TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 43
Season 8, Episode 1
Release Date October 19, 2016
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Cast Guide
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Scott Porter as Joe DeVries
Caitriona Balfe as Cassidy Jameson
LaMonica Garrett as Michael Puckett
Jeff Branson as Dante West
Gia Skova as Sam Hartman
Jesse Lee Soffer as Nate Rivera
Meghan Heffern as Cleo Kent
Marion Cotillard as Cassandra DeVries
Sloane Morgan Siegel as Cassius Jameson*
Andrew Lincoln as McClellan Davis
Kate French as Ava Davis*
Alex Knight as Harlan Clyde
Clementine Nicholson as Samantha Devins
Wanetah Walmsley as Jennifer Hall
Laurent Lucas as Fredrick Robertson
Olivia Munn as Erica Warner
Chandler Canterbury as Sebastian Locke
Jacob Tolano as Jericho Rhames
Zoey Deutch as Maya Rhames
Nicholas Guest as Saul Vanderson
Ryan Hurst as Luco Wyatts
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Imogen Waterhouse as Annie Stevens
Lara Grice as Anna Duncan
Thomas Gibson as Carlo Mends
Jacob Vargas as Winston Vanderson
Katherine VanderLinden as Skylar Romanov*
Joe Williamson as Anderson Romanov*
Camilla Luddington as Kate Oberson*
Mark Saul as Dylan
Taylor Cole as Sally Fisher
Zoe Boyle as Crandell Crabbe
Yorgos Lanthimos as Allen DeVries
Christian Alexander as Leon DeVries
Marysia S. Peres as Melody
Finn Wittrock as Dirk
Elon Gold as Spencer Vanders
Forbes March as Omar Kingston
Michael Antonakos as Dave Sullivan
Julia Ormond as Paula Scribner

Raiders Of The Outer Space is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


A new enemy reveals the fates of four family members of one of Daniel's deceased friends, including herself; Two other states from different planets begins to assist with aiding the members of the Dellowingsen State; A young man begins to show signs of knowing more than any other survivors still alive.


Cassandra begins to walk away from a bed just as Crandell appears to be crying as she's tied to the bed. The Dark Knight exits from the room. "Someone......let me out of here!!!" Crandell yells for the others. A man that looks like Nathan enters the room. "I got you, Crandell." Joe says to Crandell just as a female guard aims a silencer pistol at Joe's head. "Give me your fucking gun, fucker." Melody says to Joe.

Joe is forced to walk to The Dark Knight's office. "I knew you, your father, and your son would try to save your son's girlfriend. I hate men ever since I was raped by my father as a child. We're both from the same family. My name has nothing relevant to what choice I'm going to make you pick." Cassandra says to Joe. "How are we from the same family?" Joe asks Cassandra. "You, me, and Nathan are triplets. Besides, I'm Cassandra DeVries, formerly born Carson until I had the sex change due to myself being a man-hater. I like the nickname, The Dark Knight, but it's not being used now, since I spoiled it." Cassandra answers to Joe just as Allen and Leon are placed on the ground. "Dad, is it true?" Joe asks Allen. "I'm sorry, son." Allen answers to Joe just before Cassandra shoots him in the head. "Please.....let me live." Leon says to Cassandra just before crying. "Where's our brother?" Cassandra asks Joe. "As of what I've heard from our father's scouts, he's dead on Earth." Joe answers to Cassandra. "Nathan was like me. We both hated our father. Our father nearly costed Nathan his life. Allen hired a man to rape Nathan's wife, and Nathan feel into a small life of crime before the apocalypse began." Cassandra says to Joe just before knocking him.

Joe wakes up in his bedroom just as Paula begins to talk to Leon and Crandell in the living room. "I heard about what happened. I'm sorry for your loss, but we know The Dark Knight's ID now." Paula says to Joe. "It's my secret triplet. Nathan never knew about me and Cassandra. I thought that Cassandra was stillborn growing up, but my thought was revealed to be wrong. Nathan only knew about Chase, Alexander, Madison, Tara, and Patricia." Joe says to Paula.

Cassandra sits in her office, and begins to play a video of Alexander, Madison, Tara, and Patricia's last moments before they were murdered. "There's a signal on a planet called Dewsloan. We should investigate it, and ambush them." Melody says to Cassandra.

Daniel looks in shock just as The Space Raiders begins to shoot down at the planet. "Everyone! Get in your basements!!!" McClellan yells for the others just as he pulls out his walkie talkie. The two runs into the mansion, and flees into the basement as several other survivors sits in the basement.

Luco begins to walk into the city just as Sally, Wayne, Dylan, Samantha, and Winston flees into the garage. "Sneaky bastards...." Luco says to the others just before a ship arrives nearby. Dirk and three others arrives. "Sir, we're ready to attack the enemies." Dirk says to Luco. "Get to it, Dirk." Luco says to Dirk. Dirk nods at Luco before walking away.

Fredrick pulls out his pistol just as he, Jennifer, and Anna begins to go after the invaders, and shoots at Dirk and his squad. "Everyone, be ready to....." Jennifer says to the two just before getting shot in the head by Dirk. "Jennifer!!!" Anna yells for Jennifer just before holding onto her corpse. "Jeremy, Kristina, and April; Move up!!!" Dirk yells for the three just before getting shot in the back by Jericho, who guns down Jeremy, Kristina, and April. Anna begins to cry more just before zombies begins to arrive through the destroyed gates. "Let's go, Anna." Fredrick says to Anna. "If my girlfriend isn't coming, then I'm not. If she's dead, then I should be also." Anna says to Fredrick. Jericho grabs Fredrick just before the zombies begins to devour on Anna just as Fredrick begins to cry just as he hears Anna's screams.

