TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 4
Season 1, Episode 4
Release Date August 15, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Atlin Mitchell as Alice DeVries
Peter Mensah as Robert Miller*
Assaad Bouab as Jesse Churchill
Peter Vives as Troyer Mitchell
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Matt Doran as Gareth Lovett
Joel Silver as Jeb DeBiose
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver*
Adrien Brody as Clancy Ashford
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Ellen Hollman as Bethany Churchill
Robert Taylor as Mason Douglas
Abigail Bianca as Ava
Paul McGillion as Clifton
Hugo Weaving as Corey Wilkins
Sean Flynn as Ash Wilkins
Eddie Murphy as Dirk
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Amelia
Joel Edgerton as Joel
Hayden Christensen as Wallace Newton
Katrina Law as Angela
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart
Stafford Douglas as Newt
Kelly Carlson as Delta Sherman
Manu Bennett as Sean Carson
Liam McIntyre as Curtis Denver
Viva Bianca as Rosita Denver
Peyton List as Samantha Denver
Spencer List as Billy Denver
Sharlto Copley as York
Roger Cross as Leon Chacon
Topher Grace as Marco

The General's Rage is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


The General's Army begins to invade the Davidson Colony; Nathan travels to the Sheridan Estates; Daniel looks for Jesse; Amelia checks on Nathan Jr as Joel meets some of the survivors of Delta's Compound.


The General looks as he has prosthetic limbs after his ambush. "Clifton, lead my army to the Davidson Colony, since Wyatt and the others hasn't returned yet." The General says to Clifton. Clifton looks as two guards appears. "Seth, have the troops ready; Annie, guard The General at all costs." Clifton says to the two before walking out of The General's room alongside Seth.

Alice looks as The General's Army begins to march towards the Davidson Colony. "Everyone! Be prepared for battle!!!" Alice yells at the others.

Clifton and the others stops at a hill. "Seth, you'll have Tim, Dave, and Porter advance first with most of our men." Clifton says to Seth. Seth nods at Clifton.

Gareth looks as Ava hugs Ed. "Please don't die out there." Ava says to Ed. "I won't." Ed says to Ava. Gareth walks towards Bethany. "Do you have the supplies ready?" Gareth asks Bethany. "Yes." Bethany answers to Gareth.

Austin looks outside of his post, and pulls out a walkie talkie. "Me, Odin, Stacy, Nick, Logan, Stefan, and Kate are in the outpost near the colony." Austin says to Troyer via walkie talkie before getting sniped in the head by Seth.

Troyer looks as The General's Army destroys the outpost. "Everyone! Fire your weapons!!!" Troyer yells for the others.

Alice sits in her basement alongside Cory. "We'll wait this battle out." Alice says to Cory.

Amelia looks as Nathan Jr lays on a hospital bed in the infirmary. "Get well." Amelia says to Nathan Jr just as Joel exits from the room. Joel looks as most of the survivors watches him. "Brent, Salazar, Amber, Winters, Jim, Ellen, Hess, and Benjamin; Get back to your duties." Delta says to the others. "Hello. I'm Delta Sherman, and I'm sorry for what happened with the boy. We mean no harm towards another human being." Delta says to Joel. "I know." Joel says to Delta. "Whose son is that?" Delta asks Joel. "My leader; Nathan DeVries." Joel answers to Delta.

Nathan begins to travel to the Sheridan Estates, and looks as there's a madeshift skyscraper. "What's the skyscraper for?" Nathan asks Clancy. "As a special watchtower. To know if a threat is close to us." Clancy answers to Nathan.

Daniel runs through the forest just as a masked man aims at Daniel. "Give me all of your supplies or I'll kill you." Phoenix says to Daniel. Daniel looks as several armed men appears in camouflage. "Fine. I barely have much supplies." Daniel says to Phoenix. "I was just seeing if you'd be a threat." Phoenix says to Daniel before he and his fellow men walks away. Daniel looks at Phoenix in relief. Daniel looks as Jesse appears to be tied up to a base of a tree. Daniel runs towards Jesse, and frees him. "Those fuckers beat me up, but they left me with my supplies. They must be a part of a larger group." Jesse says to Daniel before leaving.

Mason looks as Seth stabs Ed in the stomach, and then he shoots Seth in the head. Mason pulls Ed into cover. Mason looks as Ed is dying, and then he kills Ed out of mercy.

Gareth looks as Tim and Dave tackles Carrey down, and looks in horror as they hack Carrey to death just as Clifton stabs Gareth in his chest. Gareth kicks Clifton off from him. "Get off from him!!!" Axel yells at Clifton before shooting him in the head. Axel looks as Gareth begins to look pale. " the others....." Gareth says to Axel before dying. Axel puts Gareth down just as Troyer shoots Tim and Dave in their heads. "Help me kill all of the hostiles." Troyer says to Axel before getting shot in the neck by Annie. Axel shoots Annie in one of her arms just as Troyer begins to choke on his blood. Axel begins to tend to Troyer's wound just as Annie begins to aim at Axel before Ash shoots Annie in the chest three time. Mason arrives, and looks as Troyer begins to turn pale. "We'll need to abandon base, and get some help." Mason says to the others."

The General looks as a soldier runs towards him with a letter. The General begins to read the battle progress letter, and looks on in anger as he finds out that only a few soldiers survived.

Sean and Curtis begins to chat inside of a bar alongside Joel. "You like it here?" Curtis asks Joel. "Yes." Joel answers to Curtis. "I serve as a supply runner for the compound." Sean says to Joel.

Alice and Cory walks out of the Davidson Colony alongside Mason. "Where are we going?" Cory ask Alice. "We're going to help get some help from the Wilkins Family Community, since they owe us." Alice answers to Cory just as the three looks at the burning community just as a wounded Corey lays on the ground. "Is Ash safe?" Corey asks Mason. "He's safe." Mason answers to Corey before Corey passes away from his wounds as Alice notices that he was bitten. Daniel and Jesse arrives just as Alice puts Corey down. "Where's.....the others?" Jesse asks Alice. "We were attacked by The General's Army, and we won the battle, but we've had our walls ruined and we lost many of our survivors, including Gareth." Alice answers to Jesse.

Ash looks as Bethany tends to Annie's wound as Troyer appears to be dying. "Ash....take on my skills for me." Troyer says to Ash before dying from blood loss. Bethany puts Troyer down.

York looks as a wounded man arrives. "The General's Army.......attacked us. I survived a large fall, and I'm dying." Logan says to York before dying from his wounds. Delta shoots York in the head just as Amelia looked in horror.

Nathan visits Dirk in the hospital as he lays on the bed, dying. "Please make sure that Brianna and Jake are found safe." Dirk says to Nathan. "I will. Just keep surviving." Nathan says to Dirk.

Porter flees into the forest alongside two others just before they get gunned down by Ash.

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