TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 41
Season 7, Episode 5
Release Date October 13, 2016
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Cast Guide
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Caitriona Balfe as Cassidy Jameson
Gia Skova as Sam Hartman
Jesse Lee Soffer as Nate Rivera
Meghan Heffern as Cleo Kent
Sloane Morgan Siegel as Cassius Jameson
Andrew Lincoln as McClellan Davis
Kate French as Ava Davis
Alex Knight as Harlan Clyde
Harrie Hayes as Hailey Jameson
Mark Monero as Morgan Wallace
Clementine Nicholson as Samantha Devins
Dacre Montgomery as Vasquez Ramirez
Wanetah Walmsley as Jennifer Hall
Aidan Mitchell as Brady Jameson
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Laurent Lucas as Fredrick Robertson
Bouli Lanners as Carl Stevens
Imogen Waterhouse as Annie Stevens
Max Carver as Alvin Benkert
Charlie Carver as Clinton Benkert
Lara Grice as Anna Duncan
David Tom as Travis Cook
David Harbour as MacMillian Blades
Emmett Skilton as Keanu Hendricks
Christopher Miller as Conrad Turner
Chris Bruno as Tony Eckert
Colin Egglesfield as Rudolfo Warren
Thomas Gibson as Carlo Mends

Darkest Path is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


The survivors begins to overcome several problems just before coming across a strange situation.


Clinton begins to look as Alvin begins to poke at a dead dog's carcass. "Leave it alone." Clinton says to Alvin. Alvin smiles at the carcass just before pulling out a knife.

Daniel begins to look as Sam and Cleo begins to eat food with the others just he spots Alvin with a bloody knife as he walks towards his new office. "What happened?" Daniel asks Alvin just before spotting Clinton's corpse with his neck sliced open. "Don't worry. I didn't destroy the brain." Alvin says to Daniel just before the others exits from the meal room. Alvin pulls out a gun, and aims at Nate just as he walks towards Clinton's corpse with a knife in his hand. "Don't! We have to wait for him....." Alvin says to Nate just before Carl shoots Alvin in the head just as Fredrick and Annie stands behind him. "Can we join your group?" Fredrick asks Daniel. "Sure." Daniel answers to Fredrick just as he has his pastor outfit still on. "You were a pastor?" Harlan asks Fredrick. "I still speak the lord's words." Fredrick answers to Harlan. "I used to be religious, but not anymore." Vasquez says to Fredrick.

Fredrick begins to plan to go to sleep in a small room with Carl and Annie. "Do you believe that these people are good or are they bandits?" Carl asks Fredrick. "They seem like good people. They would've killed or robbed us if they were bad people." Fredrick answers to Carl. "Hopefully, we can sleep around the others so we can have some meaning to stick with them." Annie says to the two. "I know, Annie." Carl says to Annie.

Daniel begins to read a written paper setted up by Vasquez. "He left us because he felt guilty. I decided to stop pushing him to stay with the group." Jennifer says to Daniel. "I'm not mad at him for leaving." Daniel says to Jennifer.

Vasquez begins to arrive at a small house with several sandbags outside of its entrance. A man walks towards him. "Hello. Welcome to my convoy. My name is MacMillian." MacMillian just before Vasquez gets sniped in the head by a masked man. "Die, asshole!!!" Rudolfo yells at MacMillian. "Everyone! Get ready to flee." MacMillian says to the others just as he flees into the house. A man walks towards Vasquez' corpse. "We should've waited, Rudolfo. Let's go back." Tony says to Rudolfo just before they walk away. MacMillian exits the house alongside three others. "Who is that?" Keanu asks MacMillian. "A wandering survivor. The Mystic Clan ambushed us." MacMillian answers to Keanu. "Poor fellow. Jeffrey, tell the others to get to the trucks in the underground system. We're fleeing from here." Conrad says to Jeffrey.

Ava sits in her room just as McClellan walks towards her. "Why did you bring a dying survivor to here just for me to put them down?" McClellan asks Ava. "He was my friend's son." Ava answers to McClellan. "Go back, and bring your friends from Earth to here. I don't want you to take anymore risks like that ever again." McClellan says to Ava. Ava begins to get her spacesuit on. "I'll be fine, dad." Ava says to McClellan just before exiting from his mansion. "Ava is going to cause some problems for our state, and I will not back her choices once she brings her friends." McClellan says to himself.

Zombies begins to arrive at the base just as Daniel and the others begins to run to Ava's ship. Brady falls onto the ground. "Mom! Help me!!!" Brady yells for Hailey. Hailey becomes distracted before getting bit in the neck by a zombie. "Hailey!!!" Cassidy yells for Hailey just before Daniel grabs her, and begins to enter the ship just as Morgan run to get Brady, but finds zombies devouring on Brady's corpse. Morgan begins to get surrounded. "Fuck!!!" Morgan yells for the others just before shooting himself in the head before his corpse begins to get devoured by zombies.

The survivors begins to cry after the deaths of Hailey, Brady, and Morgan. "Hailey....was pregnant." Cassidy says to the others just before crying. Carl begins to look pale. "I need to leave this ship. I'm afraid of heights." Carl says to the others just before finding an exit chamber for disposing of infected objects, and begins to freeze to death in the outer space before reanimating as a zombie in space.

Annie begins to cry on Fredrick's shoulder just as Ava begins to worry about Nathan. "Where's Nathan?" Ava asks Daniel. "Died back at the Mall Community." Daniel answers to Ava. "I'm guessing that Kathleen is possibly still on the loose." Jennifer says to Ava. "This drama bullshit better be the last thing coming out of this fucking trip, Ava." Travis says to Ava. "Chill out, Travis." Carlo says to Travis.

Daniel looks as they begin to arrive at Dewsloan. "Looks like Earth." Daniel says to Ava just before the two begins to kiss.

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