TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 34
Season 6, Episode 4
Release Date October 7, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries*
Ian Harding as Nathan DeVries Jr*
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Eric Lively as Jake Wilkins*
Kate French as Ava Davis
Kevin Durand as Troyer Crane*
Gia Skova as Sam Hartman
Ian Bohen as Hector Snipes*
Christopher Berry as Alexander Kent*
Ben Winchell as Oliver Kent*
Mark Kassen as Ripley
Brandon Barash as Samson Romanov*
Ciarán Hinds as Roman Jones
Noah Taylor as Theo Franklin
Mark Monero as Morgan Wallace
Jesse Lee Soffer as Nate Rivera*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Matthew Gray Gubler as Eric Harrell*
Kevin McKidd as Gabriel Corinthos*
Aya Sumika as Aurora Gonzales*
Callard Harris as Troyer Crane Jr*
Beth Keener as Alicia Crane*
Lucas Prisor as Dante Foster*
Meghan Heffern as Cleo Kent*
Ashley Hudson as Damien Harrison*
Caitriona Balfe as Cassidy Jameson*
Jonathan Bailey as Elijah Banks*
Sebastian Armesto as Chuck Graves*
Michael Charles Roman as Andrew
Angie Patterson as Lisa
Winter Ave Zoli as Rosalie
Ramon Fernandez as Lamar*

Tim Peper as Jerry
Tom Davis as Edgar
Theo Rossi as Sterling
Tommy Flanagan as Moses
Keri Lynn Pratt as Sherry
Kaylee DeFer as Kelsey
Amanda Clayton as Lindsey
Ted Levine as Tony
Tina Casciani as Jennifer
Allie Marshall as Wendy
Jake McLaughlin as Vlad

Underground Horrors is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Ripley, Andrew, and Lisa's true reasons of following Daniel are revealed, but quickly leads to many deadly events just as Daniel and Morgan begins to deal with hostile survivors.


Ripley exits from his hospital room just as two men begins to walk towards Ripley. "Stop there, Ripley." Edgar says to Ripley. "We have to ask you questions about why you were on France's most wanted list." Sterling says to Ripley just before Ripley pulls out his dagger, and slits Edgar's neck open just before shooting Sterling in the head with a silenced pistol. Ripley places Edgar and Sterling's corpses into the hospital room.

Andrew and Lisa begins to look at a room full of comatosed patients. "You know what we should do. Let's do it." Andrew says to Lisa. "I'm done with being a bad girl." Lisa says to Andrew. Andrew punches Lisa in the face, and begins to slit the patients' throats open just as Ripley arrives, and looks as Lisa appears to be knocked out. "When are we...." Andrew says to Ripley just before Ripley stabs Lisa in the head, and shoots Andrew in the head with his silenced pistol.

Moses sits in the lobby alongside Rosalie just as she checks on Moses' broken leg. "When can I get back to repairing the broken airplane?" Moses asks Rosalie. "Soon." Rosalie answers to Moses. Sherry runs towards the two. "All of comatosed patients are dead, and Ripley's room is sealed shut." Sherry says to Rosalie just before getting shot in the head by Ripley. "Hands up, Rosalie." Ripley says to Rosalie. "Why are you doing this?" Rosalie asks Ripley. "I'm one of the last members of the terror squad associated with the old Russian Government. We attacked Ukraine, and then we attacked Poland, and then here in Germany." Ripley answers to Rosalie. "Son of a....." Kelsey says to herself just as she arrives. A zombified patient grabs Kelsey, and bites her in the face. "Kelsey!!!" Lindsey yells for Kelsey just before getting ripped apart by several zombified patients. Ripley shoots Moses in the head, and grabs Rosalie, and begins to walk into a bathroom just as Tony appears to be washing his hands. "What the hell?" Tony asks himself just as he gets shot in the head by Ripley. Ripley begins to undress himself and Rosalie. Rosalie begins to cry just as Ripley begins to rape her. Theo rushes into the room. "Hands up, Ripley!!!" Theo yells at Ripley just before Ripley shoots Theo in the neck. Theo exits from the room just as a zombified Kelsey grabs him, and bites him in the neck. Theo pulls out his grenade. " might die, but Ripley will be put down....."Theo says to himself just before pulling the pin just as the lobby explodes. Ripley looks as Rosalie appears to be dead from the blast. Ripley begins to get himself dressed just as he gets shot in the head by Roman. "Sir, we need to evacuate from the main floor. Zombies has broke through." Jennifer says to Roman. Roman looks as two female guards begins to get devoured by a zombie herd just as Jennifer begins to flee alongside several others. "Wendy, Harlan, Sam, and Jim; Go upstairs." Roman says to the four just before giving the airplane keys to Sam. "Why are you giving the keys to me?" Sam asks Roman. "I trust you, Sam." Roman says to Sam. "Fuck this! We're all fleeing from this place. The planes don't work." Wendy says to the others just before she, Harlan, and Jim begins to run away. Roman pulls out his assault rifle. "Go!!!" Roman yells for Sam just before he gets surrounded by zombies. "I'm not letting my fear kill me." Roman says to himself just before shooting himself in the head.

Sam runs up the stairs, and looks as a zombified child begins to devour on his dead mother's corpse. Sam kicks the zombified boy down to the ground, and runs towards an entry of a plane, and shuts and locks the door just before finding a walkie talkie on the plane just as Jerry appears to have been bitten. "Please......cauterize the wound." Jerry says to Sam.

Daniel and Morgan begins to walk through the forest just before Morgan begins to hear a voice through the walkie talkie. "The base is lost. Come back, and get into the first plane. Me and Jerry are the sole survivors. Ripley, Andrew, and Lisa betrayed us, since they worked for the former Russian Government." Sam says to Morgan. "We'll be there soon. Don't leave us." Morgan says to Sam just before four armed survivors begins to arrive. "Hands up, you two." Vlad says to the two. "I'm Vlad, and the three survivors, Ripley and the two, are my friends. Time for you both to die." Vlad says to the two. The three others begins to hear sounds just before a masked survivor decapitates two of the survivors, and impales the other survivor just as Daniel shoots Vlad in the head. The masked survivor takes off her mask. "I'm Ava Davis, and I'm not from here. I'm trying to find Nathan DeVries." Ava says to the two. Daniel begins to aim at Ava. "And why should I tell you?" Daniel asks Ava. "I'm from a different planet called Dewsloan. I'm a part of the planet's only government state, which is led by my father. The state is the Dellowingsen State. We have contact with other planets. We've got lots of technological advancements." Ava answers to Daniel just as Sam appears. "Where's Jerry?" Morgan asks Sam. "He turned, and he mentioned to me before that once he turns, for none of us to put him down." Sam answers to Morgan. "We have to get to the former US." Daniel says to the three. "I have a ship nearby." Ava says to the three.

Daniel, Morgan, and Sam begins to follow Ava to her ship, which is destroyed. "No! I have to return to my planet. My father needs me." Ava says to herself before crying. "Is the airplane still good at the airport." Morgan asks Sam. "I flew it away from there. Let's get into the plane, and go search for Daniel's friend." Sam answers to Morgan just before the four begins to walk to the airplane. Sam and Ava begins to pilot the airplane just as Daniel and Morgan begins to watch as the Berlin Airport Community begins to explode. "I setted up multiple C4s, so Jerry's wish wasn't granted." Sam says to the three. "Good." Morgan says to Sam.

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