TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 31
Season 6, Episode 1
Release Date October 4, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Ian Harding as Nathan DeVries Jr
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Eric Lively as Jake Wilkins
Kevin Durand as Troyer Crane
Ian Bohen as Hector Snipes
Will Smith as Loki Wells
Radha Mitchell as Brooke Adams
Aaron Eckhart as Jason West
Christopher Berry as Alexander Kent
Ben Winchell as Oliver Kent
Billy Miller as Cliff Ludington
Floriana Lima as Lulu Wong
Matt Ryan as Xavier
Eric Jacobus as The Assassin
Enzo Cilenti as The Reaper
Mark Kassen as Ripley
Brandon Barash as Samson Romanov
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Matthew Gray Gubler as Eric Harrell
Casper Van Dien as Grant Dens
Michael Jai White as Jake Ingalls
Dan Southworth as Dennis Roberts
Kevin McKidd as Gabriel Corinthos
Aya Sumika as Aurora Gonzales
Callard Harris as Troyer Crane Jr
Beth Keener as Alicia Crane
Lucas Prisor as Dante Foster
Meghan Heffern as Cleo Kent
Ashley Hudson as Damien Harrison
Charlie Hunnam as Chase Black
Caitriona Balfe as Cassidy Jameson
Jonathan Bailey as Elijah Banks
Sebastian Armesto as Chuck Graves
Michael Charles Roman as Andrew
Angie Patterson as Lisa

Max Carver as Alvin Benkert
Charlie Carver as Clinton Benkert
Minka Kelly as Kelly
Hayley Squires as Kylie
Jamie Blackley as Luco
Autumn Dial as Brianna
Alexa Nisenson as Greta
Neve Campbell as Jenna Kent
Derek Klena as Aceland Kent
Christian Coulson as James Clarkson
Richard Ian Cox as Ivan
Aramis Knight as Andy
Armando Pizzuti as Alec
Luke Camilleri as Lucas
Olivia Macklin as Erica
Sam Hoare as Dwight
Alicia Silverstone as Emily
Ryan Lee as Randall
Sebastian Roché as Marco
Tim Downie as Felix
Laurence Spellman as Henry
Al Coronel as Mitchell
Ned Luke as Theo
Adrian Schiller as Miguel Cantu
James Landry Hébert as Rick
Sam Claflin as Jackson Hughes
David W. LeBlanc as Ronald Jameson
Harrie Hayes as Hailey Jameson
Aidan Mitchell as Brady Jameson
Cody McMains as Miles
Samuel Earle as Ryan

Crafting As A Nomad is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Multiple events leads to a huge outcome that'll effect the survivors' lives forever.


Nathan looks as a young man walks towards the cell. My name is Troyer Crane Jr, and my father wants to release only you, Nathan." Troyer Jr says to Nathan just before unlocking the door, and opening it. "What's going to happen with Eric and Jake?" Nathan asks Troyer Jr. "We'll make sure nothing happens to them. They'll be released when you follow Troyer's orders after the plans are told." Troyer Jr answers to Nathan. "You better release us once he returns." Eric says to Troyer Jr just as Nathan walks out of the cell just as Troyer Jr locks the cell doors up again.

Samson drives on his motorcycle as two others arrives at a scouting post. "Miles and Ryan, let's go scout the area." Samson says to the two. "Got it, boss." Miles says to Samson. "Why are we searching for Nathan?" Ryan asks Samson. "To meet up with Lulu, and to kill her and her buddies. We have one of our own captured by her base; The Wong Empire. We're The Gunners, and we'll find out where they're at, and we'll do it if Nathan isn't here." Samson answers to Ryan.

