no bloodshed, then I'll kill you both!!!" Hector yells at the two just as Loki grabs a dagger from the ground, and stabs Lorenzo in the stomach. "I'm sorry, but I have a family to look for." Loki says to Lorenzo. "I understand......I am not mad or upset at you......I don't consider you as my killer. Dwight's killer is my killer, not....." Lorenzo says to Loki just as he dies from blood loss. Hector orders Loki to drop his dagger just as one of the guards puts Loki down. "Hands up!!!" Paul yells at Loki. Loki raises his hands up just before getting tazed by Hector as he walks down to the cage.

Nathan begins to hold Lia as he sits in his cell alongside Grant, Jake, and Dennis. "Nathan Jr, can you help us with something?" Grant asks Nathan. "Sure." Nathan Jr answers to Grant just before placing Lia in a crib. "We're trying to break out, and we need you to distract one of the guards." Jake says to Nathan Jr.

Nathan and the others begins to arrive at a large dock just as The Grand Army begins to block them from any escape on land. "Is there a boat for our escape?" Nathan asks the others. "Yes, but it won't fit all of us." Jake answers to Nathan. Danny walks towards the trucks. "I'll stay behind." Danny says to the others. "If Danny stays, then I will." Tyler says to the others. Nicole begins to look on in shock just as Nathan begins to become upset. "Tyler, please reconsider." Nathan says to Tyler. "I've made my choice. Go look for your son." Tyler says to Nathan. "Shit! We got to go! Now!!!" Eric yells for the others just as he, Jake, and Nicole gets onto the last boat. Danny and Tyler begins to get into cover. "Danny, save yourself. Go with the others." Tyler says to Danny. Nathan grabs Danny, and pulls him into the boat just as Tyler gets shot in the neck. Danny looks on in shock just as they drive the boat away from the docks.

Tyler looks as Troyer and several others begins to surround him. "Where is Nathan DeVries going?" Troyer asks Tyler. "None of your business, asshole." Tyler says to Troyer just as Troyer executes him.

Alexander walks to the barracks just as Jason and Cliff begins to bring in boxes of gun parts. "Are you taking those to Derek?" Alexander asks the two. "Yes." Jason answers to Alexander. "He's in his house." Alexander says to Jason. "I'm here. I just had to grab my tools." Derek says to Alexander.

Brooke looks as two twin brothers begins to argue outside of the mechanic warehouse. "What's going on?" Brooke asks the two. "Clinton wants us to fix the helicopter instead of creating a ship for us to travel in space. We have enough space suits for at least 50 of us to explore, and find other planets with humans." Alvin answers to Brooke. "It's illogical, and besides, we need to have a helicopter so we can make sure that no one begins to ambush us, and we'd have a machine gun turret attached to it." Clinton says to Alvin. "Clinton's right." Brooke says to Alvin.

The Assassin looks at the Phoenix Border Colony just as he and his fellow members begins to stare at the colony's walls. "We'll attack, and soon, we'll take over, and kill off everyone, even the children." The Assassin says to the others just as three members of the colony catches them in the bushes. "Bill and Keith, let's report Oliver and the others." Kelly says to the two. Just as they begin to run towards the colony, Kelly falls down a sewer hole, and breaks one of her legs just as Bill and Keith begins to look as Kelly is missing as they get killed by The Assassin. The Assassin looks in the sewers just as Kelly appears to be knocked out.

Kelly wakes up as The Assassin closes the sewer. Kelly begins to limp as she travels in the sewers just as Loki sneaks behind her, and holds a knife to her neck. "You better tell me where's Hector or I'll kill you for accessory of torturing me." Loki says to Kelly. "Who the hell is Hector? You must be mistaken. I'm a part of the Phoenix Border Colony." Kelly says to Loki. Loki puts his knife away. "I'm sorry for the rough introduction. My name is Loki Wells. I'm trying to find safety." Loki says to Kelly.

Hector looks as Paul and the others begins to reload their rifles as they aim at several turkeys. "Looks like we have dinner...." Kyle says to the others just before getting sniped in the head by Danny. Nathan, Nicole, Eric, and Jake moves into the Midwest Cartel's base, and looks as Lorenzo's corpse appears on a table. Paul stabs Nicole in the stomach just as Jake shoots him in the head. Nicole begins to put pressure on the wound just as several zombies begins to arrive, and begins to devour Nicole. "Nicole!!!" Nathan yells for Nicole just as Hector begins to aim at the three. "Drop your weapons, and surrender now." Hector says to the three. "I don't think so." Danny says to Hector just as he enters the house. Eric and Jake flees from the base. "Nathan, I'd leave if I were....." Danny says to Nathan just before getting shot in the head by Hector. Nathan grabs Danny's rifle, and shoots Hector in the shoulder before running away from the house. Hector shoots at the zombies just as several of his fellow members finishes off the zombies. "Build our defenses!!!" Hector yells for the others.

Nathan and the two others begins to flee to the road just as Troyer and the others begins to surround them. "Time to give up." Troyer says to the three. "Why?" Nathan asks Troyer. "To take you from getting captured by the Wong Empire. Yeah, I killed three of your members, but consider this a chance for you to live another day." Troyer answers to Nathan just as a survivor knocks Nathan out. Eric and Jake hands their guns to two others. "Lydia, Kate, and Melanie; Good job." Troyer says to the three.

Oliver begins to enter the locker room with two others. "When will we meet up with the people shipping the supplies?" Gabriel asks Oliver. "He said soon, Gabriel." Aurora answers to Gabriel.

Eric, Jake, and Nathan appears to be in a jail cell inside of an abandoned police station. "You all have finally woke up after the long trip. Welcome to Las Vegas." Troyer says to the three.

Alexander looks as molotovs are thrown at two of the guards. "Derek!!!" Alvin yells for Derek just as Derek appears to be one of the two burning guards. Clinton rushes to Derek just as he dies, and puts him down. "Get to defenses!!!" Alexander yells for the others just as Alvin pulls the alarm.

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