Annie begins to check up on Sam and Cleo as they're in the infirmary's basement. Sam begins to sweat just as Harlan and Carlo begins to arrive. "Annie, keep checking on Sam and Cleo." Harlan says to Annie. Sam begins to cry just as her water breaks. "Sam's water broke." Annie says to the two. "Fuck! Cleo's water broke also." Carlo says to the two. "We have to cut open one of the mothers, and have the other have the birth naturally." Harlan says to the two. "Cut me open. Cleo is the main priority. My best friend Morgan was killed trying to get to the ship. I want to reunite with him." Sam says to Harlan. Sam begins to whisper her secret of being Daniel's daughter and Cleo's secret sister with Annie. Annie begins to cry just before slicing open Sam's stomach, and pulls out the baby just as Harlan and Carlo holds onto Cleo's baby. Sam pulls out her pistol, and shoots herself in the head. Cleo looks as both babies are given to her after the cords for both are cut. "Why did Sam sacrifice herself for me to be given the most proper treatment?" Cleo asks the three. "She told me that you were both the daughters of Daniel as she looks in his documents." Annie answers to Cleo.

Luco begins to arrive at the mansion just before several armed survivors begins to aim at them. "Hands up!!!" Omar yells at Luco. "You heard him." Spencer says to Luco." Time to surrender, Luco Wyatts." Dante says to Luco just before tasering him.

Michael and Dave begins to walk down a hallway within The Spartans' base. "Since our boss was murdered by Cassandra aka The Dark Knight, will you take up the leadership role of our place?" Dave asks Michael. "No. Joe needs to take over what his father created. I'll remain as its' best soldier of fortune. We're all from Earth. Us and The Sith Republic. All from the former USA. Believe in me. We'll have to have Joe as leader to try to reunite with the rest of the FBI. Allen was revealed to be a rapist and a monster, but Cassandra is exactly a rapist and a monster. We need to find Daniel Cooper." Michael answers to Dave.

Daniel begins to exit from the mansion just as McClellan begins to talk with Omar and Spencer just as Dante walks towards him. "My name is Dante West, and I'm here to have you come with me." Dante says to Daniel. "Why me?" Daniel asks Dante. "My girlfriend had recently got in contact with a military-based patrolling group called The Spartans. The former leader, who was the former of your old leader, was murdered by his estranged transgender daughter, Cassandra. Cassandra, also known as The Dark Knight, vows to look for you, since you were friends with Nathan DeVries, her estranged twin brother. Joe, Nathan's twin brother, wants you to aid in his support. Allen, their father, was revealed to be a rapist, but Cassandra fell into her father's habit, and she's a psychopath. I've met her once, and she'll try to make you think that she likes you, but she's a man-hater, and she'll have you tied up, and she'll cut off your dick. It almost happened to me, but my girlfriend saved me with the help of a mysterious little boy named Sebastian." Dante answers to Daniel. "I'll assist with you." Daniel says to Dante.

Erica begins to look at Sebastian, who appears to be pale white. "Sebastian Locke. Mysterious Boy. Known IQ, Higher than some of the universe's top former scientists. The boy's origins are unknown, but he shows signs that he's from Earth, but as a Albino child. He contains the cure of this virus. We're trying to replicate the genes of the cure, but all efforts has failed." Erica says to herself just before turning off her camera. Erica walks into Sebastian's room. "What do you need?" Sebastian asks Erica. "We need to know the whole entire cure formula." Erica answers to Sebastian. "10 spots across the universe. 1 is on Earth in a man's house." Sebastian says to Erica.

Joe begins to enter a ship just as Dante arrives alongside Daniel, Cassidy, Nate, and Saul. "So it's true that you look like Nathan. He was my first boyfriend." Cassidy says to Joe. Joe smiles at Cassidy just before walking towards Daniel. "How did my brother die?" Joe asks Daniel. "A zombie bit him, and he wanted me to put him down, even though we discovers a method of killing a zombie infection involving cauterizing the bite wound. He told me that since his family was dead, that he wants to be laid to rest." Daniel answers to Joe. Joe begins to silently cry just as Michael and Dave begins to arrive in the room. "Michael?" Daniel asks Michael. Michael and Daniel begins to laugh just before they begin to hug each other. "Franklin told us to start up The Spartans program after World War III, and we followed the leader's orders, who went missing. Cassandra probably did something to him though." Michael says to Daniel.

Luco appears to be sitting a prison cell just as Cleo arrives. "Your attacked had someone that I never got know more of to die. My son, Nathan III, and my sister's son, Daniel, will have Sam missing from our lives, and I hope that you rot in that cell, and burn in hell once you die." Cleo says to Luco before walking away.

Cassidy begins to sit in Joe's personal living quarters just as Leon begins to hold onto the baby Aiden. "So this is my cousin?" Leon asks Cassidy. "Yes." Cassidy answers to Leon. "How many weeks old is it?" Leon asks Cassidy. "2 weeks old." Cassidy answers to Leon.

Cassandra begins to have a flashback of herself on Earth as she saves Nathan from a zombie at the start of the apocalypse. "Thanks for saving my life." Nathan says to Cassandra. "No problem." Cassandra says to Nathan. "If you want, you can come with me. I need to get home to my wife and two sons." Nathan says to Cassandra. Cassandra snaps out of the flashback just as a gunshot is heard outside of her office.

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