Nathan walks to the meeting table just as Troyer stands in front of a map. "Nice to see you comply to my authority, Nathan. That wasn't hard at all." Troyer says to Nathan. "What's the plan of yours?" Nathan asks Troyer. "There's a laboratory located within Area 51. Here's the thing, the whole compound is heavily guarded. However, since you'll be the person walking forward, state to the guards that you have some friends that wants to chat with Chase Black. They'll know that it's us. Chase Black is one of the best doctors that's still alive. We're going to have you donate some of your blood to make the cure. If we get attacked by the Wong Empire, then the cure will never be created, so don't try anything stupid." Troyer answers to Nathan. "You better behave, because if you cause me to die out there, then you'll regret being the cured man." Alicia says to Nathan. "Me and Alicia has a child together. Our daughter needs both parents." Dante says to Nathan. "I'll make sure that she lives." Nathan says to Dante just as a woman hands Dante his daughter. "Hannah Foster-Crane needs some formula." Brianna says to Dante. Dante walks away with Hannah. "Let's go." Troyer says to the others.

Ripley walks through the forest alongside Andrew and Lisa just as they come across several members of the Bloody Circus Station. "Stay in the darkness. They'll walk past us." Ripley says to the two. "How do you know?" Andrew asks Ripley. "I've done this once while wounded from the bandit attack before I met you and Lisa." Ripley answers to Andrew. "Hopefully, we find a community to join." Lisa says to Ripley. "Before we do that, we'll need to investigate the places before joining them." Ripley says to Lisa. A masked clown walks towards the three just before Ripley shoots the man in the head with his silenced pistol. "Let's keep going." Ripley says to the two just as several zombies begins to arrive at the scene, and begins to devour on the corpse. The Reaper looks as the zombies begins to devour on one of his own. "Careless acts led to his demise. Everyone, keep moving." The Reaper says to the others.

Current time. Cleo looks at The Assassin and the others as they begins to charge at the colony. "Everyone! Fire!!!" Cleo yells for the others. Alexander begins to shoot at The Assassin, but shoots one of his bodyguards in their heads.

5 weeks ago. Alexander sits in his house with Jenna as the two begins to set up plates at the dining table. "Why did you volunteer to take control of this place?" Jenna asks Alexander. "The people needed my leadership role. If I didn't volunteer, then this place wouldn't be standing still." Alexander answers to Jenna. "I was just giving you trouble. Just playing around, honey." Jenna says to Alexander just before kissing Alexander on his cheek. "Dad, I'm going on the supply run with Cliff and James." Cleo says to Alexander.

Current time. James begins to shoot at two cult members just as they sneak inside. The Assassin begins to break open the main gates. Just as The Assassin begins to swing his sword at James, Jason jumps into the way. "James! Run!!!" Jason yells for James just before Marco arrives, and shoots Jason in the stomach. "Jason!!!" Brooke yells for Jason just before getting shot in the head by Marco as he and The Assassin advances further into the colony.

5 weeks ago. Alexander walks into the living room as Aceland begins to make out with Damien. "Aceland!!!" Alexander yells at Aceland. "Oh shit, dude. Gotta go." Damien says to Aceland just before leaving the house. "Dad, don't pissed at me for being gay. You have to accept that." Aceland says to Alexander. "I want to let you know that I don't care if you're gay. I just want you to go make another door, since you broke your closet door." Alexander says to Aceland.

Current time. Aceland hides behind a building just as a masked cultist begins to try to attack him. "Time to die, weakling." Felix says to Aceland. "Get your hands away from my boyfriend!!!" Damien yells at Felix before shooting him in the head.

Cliff shoots several cultists in their head before getting his neck sliced open by The Assassin. Cliff begins to choke on his blood.

Jenna looks as Ivan begins to carry his wounded son towards her house. "Andy's been stabbed. Help me." Ivan says to Jenna just before three armed cultists arrives. "Get them!!!" Henry yells for the two. "Got it, Henry." Mitchell says to Henry. "Moving on it." Theo says to Henry just before stabbing Ivan in the stomach multiple times as Andy falls onto Jenna. "Help my father....." Andy says to Jenna before dying. Jenna looks as Henry and the two others begins to move towards her until Oliver guns the three men down, and puts Andy down. "Get in the house, mom." Oliver says to Jenna.

