TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 33
Season 6, Episode 3
Release Date October 6, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries*
Ian Harding as Nathan DeVries Jr*
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Eric Lively as Jake Wilkins*
Kevin Durand as Troyer Crane*
Ian Bohen as Hector Snipes
Will Smith as Loki Wells
Christopher Berry as Alexander Kent
Ben Winchell as Oliver Kent
Mark Kassen as Ripley
Brandon Barash as Samson Romanov
Ciarán Hinds as Roman Jones
Noah Taylor as Theo Franklin
Mark Monero as Morgan Wallace
Jesse Lee Soffer as Nate Rivera
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Matthew Gray Gubler as Eric Harrell*
Kevin McKidd as Gabriel Corinthos
Aya Sumika as Aurora Gonzales
Callard Harris as Troyer Crane Jr*
Beth Keener as Alicia Crane*
Lucas Prisor as Dante Foster*
Meghan Heffern as Cleo Kent*
Ashley Hudson as Damien Harrison
Caitriona Balfe as Cassidy Jameson*
Jonathan Bailey as Elijah Banks*
Sebastian Armesto as Chuck Graves*
Michael Charles Roman as Andrew
Angie Patterson as Lisa
Winter Ave Zoli as Rosalie
Ramon Fernandez as Lamar

Kai Lennox as Mac
Francesca Faridany as Susan
David Ajala as Chandler
Lizzie Brocheré as Bella
Ben Van Bergen as Len
Niko Nicotera as Becker
Tim Peper as Jerry
Joey Auzenne as Juan
Samuel Hunt as Keenan
Patrick John Flueger as Trent

Tough Shit, Asshole is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Hector begins to set up his whole group to attack the Phoenix Border Colony, who begins to deal with a situation within their walls; Daniel, Ripley, Andrew, and Lisa gets into trouble with 5 members of the Russian Mafia just as they arrive in Berlin.


Daniel walks in the forest alongside Ripley, Andrew, and Lisa just as they come across a wounded survivor. "Please don't kill me like The Russian Mafia are trying to do with me and the others at the Berlin Airport Community." Becker says to the others just before dying from his wound. Daniel pulls out his knife, and puts Becker down. Daniel grabs Becker's wallet. "I'll tell his group about his death." Daniel says to the three just before five armed survivors arrives. "Hands up!!!" Mac yells at the survivors. "Everyone, get on your knees or I'll shoot out your cocks or pussies." Susan says to the survivors. Ripley stare at Susan. "I dare you, lady." Ripley says to Susan just before Susan shoots in his gut with a hunting rifle. "Ripley!!!" Lisa yells for Ripley. Daniel continues to aim at Mac and the others just as Andrew and Lisa tends to Ripley. "I'll kill him if you don't stand down." Chandler says to Daniel. "We should attack the community instead of having these fuckers waste our time." Bella says to the others. "Yeah....and do...." Len says to Bella just before getting sniped in the head by a masked man. "Hands up, fucker!!!" Jerry yells at the four just as Daniel shoots Susan in her head just as Chandler and Bella begins to flee just as an older man arrives, and shoots Mac in the head. "The Russian Mafia is finally taken down." Roman says to himself. "I can't believe it, Roman." Theo says to Roman. "Let me take your friend to the airport." Morgan says to the two just as Roman walks towards Daniel. "You're the rumored man known as Daniel Cooper, who's the sworn brother of Nathan DeVries. My name is Roman Jones, the former prime minister of England, after the United Kingdom fell apart." Roman says to Daniel. "I'm Theo Franklin, the second-in-command of the Berlin Airport Community. I was once a part of the parliament of the United Kingdom, but since it fell in 2020, I was left without a job until I found the job of leading up the German Army for a battle against Russia during World War 3." Theo says to Daniel. "I've served in World War 3. I saw my father die in the war. I was saved by my former best friend, who died a few years ago outside our base." Daniel says to Theo.

Ripley looks up at the ceiling just as a female doctor walks towards him. "You're showing good signs that you don't have an infection." Rosalie says to Ripley. "Where's my friends?" Ripley asks Rosalie. "They're chatting with Roman." Rosalie answers to Ripley.

Hector walks towards all of his members. "Everyone better show their true spirits when we attack the Phoenix Border Colony." Hector says to the others. "I'll lead the men in there with you, Hector." Lamar says to Hector. "You and Juan will lead our men. I need to stay back, and make sure that Cole goes on the solo supply run, and for him to come back safely." Hector says to Lamar.

Oliver sits in his living room just as Aceland sleeps on the large couch with Damien. Oliver looks outside just as Kelly appears to be hitting at the front door. Oliver walks towards the door, and looks as Kelly is zombified just as a few more zombified survivors begins to arrive, and hit at the front door. "Help me put them down!!!" Oliver yells for the others just as Aceland, Damien, Alexander, and Jenna arrives at the scene. "Where's Cleo?" Jenna asks Oliver. "She left to go somewhere with Nathan Jr." Oliver answers to Jenna just before the five puts down the zombified survivors.

The next morning, Alexander walks to the community hall, and looks as half of the seats are empty. "Someone has sneaked into our community, and murdered more of us to just left them to turn. We will need to all stay alert, and we'll fine who's been doing this." Alexander says to the others just as Lucas arrives as he appears to have been shot in the shoulder. "Hostile survivors are attacking." Lucas says to Alexander just as Jenna tends to Lucas' wound. "All guards, come with me!!!" Gabriel yells for the others.

3 hours ago, Loki walks through an alleyway alongside two others. "Let's find the medical supplies, and get the hell out of here." Nate says to the two. "I know, Nate." Keenan says to Nate just before getting shot in the shoulder by Cole, who gets shot in the head by Loki. "Everyone, get into cover." Loki yells for the two just before getting shot in the head by Lamar, who aims at Nate and Keenan just as several others begins to arrive.

Current time, Alexander looks as Nate and Keenan appears as hostages just as Lamar appears alongside the others. "Let my men go!!!" Alexander yells at Lamar. "One of your people killed one of my people, so I killed one of your people. No trade except for you all to surrender, and become zombie chow." Lamar says to Alexander. Alexander looks as Gabriel, and nods towards him. Gabriel attempts to shoot at Lamar, but misses. "Tough shit, asshole!!!" Lamar yells at Alexander before shooting Keenan in the head. Nate looks at Keenan's death in shock. Gabriel begins to cry just after he missed the sniping shot. "Fire!!!" Alexander yells at the others.

Samson begins to cry as he looks at Troyer's new base from afar just as a guard arrives. "Everyone will be shocked to know that you're crying, and they'll consider you to be weak, but I won't tell them about this." Trent says to Samson. "Good." Samson says to Trent just before slitting his throat open, and them stabs him in the head. Another guard arrives. "Trent attempted to overthrow me, Billy." Samson says to Billy. Billy nods at Samson before walking away. Samson grabs Billy, and throws his corpse off from the cliff. Just as Billy's corpse arrives on the ground, a woman pulls out a sensor device, and begins to scan the corpse. "It's not Nathan DeVries. Once I find him, I'll bring him back to Dellowingsen to test if the rumors are true." Ava says to herself as she appears to have bright eyes.

Other Casts

  • Shiloh Fernandez as Cole
  • LaRoyce Hawkins as Billy
  • Kate French as Ava Davis (Special Guest Star)


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