The Assassin begins to stab a man in the stomach. "Oliver! Help me!!!" Alec yells for Oliver just before getting sliced in half. The Assassin grins at Oliver just before Alexander shoots The Assassin in the head. Marco begins to aim at the two just before getting his hand shot by Loki just as Kelly stands behind him. "Who the hell are you?" Alexander asks Loki. "I'm Loki Wells, a member of Nathan DeVries' Group." Loki answers to Alexander. Oliver appears to be shocked to hear about Nathan.

Nathan, Troyer, Alicia, and the others begins to walk down the road just as they spot a small house. "Nathan, you and Alicia will investigate the house, and work with those survivors in there." Troyer says to Nathan. "Dad, I'm staying with you." Alicia says to Troyer. "I want to trust Nathan to keep you safe. Chase and the others might be very dangerous, and I don't want to add more risk by having you in any sort of danger." Troyer says to Alicia. "We should get going, Troyer." Greta says to Troyer.

Marco appears in a prison cell as Cleo walks towards the cell door. "Everyone wants you to die. I'm here to see if you want your last rites stated to you." Cleo says to Marco. "Fuck off, bitch. We should've killed you all." Marco says to Cleo. Cleo shoots Marco in his dick. Marco begins to cry just as she looks at a guard. "Chelsea, allow him to turn, and bring his zombified self to the chambers, where all of our zombified enemies are." Cleo says to Chelsea.

Daniel looks at Xavier as Miguel walks towards them. "Allow me to take lead over everyone." Miguel says to Daniel. "Hell no, Miguel. Listen to me, and we'll survive this." Daniel says to Miguel. "I know leadership. I was the de-facto leader ever since this place was built by me and your brother." Miguel says to Daniel. "I'd accept it....." Xavier says to Daniel just before Miguel shoots him in the head. "Step down, and you'll live. Leave us, and go back to America, Daniel." Miguel says to Daniel just before Daniel pulls out his machete, and stabs Miguel in his stomach. "I make the threats, asshole." Daniel says to Miguel just before The Reaper and the others breaks through the walls. "Kendra! TJ! Arlo! Don! Thomas! Everyone Else! Escape!!!" Daniel yells for the others just before letting go of the machete as Miguel walks around in shock as he begins to die from blood loss. Daniel grabs Xavier's map, and pulls out his rifle. "London has fallen. I must escape from here by killing The Reaper and his men." Daniel says to himself.

Ripley, Andrew, and Lisa looks as Daniel begins to appear alone as he aims at The Reaper and his men. "You should've searched for us." Rick says to the three just as he and two others appears. Andrew and Lisa kills the two guards just as Ripley shoots Rick in his stomach, and throws his corpse down the hill.

Daniel looks as Luco and Kylie begins to flee with the others just as he spots Ripley aiming at The Reaper and the others. Lisa and Andrew appears behind Daniel. "Come with us!!!" The two yells at Daniel.

Ripley aims down the scope just as he aims at The Reaper's head, and pulls the trigger. "Got him." Ripley says to himself.

Daniel, Andrew, and Lisa flees into the forest just as Ripley smiles at them just as he arrives. "I killed their leader with my marksman skills." Ripley says to the three. "I need to go back to the former USA." Daniel says to the three. "There's a base in a Russian airport." Ripley says to Daniel. "Let's go there." Daniel says to Ripley.

Elijah and Chuck walks down a road. "Let's give up on Lulu's mission, Chuck. She's more fucked up than Paul was." Elijah says to Chuck. "I was going to say the same thing. I'm glad that we're away from there." Chuck says to Elijah just as they spot The Grand Army's new base. The two walks towards the main entrance just as Troyer Jr, Jake, Eric, and Dante begins to aim at them. "Hands up!!!" Jake yells at the two. "We're here to give some vital information regarding The Wong Empire. One of the prisoners is planning to take down the Wong Empire, and we're two of the defectors, and we want to see if we can join." Elijah says to the others. "Who is the leading prisoner?" Troyer Jr asks the two. "Nathan DeVries Jr." Chuck answers to Troyer Jr. "He's alive?" Eric asks the two just as they nod in response.

Chelsea places the zombified Marco into the chamber just as she spots a zombified Cliff in the chamber alongside Jason. Chelsea shoots the zombified Cliff in the head before closing the door just before getting shot in the head by Hector, who has a mask on. Hector places Chelsea's corpse inside of the chamber as the zombies begins to devour her corpse. Hector wipes the blood with his towel. Hector pulls out his walkie talkie. "Everyone, I'm heading back to base." Hector says to the others via walkie talkie.

Lulu sits at her computer just as she gets her neck sliced open by Nathan Jr just as he places a pillow over her mouth just as Grant, Jake, and Dennis appears just as several guards begins to aim at them. Several guards grabs Lia, and runs away with her. "Lia!!!" Nathan Jr yells for Lia just before Dennis gets shot in the head. "Let's go." Grant says to the others just before a zombified Lulu grabs Grant, and bites him in his neck. Grant pulls out Lulu's pistol, and shoots himself before allowing himself and Lulu to fall off the cliff. Nathan Jr looks as Jake. "Go find your father." Jake says to Nathan just before returning inside of the base just as he turns on the self-destruct button. "You fuckers better die." Jake says to the others just before getting shot in the head by a guard.

Nathan Jr looks as zombies begins to devour on several corpses, and looks on in horror as a zombie begins to eat on Lia's small corpse. Nathan Jr pulls out his knife, but falls down just as the base explodes. Nathan Jr begins to sneak away from the wreckage.

Nathan and Alicia walks towards the house just as an older man shoots his shotgun up in the air. "Step back, trespassers!!!" Ronald yells at the two. "Calm down! We're good people." Alicia says to Ronald. Three others exits from the house. "Grandpa, make sure they don't rob us." Brady says to Ronald. "Brady, get in the house!!!" Hailey yells at Brady before everyone but Cassidy returns into the house. "Who are you?" Cassidy asks Nathan. "Nathan DeVries. The only cured man." Nathan answers to Cassidy.

Troyer and the others arrives at the Area 51 FEMA Facility. "Stop!!!" Jackson yells at the others. "Greta, David, Archie, D'Angelo, and Rudy; Cover the sides." Troyer says to the others just as he watches them get gunned down. "Stop!!!" Chase yells at the others. "Troyer told me that he was going to be here with some of his members." Chase says to the others. "Have all of your men give up their weapons, and have them leave this place now." Troyer says to Chase just as he takes Jackson as a hostage. "Please take the deal, Chase." Jackson says to Chase. "Fine, but Jackson stays with me." Chase says to Troyer just before the armed guards drops their weapons just before leaving the facility. Troyer follows Chase and Jackson into the base.

Nathan enters Cassidy's room just as Alicia walks towards Nathan. "I'll try to talk to the older man." Alicia says to Nathan just before shutting the door. Nathan looks at Cassidy. "Are you single or did you have someone that you're in a relationship with?" Nathan asks Cassidy. "I've been single my whole life, since no one wants to date me." Cassidy answers to Nathan. "You're an attractive woman, and I'd date you if we got to know more about each other. Why do no one want to date you?" Nathan asks Cassidy. "I'm transgender, and besides, I have all female body parts now." Cassidy answers to Nathan. Nathan spits out the water from his mouth, and looks at Cassidy in shock. Alicia overhears Cassidy's answer, and looks shocked. "Nathan's going to struggle to talk with her." Alicia says to herself.

Alexander and the others begins to appear at community hall meeting. "Seeing Alec die like that is so fucked up." Lucas says to a survivor. "Knowing the Cliff, Jason, and Brooke died, we need to step it up, and do more around here." Erica says to a survivor. "I wish that I killed the last enemy." Dwight says to a survivor. "Me and Randall are lucky to have survived. Unfortunely, Alec, who is my former husband, and Randall's father, was killed." Emily says to a survivor. "Mom, I miss dad." Randall says to Emily just before the two begins to cry. Loki begins to cry just as he looks at pictures of Jason and Brooke. "Sucks that I didn't get to say a goodbye to them." Loki says to Gabriel. "I know." Gabriel says to Loki.

Aurora sits on the steps of the community hall alongside Oliver just as the two begins to drink beer. "I want to start doing more for this colony. After most of our best dying, we need more people to protect this place, and I'm volunteering to take a stand." Aurora says to Oliver just before a masked survivor arrives as he's wounded. Oliver and Aurora looks outside of the main gate as a damaged helicopter appears. Oliver takes off the survivor's mask, and it's revealed to be Nathan Jr. "I took down....The Wong Empire alone." Nathan Jr says to Oliver just as Hector overhears Nathan Jr's statement. "Everyone, change of plan. Prepare to attack the Phoenix Border Colony. Nathan DeVries' son, Nathan Jr, has taken down The Wong Empire." Hector says to the others via walkie talkie just before hiding behind a house. Kelly spots Hector, and attempts to yell for help, but Hector pulls his silenced pistol, and shoots Kelly in the neck just as Kelly falls to the ground as she chokes on her own blood. Kelly reanimates, and begins to wander around the colony. The zombified Kelly comes across a sleeping survivor, and begins to bite into the man's neck.

Nathan continues to look at Cassidy in shock just before Cassidy leaves the room. Nathan walks to a photo book, and looks at Cassidy's old pictures, and looks as Cassidy began transitioning at a very young age. "You know about Cassidy now, as I'm guessing. I'm Hailey Jameson. Cassidy's twin sister. Brady is my son, and Ronald is my father. Cassidy was born Cassius. Cassidy has a son, who is named Cassius. Cassius is currently in Moscow." Hailey says to Nathan. "How was she able to be pregnant?" Nathan asks Hailey. "She was a test subject while locked away in Area 51. Ronald convinced Chase to let us get Cassidy back. Cassius is still in the facility, and it's occurred 13 years before the apocalypse began, which is 4 years ago." Hailey says to Nathan. "How can she produce eggs?" Nathan asks Hailey. "Cassidy was born with extra parts as a male. Cassidy had both sperm and an egg within herself, so she's a special type of a person." Hailey answers to Nathan. "We're going too far into details. Let's get to the business. Where is Cassius' location within the facility?" Nathan asks Hailey just as Alicia and Cassidy arrives. "I can go with you to shown you. Alicia will take my family to your group's base." Cassidy answers to Nathan.

Troyer enters a room just before Chase closes the door on him. "Let me out of this room!!!" Troyer yells at Chase. "No, since you've ruined my project!!!" Chase yells at Troyer. Troyer looks as a teenager appears to be sitting on a chair. "That little boy was born from a transgender born with testes and an egg. The boy's name is Cassius. He's mute." Chase says to Troyer. Troyer looks at Cassius, and begins to cry.

Nathan and Cassidy arrives at the Area 51 FEMA Facility just as multiple zombies begins to devour on the dead corpses. Nathan and Cassidy sneaks through the gates just as Jackson begins to aim at the two. "We're not allowing you to get your son from us." Jackson says to Cassidy just as he aims at her. "You raped me while I was held prisoner. I want my son back." Cassidy says to Jackson. "You mean our son." Jackson says to Cassidy just before Nathan shoots Jackson in the head. "Let's go save your son." Nathan says to Cassidy just as they enter the facility building just as more zombies arrives, and begins to devour on Jackson's corpse.

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